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Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Nicole Hawkins & Jason Hawkins - Grandhour Print E-mail
Written by Nicole Hawkins & Jason Hawkins   
Sunday, 26 June 2016 03:40

GHmix86Uber Rock reviewed 'Bombs & Bullets', the debut album from female-fronted Australian rockers, Grandhour, recently; now, with a new single and making-of documentary just released there could be no better time to catch up with Nicole and Jason Hawkins from the band to get their collective thirteen song mixtape par excellence.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Lee Brunskjill - Autopsy Boys Print E-mail
Written by Lee Brunskjill   
Sunday, 19 June 2016 04:00

ABmix86We can't think of a better band to feature in Uber Rock's Midnite Mixtape Massacre than those pesky Autopsy Boys! Their new album, 'Return Of The Acid Casualty Auto Humans', featured legendary scream queen, Debbie Rochon, so a thirteen-track mixtape would, surely, be unlucky for everyone except you clued-in readers. The band's Lee Brunskjill wiped the gore off a C90 and pressed record.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Headline Maniac Print E-mail
Written by Headline Maniac   
Sunday, 05 June 2016 03:00

Headline ManiacHeadline Maniac feature a trio of Hot Rods, you know as in Eddie and the Hot Rods, and they play a rather spiffing brand of power pop/rock. We were so impressed by their debut album that we asked Dipster, Chris and Simon to pick their thirteen songs and give the Midnite Mixtape a dose of ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Thuggery’. Hit the magic link then to uncover their selections.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Max Portnoy - Next To None Print E-mail
Written by Max Portnoy   
Sunday, 28 June 2015 03:20

N2NalbumTomorrow sees the release via InsideOut Music of ‘A Light In The Dark’, the debut album by teenage progressive metal sensations Next To None. To help celebrate this occasion we asked the band’s 15 year old drummer Max Portnoy (yup its Mike’s son) to pick the 13 songs that helped influence the sound of the record, and you are but a mouse click away from revealing what he chose to make the ultimate metal midnite mixtape.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Joey Strange - JD & the FDCs Print E-mail
Written by Joey Strange   
Sunday, 21 June 2015 03:00

jambo2mix86JD & the FDCs officially release their second album, 'Anatomy Of A Wolf', next week so, after grabbing an exclusive interview with the mainman last weekend, we thought we'd give him some competition and ask bassist Joey Strange to compile his ultimate thirteen song mixtape exclusively for Uber Rock. Yes, it's another Midnite Mixtape Massacre!

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Soul Fire Saints Print E-mail
Written by Soul Fire Saints   
Sunday, 07 June 2015 03:20

soulfiresaintsSoul Fire Saints is a heavy ‘riff rock’ band from Sheffield who claim to be just five normal(ish) working class lads who write and perform their own unique brand of heavy riff-rock. The simple fact that they play their own music and don’t simply take the easy route of playing the UK’s oversaturated cover/tribute band scene was enough for us to offer the guys their very own slot on Uber Rock’s Midnite Mixtape Massacre. So hit the link and discover something new this Sunday.

Vintage Concert Bill: Scorpions, Iron Maiden & Girlschool - July 30th, 1982‏ Print E-mail
Written by Bill Lindsey   
Saturday, 28 June 2014 03:30

scorpsbill86Bill Lindsey, frontman of legendary PMRC-troubling shock rockers Impaler, returns with the June instalment of his classic Vintage Concert Bill feature, this time checking out a triple header of the Scorpions promoting the 'Blackout' album, Iron Maiden with new singer Bruce at the helm, and Girlschool on their first full American tour. How cool is that?! Hit Read More for classic retro rock action!

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Dave Sirianni - The Pass Outs Print E-mail
Written by Dave Sirianni   
Sunday, 15 June 2014 03:30

passoutmix86Uber Rock reviewed 'Dead Technology', the new album from Melbourne-based melodic grungers The Pass Outs, last month and was impressed enough to chase up frontman Dave Sirianni and ask him to compile his ultimate thirteen song mixtape for inclusion in our Midnite Mixtape Massacre section. The Star Wars-obsessed singer/guitarist didn't let us down.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Jeff Williams - Onslaught Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Williams   
Sunday, 01 June 2014 03:00

Jeff ThmbNext month UK thrashers Onslaught hit the road with Artillery and Hatriot in what is being called the ‘Thrash Invasion 2014’ tour. So to mark this occasion we thought it would be a cool idea to ask Jeff Williams bassist in Onslaught to put together his very own Midnite Mixtape Massacre centred around what he listens to whilst on the road. Jeff being Jeff this feature comes with a special twist, as in he’s given a whole iPod’s worth of stuff to get through rather than just a C90. Hit the link to find out more.

Vintage Concert Bill: Van Halen - St. Paul Civic Center Theater - 24th July 1979 Print E-mail
Written by Bill Lindsey   
Sunday, 30 June 2013 03:00

halen86Bill Lindsey, frontman of legendary US shock rockers Impaler, continues to amaze (and make us all jealous) with his vintage concert reviews. Don't believe us? Then just hit that link and turn green with envy as Bill talks us through a classic Van Halen show at the tail end of the sick Seventies. Their second album had been released earlier that year and Messrs Van Halen (x2), Roth and Anthony were on fire.....

