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Written by Lee Brunskjill   
Sunday, 19 June 2016 04:00



We can't think of a better band to feature in Uber Rock's Midnite Mixtape Massacre than those pesky Autopsy Boys! Their new album, 'Return Of The Acid Casualty Auto Humans' (get it for free here), featured legendary scream queen, Debbie Rochon, so a thirteen-track mixtape would, surely, be unlucky for everyone except you clued-in readers. The band's Lee Brunskjill wiped the gore off his C90 and pressed record.....




1.) 'Stand and Deliver' - Adam and the Ants (from the album 'Prince Charming')


It was the first record I ever owned so it’s quite precious to me. My auntie Paula bought it as a present when I was 4 because I’d seen it on TOTP and loved it. She said I had a little Adam and the Ants t-shirt and we learnt the dance moves and everything. That was my first taste of music and from there I went on to discover more new wave and synth pop.


2.) 'Let The Music Play' - Shannon (from the album of the same name)


Around 1984 I really heavily got into Electro/Breakdance. I first heard it through my next-door neighbour. He was a few years older than me and is the guy on TV you all know now as Keith Lemon. 'Rock Steady Crew', 'Break Machine', and 'Axel F' were played on every dance floor and in every youth club but this was my jam. I’ve lost count of the amount of dance floors I must have torn up to this track. I even got a perm so I could spin on my head better.


3.) 'Peace Sells' - Megadeth (from the album 'Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?')


I was wrestling with my friend Gav in my parent’s living room and he knocked a coffee mug from the table and the handle broke off. Just as it happened my mum and dad came walking up the drive. He offered me a Megadeth tape if I took the blame. I gladly obliged knowing that my parents wouldn’t give a fuck. Although I love the entire album, the stand out song for me is definitely 'Peace Sells'. I bought a Megadeth album every week until I had them all and then got further into thrash metal.


4.) 'Welcome To The Jungle' - Guns N' Roses (from the album 'Appetite For Destruction')


Whatever you think of Axl Rose and the bastardised train wreck that is Guns N' Roses its hard to deny that 'Appetite For Destruction' is a brilliant album. I was on a family holiday and finding it a bit boring so my mum bought me this album on tape. It had just been released and I blasted it out on my Walkman whilst playing NARC in the video arcade. So what looked set to be a boring family holiday actually ended up being pretty cool.


5.) 'Straight Outta Compton' - NWA (from the album of the same name)


I knew what hip-hop was through breakdance and stuff but had kind of strayed further into the world of thrash and death metal. This was the first hip-hop album I had ever sat down and properly listened to. A lad at our school came across a stolen car that had been abandoned which seems quite fitting now. He saw a few tapes on display so he grabbed them and lent me the 'Straight Outta Compton' tape. I was completely blown away. I sat there with my mouth open dumbfounded taking in word for word of Ice Cube's lyrical and profanity-fueled assault. By the time it got to Eazy E’s verse I was already a fan.


6.) 'Nazi Punks Fuck Off' - Dead Kennedys (from the album 'In God We Trust, Inc.')


For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved horror movies. B-movies mostly. The kind that are filled with over the top gore and death scenes set to cool music. My uncle had passed down some Sex Pistols and Generation X records to me so I already knew about punk. But they didn’t sound like the stuff that I heard in movies right before some unfortunate teenager was about to be decapitated or doused in toxic waste. I can’t remember which horror movie clip I showed him but he immediately concluded it was ‘the yank stuff, hardcore shit’ and with that he got me ‘In God We Trust’ to listen to. I must have listened to it back to back 4 or 5 times. I couldn’t believe how short and fast the songs were. Raw as fuck and with powerful messages.




7.) 'Waking The Dead' - Suicidal Tendencies (from the album 'Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Déjà Vu')


The first time I heard this song was on a TV programme. Can't remember which one but it was on about 3am and used to play metal music vids. The video reminded me of a Creepshow episode or something. I loved the graveyard/punk/metal/hip-hop vibe. About a week later myself and a few friends met up with a handful of LPs each to swap with each other. It was a good way to discover new music with little money and became a regular thing. Chris Jackson had ‘Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Deja Vu’ with this track on. So I swapped with him. I didn’t even need the one song preview I was entitled to before I swapped. I was already sold. Before long I was working my way through the entire Suicidal discography. People who know our music will instantly hear the influence. A comparison we quite often get is Suicidal Tendencies meets Devo...


