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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Saturday, 29 August 2009 20:35




Wolfsbane, Gangland

Beechgrove Social Club, Pengam.

July 1988


Don't know the exact date of this one but I do know one thing - it was hell of a fucking laugh. The Beechgrove was a quality establishment;  top beer, decent bands, decent venue. They had some good shit there over the years, including the legendary Starfighters.  So, when Gangland managed to get the support for Wolfsbane when they played there, all our crowd had to go. For those not in the know Gangland were Abertillery's premier thrash band of the day. They were  Scotty - vocals, Greavesy - lead guitar, Hayward - bass, Shaun (Scunner, Billy) Rogers - rhythm guitar, Carl Sheppy Phillips - drums.


Anyway, a Friday night, a bus from the Mitre about five o'clock, beers before, some on the way, more when we got there and then ......stage-diving. Gangland came on and the decent crowd went a bit bonkers. The Beechgrove never had any security see so there was a constant stream of stage-diving by everyone; Plug, Pratten, Twin. At one point Twin got on stage, fell over and was piled on by about fifteen people. They had a pretty decent set, always culminating with a cover of Nuclear Assualt's 'Nuclear War'.  I do remember Wolfsbane looking completely aghast at the carnage of the crowd for Gangland and whilst they were OK, nobody really gave a shit. The crowd were quite receptive but Wolfsbane were never going to upstage the Abertillery Thrash-Meisters.1livefast


Many more beers followed and the following morning was harsh, especially as I had nearly broke my hip having stage-dived and the crowd having moved. "Fuck me, the Beechgrove floor was hard".  Smart.