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Written by Iain Kilgallon   
Sunday, 10 November 2013 04:00



Control released their third album, the blistering 'Ballad Of The Working Man', earlier this year. They followed it up with a near perfect performance at Rebellion in August and have gone on to play packed out shows around the UK and further afield deep into Europe. There's big things around the corner for the band in 2014 so we thought it was about time we asked frontman Iain Kilgallon to sit down and give us his very own Midnite Mixtape Massacre. Would his choices be as powerful as his performance behind the mic and would there be one or two surprises along the way? Read on to find out.....


1.) 'Dead Cities' - Exploited (from the 'Dead Cities' EP)


Changed my life this song did. It was the Exploited crossing from the underground to the big stage and from the opening crescendo of noise which introduces the track to say 'Hey, we are The Exploited, we are here, if you don't like us then you can f... off', to the massive, blistering tune to the huge chantalong chorus to the run down in the middle which gives a temporary respite to the sonic assault, this song sums up the 2nd wave of punk in a nutshell, kids from backstreets without big record company help, real punk rock which the media wanted to ignore, but simply couldn't simply turn their backs as it created a monster


2.) 'California Uber Alles' - Dead Kennedys (from the album 'Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables')


The song launched this band on to the world stage and what a way to do it, this song has absolutely everything and the lyrics are smash you straight between the eyes with their message ripping in to the American powers that be and the lengths they will go for power, absolute classic.


3.) 'Last One To Die' - Rancid (from the album 'Let The Dominoes Fall')


Passion, power, melody. Great riff and what a message to the people who kept telling Rancid they were not the real deal. Twenty years on, they are bigger, and more relevant than ever, and stick a massive two fingers up to all the doubters, keep it up lads.


4.) 'Hurt' - Johnny Cash (from the album 'American IV: The Man Comes Around')


This version of the Nine Inch Nails song is absolutely phenomenal and sends bristles up the back of my neck every time I hear it. You can have everything, but you can have nothing at the same time if the person/people you wish to share it with are not there to experience it with you. The sands of time wait for no man and this song captures the frail reality of life. What a song.


5.) 'Gotta Go' - Agnostic Front (from the album 'Something's Gotta Give')


Absolute classic song, with one of the best choruses I have ever heard and when added to an absolute runaway juggernaut of a tune with lyrics telling life as it really is, telling you not to believe the shit you have been told about riches and security and telling you to get real and look out for yourself, this song simply has it all. I could simply never get tired of listening to this song.




6.) 'Step Down' - Sick Of It All (from the album 'Scratch The Surface')


To me this song has it all. Message, melody and sticks a massive two fingers up at the poseurs and hangers on in the scene who want to look the part, but simply haven't got the heart. This is a sonic juggernaut and to me has it all.


7.) 'Last Night Another Soldier' - Angelic Upstarts (from the album '2,000,000 Voices')


This song says it all about sending off the youth of the country to fight another war started by politics, power and greed. The senseless waste of life, mother's left crying in the street and asking 'why, why, why'! A fantastic tune which sums the whole senseless nonsense about landed gentry and utter snobs who treat the working man like shit, until they need them to go fight their wars for them, then if they are lucky enough to survive, they are thrown back on to the scrap.


8.) 'Angels with Dirty Faces' - Sham 69 (from the album 'That's Life')


Fantastic song, fantastic tune, fantastic message. This was Sham at their very best, when they had the power to change the world with their massive army of fans and their working class message of protest and unity. What a shame they went completely off the rails. At their very best, almost untouchable.


9.) 'Warhead' - UK SUBS (from the album 'Brand New Age')


From the magnificent, brooding bass riff that brings the song in to the deep lyrics and driven, tribal sounding wall of noise which is the drums and guitars, this song is simply Charlie and his boys at their very peak, legendary, legendary song.


10.) 'Drunken Lullabies' - Flogging Molly (from the album 'Drunken Lullabies')


Absolutely love this song of people living in the past and urging them to move on and live for now. It is one of the best punk tracks in many a year and is a battering ram of noise and raucous choruses and when heard is impossible not to singalong to.


11.) '10 Years of Service' - Dropkick Murphys (from the album 'The Gang's All Here')


The Murphy's at their best with this superb track highlighting that in today's increasingly corporate and impersonal workplace, as soon as you are no longer a viable worker, or they can get someone to replace you and cut overheads, you are history.


12.) 'City of Angels' - The Distillers (from the album 'Sing Sing Death House')


Another superb, rocking punk rock tune with attitude, sneering vocals, great hooks and melody all over the place. Fantastic driving music and makes you wanna just find a show and go down the front, get hot and sweaty and let off steam. Shame this band have called it a day, far too early.


13.) 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now' - Slade (from the album 'Slayed?')


This band were absolutely superb and launched a generation of kids wanting to become skinheads and suede heads. They did their own thing and wrote so many classics that they had to be in this list and the sentiment and title of this track reminds me of just about every single one of my compatriots in the real bands round the scene today. Who was it did the last of these interviews, oh yeah young Watford Jon, I rest my case ha ha!