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Written by Matt Vespertine   
Sunday, 21 August 2016 03:20



So, I’ve been asked to try and put 13 songs together for the Uber Rock Midnite Mixtape Massacre. No easy task but I’ll do my best! Having just released our self titled three track EP, we’re getting some nice comments and comparisons, some of which are surprising. It’s strange how music influences you in quite subtle ways. Making “original” music isn’t always that straight forward due to the influences we all have. We’re getting ready for gigs and already have a few line up, so hopefully you guys will be able to come and see us. I guess music for me is like an essential element to sustain life, like air, water, food. I couldn’t live without it. Here then are some songs that aid that process…


1.) 'Escape' - Apparat (from the album ‘The Devil’s Walk’)


Subtle, fragile, this guy makes soundscapes with a less is more approach. I like a lot of his work and this album is a gem of interesting sonic experiences. Similar to Bjork, electric music with emotions at the centre. In this genre, too many to mention (like Koda, Portishead, oops!) or I’ll go over my 13.


2.) ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’ - DJ Shadow (from the album ‘Endtroducing’)


Now, this guy. Beats! Very clever mixing up rock/punk/ambient/fun, for me, he hits the mark. Again, I would choose pretty much anything by this guy (‘Redemptive Strike’ is awesome too). He’s very clever and understated at times. I like that in music. It forces you to listen in and notice what’s been missed before.


3.) ‘Tea For One’ - Led Zeppelin (from the album ‘Presence’)


And speaking of beats. This is slow, driving, Jimmy’s guitar teasing us along. I’m a real Zep fan so I could have my list full of this stuff. But I can’t. ”When a minute seems like a lifetime”, yes Mr Plant, we’ve all been there.


4.) ‘This Charming Man’ - The Smiths (from the album ‘Hatful of Hollow’)


The guitarist in me has lots of influences and I have to get Johnny Marr on the list. Again, could be many songs but I’m always struck by his melodies and how complex they are.. It’s all been said before I’m sure so let’s just listen to the music instead.


5.) ‘Forget Her’ - Jeff Buckley (from the album ‘Grace’)


I have to admit, I’m late to the party with this man. Thanks to a certain Uber gentleman making the comparison to my own music style I’ve recently become hooked by Mr Buckley. Other worldly, his style, phrasing, chord changes and guitar work do it for me. A real inspiration on my own music.


Vespertine 2


6.) ‘Big Exit’ - PJ Harvey (from the album ‘Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea’)


Again, the singer in me is always listening out for different musical approaches and PJ certainly is different. This is a great track, not overly produced, just raw feeling and emotion, and damn sexy!!


7.) ‘Push the Sky Away’ - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (from the album of the same name)


If I could jam with this man, PJ, Bjork, and Buckley, I would be a very happy chap! The gritty quality, the authenticity, lyrically he’s always very clever. And about the music, “but it gets you right down to your soul”. Indeed it does Mr Cave.


8.) ‘Narc’ - Interpol (from the album ‘Antics’)


I can only choose one? This is difficult. For me, these guys have pretty much everything. Brooding guitars, haunting vocal melodies, great beats. Paul Banks voice is distinctive and alluring. They also look VERY cool. And let’s face it, image has always been important in music. Like Paul Newman, in shades, holding a guitar having a cigarette…oh yeah!


9.) ‘Reckoner’ - Radiohead (from the album ‘In Rainbows’)


Again, such a hard decision. But with a great falsetto voice, less is more guitar work, hypnotic rhythms, Radiohead have never been afraid to break the mould. Whether it’s the anthemic 90s arena onslaught of sound or their more experimental approaches. I always find something. Thought provoking lyrics with intelligence. I like, a lot.


10.) ‘The Ever Changing Spectrum Of A Lie’ - The Joy Formidable (from the album ‘The Big Roar’)


I have to get these Welsh rockers on my tape! Ritzy Bryan sings “the dangers of showing any sign of weakness”, whatever context she means, for me, making music is also about presenting vulnerability (and other aspects too). I like pretty much everything by this band and their organic mix of delicate tones and jaw breaking riffs hits the spot.


11.) ‘Leaving My Sorrows Behind’ - Ben Christophers (from the album ‘Spoonface’)


Another great voice and simple arrangement. “Why does my sorry make me feel so good?” light and shade in music has to be one of the most crucial dynamics. Be it with the sounds or lyrics, and I’m always drawn to the lost souls, hearts firmly on their sleeves. This guy’s music isn’t always so sombre but the uplifting style carries the content of his words like a dream you never want to wake from.


12.) ‘Higher Than The Sun’ - Primal Scream (from the album ‘Screamadelica’)


Whatever Bobby Gillespie was up to in 1991 we can only guess. What an album ‘Screamdelica’ was and still is. What a journey. “My brightest star’s my inner light, let it guide me” he sang. Whatever “spiritual” means to people, for me this is it. It captures all those inner journeys and manages to bring them into the light. With DJ producer Andrew Weatherall at the controls anything could happen. And it did. A great eclectic album.


13.) ‘How Do’ - Sneaker Pimps (from the album ‘Becoming X’)


I guess this has all been a bit lo-fi and my list could go on but I have to end here. Where did this band go? Experimental, perhaps paving the way alongside Placebo and now Muse, this band, this album did it for me. Melodies and a voice to match. I’m not really sure what the song is about, but do I care? Again, great production, emotive and addictive.


Well, I’m done! That was some task. I know I’ll be kicking myself when the next song pops into my head but didn’t make the final cut. So, remember VESPERTINE. We have a Facebook page (linked below), give us a listen, a look and a like. And if you do see us playing live, and you have to make a comparison of our music, please make sure you’ve read this list! Hope you enjoy.