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Written by John Blout   
Sunday, 17 July 2016 03:20



In ‘The Black Heart of Rock ‘N’ Roll’ Boston based rockers Watts have released one of THE albums of 2016. Said album finally gets a UK release this weekend and in celebration of that fact we asked John Blout singer/guitarist in the band to pick the 13 songs he would like to hear as a soundtrack to the very special occasion. Fancy some Faces, Mott The Hoople or Slade this Sunday morning? Well you’ve come to the right place.


1.) ‘Borstal Boys’ - Faces (from the album ‘Ooh La La’)


I love the loose feel on this track. The Faces firing on all cylinders. The lyrics and vocal delivery are spectacular. Everybody wishes they had a band as cool as the Faces.


2.) ‘Before They Make Me Run’ - The Rolling Stones (from the album ‘Some Girls’)


I always loved this track. The ‘Some Girls’ record was big in my neighbourhood growing up. My brother had a copy of it and we played it to death. The Keith vocal on this is amazing as well as the lyrics. "Booze and pills and powders, you can choose your medicine." I've never heard a riff quite like the opening riff on this one.


3.) ‘Flaming Youth’ - KISS (from the album ‘Destroyer’)


"My parents think I'm crazy and they hate the things I do. I'm stupid and I'm lazy, man, if they only knew. How flaming youth will set the world on fire." This was huge for a little kid to hear blaring from their student model record player. I was hooked!


Watts 1


4.) ‘Won't Get Fooled Again’ - The Who (from the album ‘Who’s Next’)


An iconic, gigantic, well known rock song, but very unique. Pete Townshend is a songwriter that many strive to equal and he is still an inspirational performer. I never tire of this one.


5.) ‘No More No More’ - Aerosmith (from the album ‘Toys In The Attic’)


"Blood stains the ivories on my daddy's baby grand, ain’t seen the daylight since we started this band" Inspirational gentlemen from our local area.


6.) ‘Sin City’ - AC/DC (from the album ‘Powerage’)


I was just a kid when ‘Back In Black’ blew up on US radio. I went to the local Caldor (department store) frequently and amassed their back catalogue as fast as possible. There are too many great songs to choose from but I selected ‘Sin City’ for solely for the purpose of this mixtape.


7.) ‘Downed’ - Cheap Trick (from the album ‘In Color’)


A stunning track from one of my favourite songwriters and guitar players of all time, Rick Nielsen. First band I ever saw on the big stage with UFO supporting them at the Boston Garden! It certainly made quite an impression. Watts have played a couple of shows with them recently and it was incredible. They are some of the coolest most genuine cats in rock n roll.


Watts 2


8.) ‘Cowboy Song’ - Thin Lizzy (from the album ‘Jailbreak’)


Outstanding in every way. Can you imagine writing a song this good? If so, please do. We really need it!


9.) ‘Changes’ - David Bowie (from the album ‘Hunky Dory’)


Well known but I've never heard another song like this. One could only dream of writing a song as beautiful as this fellow wrote.


10.) ‘Ballad Of Mott The Hoople’ - Mott The Hoople (from the album ‘Mott’)


A stunningly candid insight into the rough spot Ian and the gents hit on the road in 1972. I saw Ian recently at the Paradise here in Boston and was amazed with his energy as well as the delivery of his timeless rock ‘n’ roll classics. An inspiration indeed.


11.) ‘Guys, Girls, Guitars’ - You Am I (from the album ‘#4 Record’)


Tim Rogers is one of my favourite songwriters of all time. Met him on a few occasions when he passed through Massachusetts and he was quite a kind, charming and accessible fellow.


Watts 3


12.) ‘How Does It Feel’ - Slade (from the album ‘Slade In Flame’)


It feels amazing. This track is somewhat unknown here in the States but that makes it even more special when you discover it as a rock fan.


13.) ‘Spread Your Wings’ - Queen (from the album ‘News Of The World’)


Quiet bass playing gent, John Deacon writes an enormous song here. The melody on the chorus just soars on this one.


Bonus tracks. (Not expected to be included....boy this was tough!)


14.) ‘Just What I Needed’ - The Cars (from the self titled album)


Local Boston boys with a debut album that sounds like a greatest hits compilation. This is an incredibly strong record and we local kids were amazed that these mysterious fellows lived among us. One of the all-time greats.


15.) 'Around The Dial' - The Kinks (from the album ‘Give the People What They Want’)


Late era Kinks and an enormous anthemic song! An articulate insight to the fall of DJ driven radio in a fictional lyric.






Photographs by Micah Gummel