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Written by Austin Rockett   
Sunday, 23 September 2012 05:00




Just a few days ago a legion of Uber scribes got their asses kicked 'n' licked by the UK's greatest, dirtiest, filthiest punk 'n' roll mofos, The Hip Priests, at a gig that will live long in the memory. Now, the band's guitarist Austin Rockett spills the contents of his vinyl collection all over the glass coffee table at URHQ as he talks us through his ultimate thirteen song mixtape.....



1.) 'Beat My Guest' - Adam & The Ants (B-side to the 'Stand And Deliver' single)


The first record I ever bought at age 7 and the start of my vinyl buying obsession that's still going strong. The Ants were the first band I ever fell in love with - countless great songs, killer image and they were all over the press and TV at the time. I collected all the records, bought the magazines, plastered the posters all over my bedroom wall and constantly fought with my older brother over using the one record player in the house. Having been drawn in by the hits, I quickly discovered that the b-sides were generally even better and 'Beat My Guest' is still my favourite Ants track to this day. It was only years later that I realised that alot of those b-sides were re-recorded tracks from the Dirk era, a seriously cool move on Mr Goddard's part.


2.) 'Teenage' - The Senseless Things (from the album 'Postcard CV')


The soundtrack to my late teens/early 20s, in my mind the Things were the best pop/punk band to have ever come out of the UK, no contest! Sounding like The Buzzcocks on speed with the best teen angst lyrics ever written, I first saw them playing at Notts Poly in 1991 and saw them 25 times in total all around the country until they split up. Me and my bandmates at the time drove miles, drank the cheapest lager and slept in the car time and time again just to see them whenever possible. I could easily pick any song from 'Postcard CV' or any of their other early releases as I love them all but 'Teenage' was always my favourite - fast, frantic and straight to the point.

3.) 'Like No Other Man' - The Hellacopters (from the album 'Payin' The Dues')


No surprise for anyone that knows me that there was gonna be a Hellacopters tune on here! The greatest rock n' roll band since the MC5 and the band responsible for me dumping my bass and picking up the guitar instead as soon as I heard them. I love it all, from the early scuzzy Stooges inspired garage/punk with Dregen on guitar through to the overblown MC5 style rock with strings. Everyone always cites 'Supershitty To The Max' as their best album but 'Payin' The Dues' has always been the pinnacle for me as I think the songwriting's way better while they still stuck with the fucked up distorted production and screamingly loud solos. 'Like No Other Man' was the standout track when I first played it and that bass sound on the intro is so damn cool.


4.) 'Crazy Crazy Eyes' - The Hard-Ons (from the album 'Too Far Gone')


The greatest band to ever come out of Australia, featuring one of my all time guitar heroes. As much as I love Angus Young, the reason I bought my Gibson SG was cos Blackie played one! When they released 'Too Far Gone' it put a lot of fans off as there were only a couple of their trademark pop/punk tunes on it but I love it cos it was like Blackie had been let off his leash and every song is full of killer guitar riffs. A lot more metal than their previous stuff too but still loads of hooks, 'Crazy Crazy Eyes' is the opening track and sets the tone for the whole album. I saw them live for the first time when they toured this album and seeing Blackie and Ray headbanging for the whole set with their guitars hung round their knees is one of the greatest sights there is.


5.) 'UFO Romeo' - Backyard Babies (from the album 'Total 13')


"Sometimes I feel like shit so don't waste my fucking time...." Gotta be one of the greatest opening lines ever to a song. Bought this as soon as it came out purely on the basis of the Hellacopters connection and immediately loved them. Saw them live a few weeks later and then a couple more times as they toured 'Total 13' and they were always awesome - great image, austinhip300killer songs and absolutely bristling with energy. Shame they'd then go on to release a decidedly dodgy follow-up album and never get close to putting out anything nearly as good. I did see them play their last UK show though and the majority of the set was 'Total 13' and single tracks from that era so I guess they realised what everyone wanted to hear.


6.) 'Snake Eyes' - Nashville Pussy (from the album 'Let Them Eat Pussy')


The perfect opening track to what's gotta be one of the best debut albums ever. I bought this as soon as I read a review that described them as 'Motorhead with tits' and then when I saw the cover it was obvious this was gonna be one gloriously fucked up record. A long squeal of feedback and then the song hits like a kick in the teeth, Blaine screaming the words with the guitars cranked super loud and then Ruyter's solo's even louder. A minute and a half later it stops dead, a perfect blend of punk fury and rock n roll excess.