GIG GIGGLES by Zoot : Episode 13 Print E-mail
Written by Paul 'Zoot' Williams   
Sunday, 16 June 2013 04:00

zootpantergiggle86Fuck me, talk about unlucky for some! It's been thirteen long months since Zoot, Uber Rock's clown prince o'smut, turned in one of his iconic Gig Giggles for your reading pleasure.....but here it is, his thirteenth article!!! Double 13!! Hit Read More and shake your head slowly as the taste-challenged soap-dodger tells all about when Pantera came to Newport Centre.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Pound Of Flesh Print E-mail
Written by Pound Of Flesh   
Sunday, 12 June 2016 03:20

POF RefilsWith most of URHQ at Download this weekend we thought we’d run something a little different, something a little less metal, yet something still more intense than 95% of the bands playing said festival. Ladies and gentlemen of the Überverse we give you Pound Of Flesh and their twisted yet sublime thirteen track Midnite Mixtape. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Vintage Concert Bill: New York Dolls - 14th November 2006 Print E-mail
Written by Bill Lindsey   
Sunday, 28 June 2015 04:00

NYDBill86useImpaler's Bill Lindsey returns with the June instalment of his never-dull Vintage Concert Bill feature, this month writing of how great the New York Dolls (still) were when they hit Minnesota in support of their 2006 comeback album, 'One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This'. Hit Read More and fall in love, L-U-V.....

Hi-Fi To Die For: 58 - 'Diet For A New America' Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Saturday, 27 June 2015 03:00

HiFi86With Mötley Crüe finally hanging up their backing tapes after a farewell tour that promises more trainwrecks than a B-movie Western boxset, Uber Rock's Ben Hughes remembers when Nikki Sixx made music from his heart, and not just for his bank account. 58's 'Diet For A New America', he writes, is pure Hi-Fi To Die For.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Jamie Porter Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Porter   
Sunday, 14 June 2015 03:20

Jamie Porter 2Jamie Porter is a singer songwriter from North Wales who specializes in music with a rock edge. Will his thirteen songs selection for the Midnite Mixtape Massacre have an Uber Rock edge though? Well read on and you’ll soon find out.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - John Wesley Print E-mail
Written by John Wesley   
Sunday, 29 June 2014 04:00

JW thmbJohn Wesley is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, and the touring guitarist for Porcupine Tree. He's also toured with the likes of Sound Of Contact, Steven Wilson, Fish and Mike Tramp (White Lion) over the years so he knows a thing or two about this thing called music. Earlier this year John also released his sixth solo album ‘Disconnect’ via the prog specialist label InsideOut. Here John picks his favourite baker’s dozen of tracks just for Uber Rock to make his Midnite Mixtape Massacre...

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Lee Kerslake - Berggren Kerslake Band Print E-mail
Written by Lee Kerslake   
Sunday, 22 June 2014 04:00

BKB Lee Solo P03Drummer Lee Kerslake has starred alongside some of the greatest names in rock in both Uriah Heep and Ozzy’s solo band but nowadays he plies his trade with Stefan Berggren in BKB; The Berggren Kerslake Band. The band’s new album ‘The Sun Has Gone Hazy’, is dripping with blues licks and just a touch of Whitesnake swagger, and was released by AOR Heaven in late January. Here Lee gives Uber Rock his 13 favourite tracks to make a true Midnite Mixtape Massacre….

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Darrel Sutton & Dean Pratten - Trigger McPoopshute Print E-mail
Written by Darrel Sutton & Dean Pratten   
Sunday, 08 June 2014 03:20

Trigger ThbNext weekend backdoor rock ‘n’ rollers Trigger McPoopshute get to open for glunk rock uber lords The Chuck Norris Experiment on their first ever UK shows on the rather appropriately titled ‘Fuck Download’ tour.. With Chuck Ransom and his men also sharing a van with the four psychos from Abertillery Rock City we thought it only right that Trigger compile their very own C90 with which to entertain their touring partners. The result? One hell of a Midnite Mixtape Massacre.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Kill For Eden Print E-mail
Written by Kill For Eden   
Sunday, 30 June 2013 04:00

killforedenmix86Kill For Eden released their self-titled debut album earlier this year to rave reviews and are heading to London for a headline show in just over a month. Uber Rock caught up with the band to get as many band members as possible to detail their favourite songs, collecting them together for yet another must-read attack on the senses that is the Midnite Mixtape Massacre....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Geir Arne Dale - Humbucker Print E-mail
Written by Geir Arne Dale   
Sunday, 23 June 2013 03:40

GALLERY kopervik gadWith Norwegian hard rockers Humbucker having their ‘Strongman’ song as the main theme for next weekend’s World Strongest Man - Giants Live event in Leeds it seemed like the perfect time to ask the band’s drummer Geir Arne Dale to compile his very own Midnite Mixtape Massacre composing of the thirteen songs that get him pumped up ready for a live show. So, here ladies and gentlemen is that tape, one that R.O.C.K.S like only Humbucker can.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Franck Quintin - Eryn Non Dae. Print E-mail
Written by Franck Quintin   
Sunday, 16 June 2013 03:00

Eryn Non Dae 09 thmbNext weekend French extreme metallers Eryn Non Dae. play quite possibly their biggest show to date on home turf when they tread the boards at this year’s Hellfest. Here the band’s guitarist Franck Quintin picks his lucky 13 tracks to get him in the mood for his early morning wake up for those of us who will be lucky enough to be catching their appearance in the Valley.


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