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Written by The Senton Bombs   
Sunday, 01 May 2016 04:00



With their recently released ‘Mass Vendetta’ album Blackpool based scuzz rockers The Senton Bombs have captured an almost perfect mix of punk and sleaze rock to create one of 2016’s most surprising, if not best, albums. Here Joey Class, Damien Kage, Johnny Gibbons and Scott Mason share their influences and in the process hope to make an almost perfect Midnite Mixtape too.


Joey Class (Vocals and Bass)


1.) 'Where The Devil Don't Stay' - Drive By Truckers (from the album ‘The Dirty South’)


I love everything about this track. The lyrics, the style, the feel it basically introduced me to alt-country, which has slowly crept into the band's sound ever since.


2.) ‘Inner Logic’ - Bad Religion (from the album ‘Stranger Than Fiction’)


Again, amazing lyrics, but this time its punk rock perfection. This track made me realise songs don’t have to be “dumbed down”.


3.) ‘Bob’ - NOFX (from the album ‘White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean’)


The song that got me into punk rock. Simple, catchy and timeless.



Damien Kage (Guitars)


4.) ‘Powertrip’ - Monster Magnet (from the album by the same name)


Monster Magnet are a fantastic band, with outrageous lyrics. They opened the door to stoner rock music for me.


5.) ‘Come Out And Play’ - The Offspring (from the album ‘Smash’)


The first California punk band I ever heard. The Offspring were certainly a big influence in our formative years.


6.) ‘Train Of Consequences’ - Megadeth (from the album ‘Youthanasia’)


The first (and subsequently my favourite) metal band I ever heard.


Johnny Gibbons (Guitars)


7.) ‘A New Level’ - Pantera (from the album ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’)


Prior to hearing this, I didn't know heavy music could groove.


8.) ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ - Derek And The Dominos (from the album ‘Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs’)


This is a masterclass in lead guitar dynamics, it profoundly influenced the teenage me.


9.) 'Coma' - Guns N’ Roses (from the album ‘Use Your Illusion I’)


Slash is the reason I picked up a guitar.


Senton Bombs


Scott Mason (Drums)


10.) ‘Ruby Soho’ - Rancid (from the album ‘...And Out Come the Wolves’)


My favourite band playing my favourite song. The reason why I listen to the music I do.


11.) ‘Cut the Cord’ - Shinedown (from the album ‘Threat to Survival’)


The band I currently cannot stop listening too.


12.) ‘Nobody Knows Anything’ - Anthrax (from the album ‘We've Come For You All’)


One of the many reasons why I continue playing drums. Charlie Benante’s control of the drums on this track is unbelievable.


Band choice


13.) ‘Born With A Tail’ - Supersuckers (from the album ‘The Sacrilicious Sounds Of The Supersuckers’)


Our live anthem, and an all-time classic.