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Written by Stay Voiceless   
Sunday, 22 May 2016 04:00



They call themselves "day ruiners" but South Wales alt. rock three-piece Stay Voiceless might actually make your day. The band has truly arrived with stunning new single, 'Those kids have no idea whatsoever of what went on at Stalingrad', so we thought we'd grab the three band members - Chris Morgan: Guitars/Vocals; Andrew Edwards: Bass; Cerys Bennett: Drums - and ask them to compile their ultimate thirteen song mixtape.....




Chris Morgan (Guitar/Vocals):


1.) 'Bat Out Of Hell' - Meat Loaf (from the album of the same name)


This is the very first song I can remember hearing. I used to be afraid of the artwork when I was a child and one day my Dad put the record on for me, mainly so I’d stop being afraid of the sleeve. From the moment the intro guitars struck I was hooked. Brilliant.


2.) 'Faster' - Manic Street Preachers (from the album 'The Holy Bible')


Cerys and Andrew had to help out with this mixtape as if I was given 13 choices to myself you’d be reading the tracklist to ‘The Holy Bible’ here now. My favourite Manic Street Preachers track changes on a daily basis, and today it’s ‘Faster’. The intellect. The melody. The arrogance. A ripping solo; the guitar tone is ferocious on this track. What’s not to love?


3.) 'I Wanna Be Sedated' - Ramones (from the album 'Road To Ruin')


So many great Ramones to choose from but ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ never fails to get me going. James Dean Bradfield was the reason I picked up a guitar but the Ramones were the reason I started writing songs. As soon as I realised I only needed the three-chords I’d learned to write a pop-song I was away.


4.) 'Freddy Krueger' - Reuben (from the album 'Racecar Is Racecar Backwards')


I saw Reuben in Merthyr Tydfil supporting Hell Is For Heroes around the time ‘Scared of the Police’ was released and I knew then their debut album would be extraordinary. I loved Hell Is For Heroes but they got battered that night and it’s that mentality that’s stayed with me. If your set is so good that it disinterests the crowd in the headliner, you’ve done your job.




Andrew Edwards (Bass):


5.) 'Happy' - Ned's Atomic Dustbin (from the album 'God Fodder')


This band passed me by in the '90s but I got introduced to them later on and loved them ever since. The duel bass playing works so well and you can hear plenty of Ned's influence in modern music.


6.) 'Cemented Shoes' - My Vitriol (from the album 'Finelines')


I saw these supporting Feeder in Newport Centre. Great band... 'Finelines' is amazing and if it's passed you by go listen to it!


7.) 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter' - Nirvana (from the album 'In Utero')


Nirvana are still one of my top 5 bands of all time.


8.) 'Every Thug Needs A Lady' - Alkaline Trio (from the album 'Good Mourning')


Picking a favourite Alkaline Trio song for me is like picking your favourite child, I'd imagine.


Cerys Bennett (Drums):


9.) 'I Am A Revenant' - The Distillers (from the album 'Sing Sing Death House')


Brody Dalle is my hero and this song has always said so much…


10.) 'Just A Phase' - Incubus (from the album 'Morning View')


Incubus are such a great band and it was hard to choose a favourite. I love the melody and the little nuances in the song, and then it kicks in at the end. It's like a showcase for Brandon Boyd's voice. I'm also a big fan of their drummer, Jose Pasiallas.


11.) 'Give It Away' - Red Hot Chili Peppers (from the album 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik')


I just chose their 'hit' because I love every song they did until 'Californication' came out. I also decided when I was about 12 that I was going to hit the snare the same way Chad Smith does. I met him when I was 13 and nearly died.


12.) 'But Home Is Nowhere' - AFI (from the album 'Sing The Sorrow')


'Sing The Sorrow' is a masterpiece in my opinion. The artwork. The melodies. The darkness. This song is beautiful.


13.) 'Bright Lights Keep Shining' - Comeback Kid (from the album 'Wake The Dead')


I love the energy of this band. They have awesome hooks and great breakdowns.



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