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Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Stef w/ and F - City Of The Weak Print E-mail
Written by Stef w/ an F   
Sunday, 20 November 2016 09:16

Minneapolis alt-rockers CITY OF THE WEAK are prepping for the release of their next album in 2017.  They've just finished recording at Metro 37 Studios with producer Craig Owens (formerly of Chiodos, DRUG) and engineer Jordan DiSorbo (formerly of Before Their Eyes). 


City Of The Weak


During a break in the recording sessions, vocalist Stef w/ and F shared her Midnight Mixtape with us, so sit back and enjoy the ride, as there's some belters in here:


1) H8 Meh - From First to Last (Dead Trees)


This song hits you in the face from the first second. I love the fact that they waste no time getting there right away! 


2) Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna (Single) 


BBHMM is everything I could ever need in one song. It is straight up SAVAGE. The video is even more brutal.



3) True Friends - Bring Me the Horizon (That's The Spirit) 


The strings really carry this one home for me. It's a very powerful song, and having the orchestral parts takes it above and beyond.


4) Fashionably Late - Falling in Reverse (Fashionably Late)


It's sassy and catchy and upbeat. Need I say more? 


5) Alarm the Alarm - Write This Down (Write This Down)


This has been one of my favorites since high school. This whole album is actually really, really strong. Write This Down really knows how to mix strong melody with aggression. 


6) Locks- Red & the Wolf (Grimlore) 


I'm really bummed that Red & The Wolf is no longer a band. They released one album a few years ago and called it quits. "Grimlore" still has remained one of my favorite records, and "Locks" is easily the best song on it, IMO. 


7) Spit it Out - Slipknot (Slipknot) 


I got into this one again after hearing it live at Chicago Open Air. Slipknot did it as their encore... and holy shit that stadium turned UP.



8) Got The Life- Korn (Follow the Leader)


Korn is one of the few bands that has been able to stand the test of time. They were huge 20 years ago, and they are huge now. Korn has never gone out of style. They are so original and true to themselves, I have a huge respect for them and what they do. We got the honor of playing with them twice this year, and both times their live show was fuckin wild. Got the Life has always been my favorite Korn song, and most likely will always be.


9) The Webs We Weave - Escape The Fate (Dying is your Latest Fashion) 


Another one of my favorite albums. This was the band's first full length. I think there's something raw and real about a lot of bands' first records. This one has a magic and a passion to it that I can't really explain. It just feels really, really real, and something that I want to hear over and over again. The Webs We Weave is my favorite track from it, because it combines a punk rock edge with really full guitars. 


10) Breaking the Model - New Medicine  (Breaking the Model) 


This one I can really relate to, so it's impossible for me to pass over. "You can keep your motherfuckin politics, you punk ass boardroom piece of shit. My music isn't made for your 3 piece suit, it's for angry kids up in the mosh pit". Like damn... fuckin PREACH.


11) Side to Side - Ariana Grande (Dangerous Woman)


I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG. The reggae feel with Ariana's beautiful voice is a recipe for perfection. 


12) Here Comes the Crash - Gabriel & the Apocalypse (New World Disaster)


OMFG okay, so we've played a million shows and toured with Gabriel & the Apocalypse. Every single night this song just SLAYS. It literally never gets old, the video is nuts, and even though I play it in my car all the time, it's even 934830 times better live. If you haven't seen Gabriel & the Apocalypse yet GO TO A SHOW. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about! 



13) The Hills - The Weeknd (Beauty Behind the Madness)


I really have a hard time describing this one. I can't put my finger on what makes it SO great. It's such a simple, simple song in every way. But every time I hear it, it sinks it's teeth in me and I can't turn it off. That's how you know the artist really has done their job. 


City Of The Weak have just released 'Censor This!' as the first single of their new album.  Head over to our Video Of The Week feature to check it out.