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Written by Martyr de Mona   
Sunday, 12 October 2014 03:20



Hailing from the birthplace of heavy metal music here in the UK, Midlands progressive metallers Martyr de Mona have already recorded three records and played with the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold and Alter Bridge. Their latest record ‘IMPERA’ is set to finally see the band make their mainstream breakthrough, and here Ash, Louis, Ant and Josh tell us all about the music that inspired its recording.


Ashley Leatherland – Drums


1.) ‘Make Total Destroy’ - Periphery (from the album ‘Periphery II')


I’m choosing this track for the drummers! Loved it before I learnt it, but now I’ve got my head round the crazy rhythms that repeat in different ways throughout the track, I love it even more.


2.) ‘La Ultima Hora’ - Breed 77 (from the album ‘Cultura’)


Such an underrated band, watched their whole set on tour 12 gigs in a row and never got bored. The Latin influence sounds awesome and is so unique. This song is quality live cos everyone in the audience tries the Latin style vocal part at the start and fails …. beautifully


3.) ‘Hosts, Rifles & Coke’ - Destrage (from the album ‘Are You Kidding Me? No’)


Everyone loves finding a band while they’re still (relatively) unknown. I randomly bought this album in a Dublin HMV cos the artwork looks awesome, turns out they are from Italy. Anyway, the album hasn’t left my car all summer and this is one of the catchiest heavy riffs I’ve ever heard, makes me wanna get hydraulics on my shitty car and bounce along to it!


Louis Hale - Vocals/Guitar


4.) ‘Sell Me Out’ - Bloodsimple (from the album ‘A Cruel World’)


Bloodsimple are such an underrated band and with this song, Tim Williams' diverse vocal range is showcased superbly. He can pretty much do anything with his voice from soft melodic singing to all out screaming. It's a punchy 4 minute track with awesome riffs and a massive chorus. This is a song I would love to cover, maybe one day! I hope Bloodsimple do another album at some point.


5.) ‘Better’ - Guns N' Roses (from the album ‘Chinese Democracy’)


I love the “new” GN'R material and this track is special as it always takes me back to a really good period of my life. I remember being blown away when I first saw them play it live in '06 then managed to get the leaked mp3 onto my phone well in advance of the actual release of ‘Chinese Democracy’. The vocal melody and lyrics are so clever and deep, Axl's voice is on top form and the musicianship is top drawer. The outro from Finck's guitar solo to Axl's vocals really make the track for me and just make me want to play it again.


6.) ‘Down In A Hole’ - Alice In Chains (from the album ‘Dirt’)


This is just an amazingly emotional song. A masterpiece. When I heard this for the first time in about '96 I knew I had to form a band who could cover it! Stayley's vocals are so pained and contain so much angst and hurt, the lyrics really get stuck in your head. "See my heart, I decorate it like a grave" is just a really interesting yet sinister lyric which draws the listener in and makes you think. It's a really simple song musically but many of the best songs are the simplest in structure.




Ant Rickett - Guitar/Vocals


7.) ‘Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming’ - Deep Purple (from the album 'Purpendicular’)


I love this song! I always remember listening to that album on holiday for the first time when I was about 8 years old, and that song in particular is a feature of the memory from that time. The melodies are captivating and the musicianship is outstanding.


8.) 'Phantom of the Opera’ – Iron Maiden (from the self titled album)


From the debut of a new young metal band. This song changed so many things in "metal" and there are only a few songs that can boast that fact. 7:20 of tangents, twists and turns.


9.) ‘Stargazer’ - Rainbow (from the album ‘Rising’)


Because it’s Carey, Bain, Powell, Blackmore and Dio! That's why.


Joshua Wooldridge - Bass/Vocals


10.) ‘A Farewell To Arms’ - Machine Head (from the album ‘The Blackening’)


The last track of an absolutely outstanding album, which for me stood out as a perfect way to end such a masterpiece. Robb Flynn's vocals in this particular track stand out for me, with his trademark gritty vocals and soft emotional tones complimenting each other throughout the track. The clean guitar sections with accompanied soft vocal is a perfect mix. And no Machine Head song would be complete without a loud and trashy section! 


11.) ‘Apparitions’ - Sylosis (from the album ‘'Edge Of The Earth')


This track has always stood out for me on their 'Edge of the Earth' album. Josh Middleton's vocals range from the most evil of screams to powerful, emotion-felt cries that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The entire middle section is absolutely outstanding, which always makes me want to keep the track on repeat; especially when it links back into the chorus - pure musical genius.


12.) ‘Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven’ - Trivium (from the album ‘Shogun’)


Trivium have always been a favourite band of mine, but this track in particular stands out for me due to the pace of the chorus and the layers in the section. It's a very typically arranged metal song, but the way Trivium pull it off is the reason why they got me into heavy metal in the first place.




13.) ‘Slip Through Your Fingers’ - Plainview (from the self titled album)


A band we toured with this year who blew us away. This track is reminiscent of early '90s grunge which we love, and they're not ashamed to say they're a grunge band either! Amazing vocals, hooks and musicianship including one hell of a catchy guitar solo. Definitely a band to look out for.