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Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Bec - IDestroy Print E-mail
Written by Bec - IDestroy   
Sunday, 29 May 2016 04:00

IDBecmix86Brought to Uber Rock's attention late last year when supporting Cherie Currie of The Runaways, Bristol-based all-grrrl band IDestroy have started to make 2016 their own with a must-have EP and a buzz surrounding them that most bands would kill for. Fresh from supporting Wendy James, we got singer/guitarist Bec to compile the ultimate thirteen song mixtape.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Stay Voiceless Print E-mail
Written by Stay Voiceless   
Sunday, 22 May 2016 04:00

stay86mixThey call themselves "day ruiners" but South Wales alt. rock three-piece Stay Voiceless might actually make your day. The band has truly arrived with stunning new single, 'Those kids have no idea whatsoever of what went on at Stalingrad', so we thought we'd grab the three band members and ask them to compile their ultimate thirteen song mixtape.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Mick Modell - The Shondikes Print E-mail
Written by Mick Modell   
Sunday, 08 May 2016 03:20

Shondikes albumWhoa, now this is what we call a mixtape. Punk, proto punk, doo-wop and ‘60s French yé-yé girl music all get a look in when Mick Modell from The Shondikes is picking the tunes. Sit back, pour yourself a libation of your choice and prepare to discover the roots behind ‘Psychotic Make Out Music'…..

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Mark Crosby - Nightblade Print E-mail
Written by Mark Crosby   
Sunday, 31 May 2015 03:40

Nightblade2Having released their critically acclaimed ‘Crisis Has No Prejudice’ EP earlier this year, Kidderminster based NWOBHM influenced metallers Nightblade were up for the challenge of trying to “out metal” every other Midnite Mixtape we’ve published so far here on Uber Rock. Step forward then Nightblade frontman Mark Crosby and let’s see your dandruff flying as he unveils his favourite 13 tracks of all time.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Ed Stones - Ed Stones & The BD3 Print E-mail
Written by Ed Stones   
Sunday, 24 May 2015 04:00

edstoneslogo86You like The Cramps, Eddie Cochran or maybe a bit of Jim Jones Revue, do ya? Then maybe you should have a word with Ed Stone and tap him up for an album or two. You see Ed and his band hail from Bradford and may well be right up your street with the likes of 'This Is The Life'. We love a bit of it and so should you, now check out Ed's own personal C90 Mixtape for an idea of where he's coming from.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - The Cardinal - The Blood Print E-mail
Written by The Cardinal   
Sunday, 10 May 2015 03:40

Colin 2015 3Back in 1983 the album ‘False Gestures For A Devious Public’ somehow managed to merge the very best elements of punk rock and shock rock and propelled itself into the world as a cataclysmic 11 track rock ‘n’ roll insurrection. One that should have propelled the band behind it on to bigger and better things. The band I’m talking about of course are The Blood, and today exclusively for Uber Rock, The Cardinal, the band’s singer and spokesman reveals the thirteen songs that help make his band so extraordinarily brilliant.

Vintage Concert Bill: Cheap Trick - Budokan Tour - 21st July 1979‏ Print E-mail
Written by Bill Lindsey   
Saturday, 31 May 2014 03:00

CTBill86Continuing to make all Uber Rockers jealous with his vintage concert reviews, Bill Lindsey, frontman of legendary US shock rockers Impaler, returns with a tale of seeing Cheap Trick in the late seventies, still revelling in the success of their lauded ' Budokan' live album. Hit Read More...and prepare to turn green with envy.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Matti Alfonzetti - Skintrade Print E-mail
Written by Matti Alfonzetti   
Sunday, 18 May 2014 03:20

SKINTRADE thmbMatti Alfonzetti is the guitarist and singer with Skintrade, the Swedish band whose new album ‘Refueled’ was released earlier this year on AOR Heaven. Driving, robust hard rock, it really packs a punch and is a worthy addition to the collection of a singer who has graced bands such as Jagged Edge and Red, White And Blues. Here he picks his favourite 13 tunes to make the ultimate Midnite Mixtape Massacre.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Joe Carpenter - Volume IV Print E-mail
Written by Joe Carpenter   
Sunday, 11 May 2014 03:40

Volume Joe thmbWith a band name like Volume IV you pretty much know what you are going to get music wise from the Atlanta stoners. However with the band’s full length debut album ‘Long In The Tooth’ you just get the sense that there is something else going on influence wise other than the obvious Sabbath stuff. We asked Joe Carpenter singer/guitarist with the band to give us his fabulous 13 tunes to make the ultimate mixtape, and if you click the link you’ll enjoy the ride of your life...

