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Written by Mark Gibson   
Sunday, 02 December 2012 03:00



They've just completed a UK arena tour with Evanescence and The Used, and announced their own headline jaunt around dear ol' Blighty for next year...and all this after turning in one of the most infectious long players of 2012 - yes, good things are happening for LostAlone. Now, the band's drummer, Mark Gibson, becomes the latest victim of Uber Rock's famed Midnite Mixtape Massacre: what thirteen songs will make his C90?
1.) 'Caroline' - Status Quo (from the album 'Hello')
Arguably one of the best opening tracks to a gig, album, Quo were the first band I saw live and they obviously opened with this track, as ever, it was spine tingling, so simple, but so great!
2.) 'No One Else' - Weezer (taken from the 'Blue' album)
The sound of Weezer got me hooked, fuzzy guitars, straight drums, but then I quickly realised they have some of the best songs ever. This
track makes me want to sing at the top of my voice all the way through. Weezer helped me with my singing, this song was a staple bedroom singalong song, trying harmonies out and just going for it.
3.) 'Flick of the Wrist' - Queen (from the album 'Sheer Heart Attack')  markgibsonmix300
From my favourite Queen album, this song has everything that Queen are great at, all in one song, it takes me back to the very first memories of me and Steve playing music together.
4. 'Fear of the Dark' - Iron Maiden (from the album of the same name)
I used to try and play this song, it's the perfect Maiden song - galloping bass, woah half time singalong section, quiet spoken break down, fast riffs, Maiden at their Dark best.
5.) 'PDA' - Interpol (from the album 'Turn on the Bright Lights')
This is the first Interpol song I heard and I instantly fell in love. I like dark music and Interpol are certainly the masters of that. I like to listen to this whenever I'm in the van on tour, it's such a reflective song, great to think to.
6.) 'Speed King' - Deep Purple (from the album 'In Rock')
Got this album from a second hand shop on vinyl when I was 12, this was the first track I heard off it, blew my mind, the musicianship really inspired me to be the best player I could be, such a great band
7.) 'Taxloss' - Mansun (from the album 'Attack of the Grey Lantern')
I love everything about this band, the image, the songs, the sound; they were very English sounding, this song really opened my mind to bringing dance rhythms into a rock track, something that we like to do now, the song also has one of the coolest videos ever.
8.) 'Territorial Pissings' - Nirvana (from the album 'Nevermind')
I got into Nirvana a lot later. Not many bands can match their energy in records, this song especially, it just makes me want to go mental, such a great track, makes me want to pick up my sticks and hit the drums as hard as I can.
9.) 'Arcarsenal' - At The Drive-in (from the album 'Relationship of Command')
We as a band went through a phase of having this track on full blast before we went on stage - what a track, this band blew my mind when I first heard them, total commitment and energy.


10.) 'Refuse/Resist' - Sepultura (from the album 'Chaos AD')
This song really got me into a heavier side of metal and from this album I went a lot deeper into heavier music. I love the rawness of this
track, a lot of new metal bands could learn from this raw energy, metal has got very over produced, this track has the perfect mix of power and rawness.
11.) 'Monopolist' - Efterklang (from the album 'Tripper')
The ultimate soundscape, this track takes you somewhere else, so haunting, I was listening to this album a lot when we toured Finland, it
was like being in another world - no band sounds like this.
12.) 'Solidarity' - Enter Shikari (from the album 'Common Dreads')
This band are one of the best live bands I've ever seen. We had the pleasure of touring with them twice, great guys and awesome band, this
track was for me them really hitting their stride.
13.) 'Debate Exposes Doubt' - Death Cab For Cutie (from 'The Photo Album')
This is my favourite album and favourite song, perfect pop, so understated, I love the production. Again with this band, it makes me want to sing along to every song.