7.) 'Ya Don't Know What You've Got' - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (B-side of the Boardwalk Records issue of the 'I Love Rock N Roll' single)


It's no secret that I've been in love with Joan and her music since I first saw the 'I Love Rock N Roll' video when I was 7. The coolest chick to ever pick up a guitar and in the way she's always done exactly what she wanted and has refused to change her style for anyone; she's more punk rock than a million bands that have come and gone over the years. For some reason when I bought ILRNR I got an import copy which had 'Ya Don't Know What You've Got' as the b-side rather than 'Love Is Pain' and it's been my favourite song of hers ever since I heard it. I wish she'd get her arse back over to the UK so I could see her play live again though as the life size pic of her on my wall is getting a bit worn now.....


8.) 'I'm In Trouble' - The Replacements (from the album 'Sorry Ma.....Forgot To Take Out The Trash')


One of my all time favourite bands since I first heard them in 1990 and the one band I desperately wish I'd seen live. Paul Westerberg is a songwriting genius and I love all the albums from the snotty trash punk of 'Sorry Ma...' all the way through to the mellow shuffle of 'All Shook Down'. 'I'm In Trouble' has always been one of their standouts for me though - trashy as hell with Bob's lead breaks that are hotter than a urine infection and Paul's barked vocals that are just oozing with attitude. They never gave a fuck about anything other than making the music they wanted to and refused to bow down to anyone. Even when they were on a major label and releasing music that was no longer punk they still had a total fuck you attitude and would purposely sabotage their own gigs by getting piss drunk and playing terrible covers if A&R or industry people were there. So. Damn. Cool.


9.) 'Prince Of The Rodeo' - Turbonegro (from the album 'Apocalypse Dudes')


The greatest riff that Euroboy's ever written and one of the finest Turbonegro tunes. To be fair there's a lot of others I could've chosen as they've written so many massive songs but it's the riff in this that makes it for me, simple, repetitive and catchy as hell. They were a band that I'd somehow missed out on when I was first getting into the whole Scandinavian garage/punk scene but a tip off from Gary X-Ray when I first met him in a Nottingham pub had me going out and buying this the very next day. They really hit their peak when they got Euroboy in the band, his glam influenced guitar playing mixed with Tom's ability to write huge hooks mixed perfectly and apparently 'Prince Of The Rodeo' was one of the first they wrote.


10.) 'Jaks' - US Bombs (from the album 'War Birth')


They don't come much cooler than Duane Peters - skateboarding legend, frontman of a string of amazing punk rock bands, former husband of Corey Parks and all round bad-ass fuck-up! I've loved all his various bands over the years but out of all of them US Bombs were the greatest and 'Jaks' is the best song he's ever written. Snotty, sloppy and brimming with attitude, it's the perfect mix of what defines the man's life - punk rock and skateboarding. My old band supported US Bombs in a pub in Derby around the time this was released and apart from them playing a blinder to a total of about 12 people, the one thing I remember is that as the bands were loading the gear in the landlady's huge Alsatian shit all over the stage!


11.) 'Jesus Died So We Could Ride' - The Hip Priests (from the upcoming split 7" with The Dwarves)


Shameless self promotion I know but if you don't promote your own band who else is gonna? Just recorded last month for a split 7" with the mighty Dwarves that's coming out on Germany's No Balls Records, 'Jesus Died...' is the latest fucked up, genius tune from the twisted mind of Lee Love and I love it! A total anthem of a song inspired by voodoo effigies, dictatorship skull rings, gospel preaching and teenage filth mags, it's kinda like we've taken the Stones' 'Gimme Shelter', given it a load of bad speed and fucked the living daylights out of it, leaving its limp, sodden body crying in the gutter. Of course I could be totally biased but you'll have to buy it to find out.......


12.) 'Search & Destroy' - Iggy & The Stooges (from the album 'Raw Power')


The definitive garage/punk anthem, I don't know anyone that doesn't worship this song. This was the first Stooges album that I heard when it was played to me by a friend who had bought it on the basis that David Bowie had produced it! I still think it's the best Stooges album, the mix of the Asheton brother's groove, Iggy's snarling vocals and the scorching solos of James Williamson just make it perfect. Also the song that we always use as a comparison when we mix Hip Priests to ensure the solos are loud enough, when the first one kicks in on this it sounds like it's jumping out the speaker and raping you - the benchmark!


13.) 'Let's Get Drugs' - Zeke (from the album 'Dirty Sanchez')


The first Zeke song I ever heard and it left me stunned, like I'd just been punched in the face, really fuckin hard! Then in a split second the next song kicked in exactly the same and the whole album flew past in a relentless barrage of blistering punk rock bliss. Then I put it straight back on again and having been listening to them consistently ever since. Played at breakneck speed and as tight as hell, they perfected 1000mph, filthy, punk rock and there's still nobody that can come close to what they do. The fact that they also write all their songs about fucking, drinking, drugs, and motorbikes makes them pretty much the perfect punk rock band for me. One of the very few bands who have never released a bad album and have always been jaw-droppingly amazing on the few occasions I've seen them play live.