8.) 'Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA' - Devo (from the album 'Duty Now for the Future')


...which brings me nicely to this little gem. My favorite Devo song from my favorite Devo album. Whenever I hear this song I feel a compulsive urge to march on the spot with stiff disjointed robot arms, angrily scowling along. I love the guitar riff along with the awkward detuned synths chugging and chiming away throughout the song. Then with no warning at all we’re hit with an instantaneous burst from slow march to fast pogo with panic riddled vocals and nervous sounding guitars. Again, an obvious influence of Autopsy Boys. The best version I’ve ever heard of this is Live in Hollywood 1978. Treat yourself by checking it out over on YouTube. You won't be disappointed. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UKtZwWLMp8)


9.) 'Kerosene' - Big Black (from the album 'Atomizer')


You know above I mentioned the Suicidal Tendencies album that I got at a ‘Deals Night’ where we would get together and swap vinyl? Well, I first heard this at one of those. We used to have a rule we’re you could listen to one track before you swapped. This was the track that someone played. I was working at ‘Way Ahead Records’ in Victoria Quarter so had easy access to pretty much all the vinyl I could handle. I bought it the following weekend. This track used to get played all the time in clubs and hearing it blasting out of a massive PA is the best. The lyrics pretty much described exactly how I felt around that time too so could really identify with it. When we were between drummers we carried on with a drum machine until we found a new one because we didn’t want to lose momentum. I like to think of that as our Big Black phase.


10.) 'Make Her' - Black Bug (from the self-titled album)


I first heard of Black Bug through a label in Philadelphia called FDH Records. A band called The Units posted a free FDH sampler on facebook. I downloaded it through the FDH Records bandcamp and heard them on that. Every track on the sampler was really cool. Other than The Units all the bands were new to me. I started working my way through the label's back catalogue. Out of the entirely eclectic mix on offer Black Bug's self-titled album is my favorite and this is my favorite song from it. They recently split up but are working on new projects. Check them out. Ferocious distorted noisy synth punk!


11.) 'Revolution Come And Gone' - Beat Happening (from the album 'Dreamy')


I was at high school and my mate’s older brother gave me a Sub Pop compilation tape to listen to. I think this was track 4 of the album and once I reached it I listened to it over and over and over and over again. I still love this song. I fucking love it. Truly romantic and eerily beautiful. If ever I went on a killing spree with my girlfriend I think it would be to a Beat Happening mixtape. I ordered the full box set from Jumbo Records in Leeds and the morning it arrived the others turned up and convinced me to go to Alton Towers instead. It rained and it was the school holidays so we had to queue for ages for the rides. It was shit and I had to wait a week until I could pick it up. It was worth the wait I guess, though. This was the first song I ever heard by them and it's still my favorite.


12.) 'Psycho Drama' - Ultraviolence (from the album of the same name)
Not to sound melodramatic but this album got me through a really rough time in my life. Stuck on a hospital ward with no music, bed-ridden and bored out of my head one of the patients gave me this to listen to. I have and always will be into many different genres of music but this was the first time I’d ever heard a fuck load of different styles smashed together to tell a horror story. It was awesome. I was out of action for a while and this album encouraged me to get into music production and start sampling, making beats and realizing that there are no boundaries in music. I got to meet Johnny Violent too. I went round to his house and met him and his cats. He was a really cool guy and is the first thing you hear on our new album. “Psycho drama. Doubt, fear and pain. Total hardcore!”


13.) 'Drug Store' - Dwarves (from the album 'Blood Guts & Pussy')


Last but by no means least my biggest influence and favourite band. I was a big fan of the Sub Pop label and heard of the Dwarves though them on a compilation. I’d heard of their live shows ending in near riots and was intrigued. I think I was originally drawn to them because the album cover for ‘Blood Guts & Pussy’ was two naked women, a dwarf, and a dead bunny rabbit covered in blood. It's really hard to just choose one song from this album. I’m gonna say ‘Drug Store’ because I enjoy signing along to it. I ended up becoming good friends with them and they got us on the bill last year at Dingwalls in Camden. It was a spiffing day out.