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Written by Joey Strange   
Sunday, 21 June 2015 03:00


JD & the FDCs officially release their second album, 'Anatomy Of A Wolf', next week so, after grabbing an exclusive interview with the mainman last weekend, we thought we'd give him some competition and ask bassist Joey Strange to compile his ultimate thirteen song mixtape exclusively for Uber Rock. Yes, it's another Midnite Mixtape Massacre!




1.) ‘Come On!’ - The Hives (from the album ‘Lex Hives’)


I don’t think there’s a better opening song than this so this is the opening song. I’m a simple guy.


2.) ‘Private Eye’ - Alkaline Trio (from the album ‘From Here To Infirmary’)


When I was a kid I had an Alkaline Trio poster on my bedroom wall and this is probably the first song of theirs that I ever heard. I always loved how they fell into the pop punk genre but had a much darker theme than a lot of their peers. I don’t know why that appealed to me but it did. Maybe because I’m a goth? Anyway, the FDCs accidentally started playing this song live recently and it seems to be doing pretty well. Plus it’s a lot of fun to play!


3.) ‘Ship Ahoy’ - East Town Pirates (from the self-titled album)


Everyone loves pirates, right? Right. Then it should come as no surprise to you that the East Town Pirates are at the top of the pile of UK bands right now. These fellas have great songs, are tons of fun live and… Well… They’re pirates! What more do you need?!


4.) ‘Black Skinhead’ - Kanye West (from the album ‘Yeezus’)


The FDCs started using this as our intro music pretty much as soon as we heard it for the first time two years ago. It replaced NWA’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ which is a pretty big task! Whilst ‘Yeezy' may not be to everyone’s taste this song does contain the self-proclaimed “greatest verse in the history of hip-hop” and that’s pretty hard to argue with. Add to that the huge production from Rick Rubin and you're onto a winner.


5.) ‘Before’ - Dave Hause (from the album ‘Devour’)


I firmly believe that Dave Hause is the greatest songwriter of our generation. So much so that I had to listen to the entirety of this album just to pick which song I wanted to include. Not only does he know how to write a big hook, great lyrics and have an incredible voice but the thing that makes him so good, in my opinion, is that I believe every single word that he sings. Maybe not all of his lyrics are true but such is his passion that every line of every song sounds like it’s been ripped directly from his heart. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself stopped dead in my tracks when the right Dave Hause song has come on at the just right moment.


6.) ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ - Tom Waits (from the album ‘Bone Machine’)


Sometimes you find yourself listening to one particular artist a lot for no apparent reason. For me, currently, it’s Tom Waits. I can’t even begin to get my head around how he writes a lot of his music, some of which is barely even music, but I love it anyway. This song falls into the more rock ’n roll side of the Tom Waits back catalogue and if it’s good enough for the Ramones than it’s good enough for me.




7.) ‘Cities On Fire’ - Reuben (from the album ‘In Nothing We Trust’)


I came to the Reuben party a bit late after being introduced to them whilst in the studio recording an album with my old band, Patchwork Grace, which was not too long before this album was released. This is the opening track from their third album and was released as a single just three months before the band split. Reuben were a band that knew how to make very good use of dynamics in their songwriting, something which I think a lot of bands don’t give enough attention to. This song is no different, going from loud and heavy to soft and melodic and back at the drop of a hat. I don’t think this album was as well received as their first two but I think it contains some of their finer songs, this being one of them. This is very possibly me favourite song of theirs.


8.) ‘Out The Window’ - Bowling For Soup (from the album ‘Drunk Enough To Dance’)


Bowling For Soup. Perhaps the most underrated and misunderstood band… Ever? Labelled as a ‘joke’ band by a lot of people but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that Bowling For Soup write really fucking catchy songs. Sometimes, yeah, they make you laugh. Is that really a bad thing?! I defy anybody to go to a Bowling For Soup show and not have fun. The first time I saw them was at Rock City in Nottingham in 2003 and, you guessed it, it was a hell of a lot of fun! This was their opener at that gig and, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve actually seen them play it since but I’ll always remember them playing it that night and it will always be one of my favourite gigs.


9.) ‘Because The Night’ - Patti Smith (from the album ‘Easter’)


My parents were both huge Bruce Springsteen fans and, as a result, I grew up listening to a lot of his music. In fact I’m told that at 3 years old I used to wake up early every morning, put on my parents’ Springsteen Live video tape and dance around the living room imagining myself as my idol for the duration of the video. I think I even had a little plastic guitar too (although I didn’t touch a real guitar until over ten years later). I’m sure it was really annoying and I’ve since discovered that 5am is not a good time for any type of rock ’n roll to be taking place. I’m still a big fan and whilst this song was made popular by Patti Smith and not the man himself I still regard it as one of The Boss’ best songs.


10.) ‘Thrash Unreal’ - Against Me! (from the album ‘New Wave’)


I can’t speak for the rest of the band here but I’m fairly confident in saying that this was the one album that had more influence on the new JD & the FDCs record than any other. We didn’t set out to rip off the songs or the production style (sadly we couldn’t afford Butch Vig this time around) but we definitely took a lot from the overall vibe of this album and I think that comes across in the finished thing. This is the track that first made me fall in love with this album which I can only describe as a punk rock masterpiece. And that bass sound… DAMN!


11.) ‘Maxwell Murder’ - Rancid (from the album ‘… And Out Come The Wolves’)


Matt Freeman.


12.) ‘First Date’ - Danko Jones (from the album ‘Sleep Is The Enemy’)


I was introduced to Danko Jones by my good friend and leader of the FDCs, Jamie Delerict, a few years ago and was hooked from the beginning, as is the case with most people when they discover Danko Jones. There are a bunch of songs of his that I could have chosen to include here but I’ve gone for ‘First Date’ for a very simple reason: It’s simply a monster pop song! I genuinely cannot begin to understand why this isn’t one of the biggest rock songs of all time, it really is that good. It may be the perfect rock ’n roll pop anthem with its massive guitar riffs, huge chorus and patented Danko Jones charm. Maybe if it was released just a couple of years earlier it would have made bigger waves. Instead it caught the tail-end of the ‘Kerrang!’ generation and didn’t gain anywhere near the amount of success that it undoubtedly deserves.


13.) ‘Brandenburg Gate’ - Anti-Flag (from the album ‘American Spring’)


If you were to ask me who my favourite band is I would most probably say “Anti-Flag” with zero hesitation. To tell you my favourite song or even album of theirs would take a lot longer. Since this album was released just a few weeks ago I figured it was a good starting point. It’s only June but, for me, this song will be hard to beat to the ‘song of the year’ award. A lesson in songwriting simplicity.



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