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Sunday, 10 July 2016 04:00



If you venture out to a live gig in York, chances are you will see Daniel Lucas aka Boss Caine either playing, hosting it or just hanging at the bar. The gravelly-voiced singer/songwriter lives and breathes music, plays gigs and festivals all over the UK, either solo or with any number of musicians that can make up the Boss Caine collective. He even hosts weekly musical events himself in York, namely The Sundown Sessions and Busk At Dusk. If you dig the sounds of Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Dylan, etc, then you can't go far wrong with a bit of Boss Caine in your life. But we thought it was time to catch up with the man and find out what sounds shaped the musical direction he now follows. So, over to Dan.....


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As I’m sure everybody who is asked to compile one of these lists says, this list could change at any given time due to mood, weather, choice of intoxicant, etc... also I have left off some of the obvious choices as I think they go without saying. But in case they don’t, more than honourable mentions to Bob Dylan (who could have easily populated this list entirely) Bruce Springsteen (same), Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Nirvana, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, etc. They are called the greats for a reason. Now go and listen to the Wildhearts tune included here, make a note of every band mentioned, and then go and listen to them.


It will serve you well.


I know it did me.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the songs.


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1.) 'Clampdown' - The Clash (from the album 'London Calling')


London Calling is my 'go-to' response whenever I’m asked what my favourite album is. It’s such an incredible piece of work. Strummer is one of my all time heroes and one of my proudest moments was being asked to play at the Strummer Of Love Festival on the anniversary of his death. A real honour, and such an amazing weekend of music, friendship, and fun.


2.) 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (from the album of the same name)


Joan Jett rules. That’s it really. She paved the way for countless other female rockers to kick ass in a male dominated world, and did it with style, attitude and songs to die for. I fucking love her. If you don’t like this song then we probably won’t get on.


3.) 'White Lies' - Jason and the Scorchers (from the album 'Lost and Found')


Basically the best live rock and roll band on the planet, as was recently stated in a spot-on Guardian feature. Perfectly blending the Hank Williams drunk country and the bad ass punk righteous attitude with Chuck Berry licks and killer tunes. I have had the great honour of doing several gigs with Warner Hodges and Jason Ringenberg over the years and they are absolute gents. NEVER miss a chance to see the Scorchers live. They are to be cherished.


4.) '(I'd Go The) Whole Wide World' - Wreckless Eric (from the album 'Big Smash!')


An incredible song. Basically a simple punk pop song, but it says everything that an impassioned love song needs to and only uses two chords and a MASSIVE hook to do it.


5.) 'Tecumseh Valley' - Townes Van Zandt (from the album 'For The Sake Of The Song')


Townes is one of the greatest songwriters to ever walk this earth. Steve Earle once declared he’d say definitively that Townes was the greatest, whilst wearing his muddy boots and standing on Bob Dylan’s coffee table. A bold statement, but fair enough I say.... I used to try and cover this song, but I find it almost impossible to sing it without utterly losing my shit along the way. Beautifully written, as was everything Townes wrote. A unique talent, and a sad loss to this world.


6.) 'Ellis Unit One' - Steve Earle (from the soundtrack album 'Dead Man Walking')


I love Steve Earle. An amazing artist who has broken so many ‘rules’ along the way, and lived one hell of a life. This is a brutal song about the death penalty. The first notes make every hair on my body stand up in anticipation of what is coming, and I know for sure I will be in tears by the end of it. So powerful.




7.) 'Carry On' - Soul Asylum (from the album 'While You Were Out')


Dave Pirner is an incredible songwriter, and Soul Asylum have covered so much ground in their time. Probably better known for their MTV hits from their later days, the early stuff is bonkers jazz-infused punk with game changing lyrics. This is one of my favourite albums of all time and it is raw as hell. Especially in comparison to where they later went, but it is all the better for it. Not that I don’t love the later stuff too, just this is REALLY exciting stuff!


8.) 'A Song For You' - Gram Parsons (from the album 'GP')


Beautiful, fragile, soulful, Emmylou Harris practically propping him up... a perfect song from a perfect album by a beautiful damaged soul.


9.) 'The Story Of My Life' - Social Distortion (from the album 'The Story Of My Life')  


Mike Ness is one of the coolest men to have ever walked this Earth, and his band made some amazing records. This was the song that got me into them, and I will never tire of it. They are another band that take the country/folk songwriting ethic of ‘three chords and the truth’ and give it an almighty punk rock, overdrive and attitude-laden kick up the arse, to maximum effect.


10.) 'We Are The Road Crew' - Motörhead (from the album 'Ace Of Spades')


Killer tune from one of the greatest live bands ever and it sums up life on the road perfectly. Lemmy will forever rock my world.


11.) 'Don't Ask For The Water' - Ryan Adams (from the album 'Heartbreaker')


This album changed my life. It came at the right time, as I was going through a messy relationship break up and mental breakdown and my punk band had split up. Basically the themes of this record. I picked up an acoustic guitar and threw myself into country music and writing emotive songs, and that is where Boss Caine came from I guess. This probably isn’t an obvious choice from the record, but its lyrics are out of this world. There isn’t a bad tune anywhere near the album though. If you don’t know it, you need to.


12.) '29 x The Pain' - The Wildhearts (B-side to the 'Suckerpunch' single)


Ginger Wildheart is easily one of the most prolific and talented songwriters this country has ever produced, covering a ridiculous amount of musical ground, and always with intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics. I could have picked any number of songs, from any one of his projects, but I love this for how many awesome bands it namechecks and felt that I could get away with including all of them by proxy. If Ginger recommends a band or song you can bet your ass it is worth listening to.


13.) 'Bastards Of Young' - The Replacements (from the album 'Tim')


Another band I could have picked any number of songs from (and incidentally name checked in the Wildhearts tune I chose), being as Paul Westerberg is another one of the greats of modern songwriting. I chose this one because it is ridiculously life affirming. If that intro doesn’t make you jump up from where you are sat, punch the air with angst ridden joy, and urge the chorus to come quicker, then you probably need to check your pulse. I had the great pleasure of seeing them live at both of the London Roundhouse nights last year and they will remain a highlight of my life until the day I die I’m sure.




[Photos by Andrew Pilgirm/Johnny Massey/Andy Gaines]