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Robin Everhart & Michael Miley - Rival Sons Print E-mail
Written by Robin Everhart & Michael Miley   
Sunday, 26 May 2013 04:00

rivalsonsmixtape86Slap bang in the middle of a sold out UK tour supporting the critically acclaimed 'Head Down' album, Uber Rock tracked down the Rival Sons rhythm section - aka bassist Robin Everhart and drummer Michael Miley - to find out what songs put the groove in Rival Sons and helped shape the album that featured high up in last year's Album's Of The Year list. Is this the ultimate thirteen song mixtape? Read on to find out.....

Hi-Fi To Die For - Lee Harvey Oswald Band Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Saturday, 25 May 2013 04:00

record collectionUber Rock's Ben Hughes gets sentimental (emphasis on the mental) for an album that appeared in 1996 and has continued to trouble his stereo for the ensuing seventeen years. Never heard 'Blastronaut', the Ginger Wildheart-approved album from the Lee Harvey Oswald Band? Read on to discover why this is Hi-Fi To Die For.......

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Tom McFaull - The Bar Stool Preachers Print E-mail
Written by Tom McFaull   
Sunday, 15 May 2016 03:20

BSP COVER thmb It’s been a frantic week for Tom McFaull that’s for sure. His beloved Hammers won their last game at the Boleyn Ground, his band The Bar Stool Preachers have just played a prestigious slot at the first WPC two-dayer in Northampton, and today he gets to pick his fave 13 tracks for a Midnite Mixtape Massacre with a twist. Hit the link then to find out how these guys will be bringing a right ole knees up to Slugfest 9 and Rebellion Festival this summer.

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - The Senton Bombs Print E-mail
Written by The Senton Bombs   
Sunday, 01 May 2016 04:00

Senton Bombs logoWith their recently released ‘Mass Vendetta’ album Blackpool-based scuzz rockers, The Senton Bombs, have captured an almost perfect mix of punk and sleaze rock to create one of 2016’s most surprising, if not best, albums. Here Joey Class, Damien Kage, Johnny Gibbons and Scott Mason share their influences and in the process hope to make an almost perfect Midnite Mixtape too.

Vintage Concert Bill: Clash Of The Titans - 9th June 1991 Print E-mail
Written by Bill Lindsey   
Sunday, 31 May 2015 03:00

titanshirtImpaler's Bill Lindsey returns with another of his must-read Vintage Concert Bill entries, this time detailing the US version of 1991's Clash Of The Titans tour, featuring Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth and openers Alice In Chains. Who would win this thrash clash? Read on to find out.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal Print E-mail
Written by Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal   
Sunday, 17 May 2015 03:00

BF thmbRon 'Bumblefoot' Thal has played guitar in Guns N' Roses, with Scott Weiland and RUN DMC's Darryl McDaniels, and now he tackles his toughest test yet; picking the ultimate thirteen song mixtape! Smokey Robinson alongside Manowar? Billy Joel alongside Judas Priest? This you have to read.....

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Dysnea Boys Print E-mail
Written by Dysnea Boys   
Sunday, 03 May 2015 03:30

dysneaboysmix86Berlin punks Dysnea Boys have a new single - 'Find Water'/'Mind Stories' - and a new video so what better time to catch up with the guys and quiz them on their favourite tunes? Is this the ultimate fifteen (?!) song mixtape?

Midnight Mixtape Massacre - Scott Lee Andrews - Exit_International Print E-mail
Written by Scott Lee Andrews   
Sunday, 25 May 2014 03:00

Exit thmbNext weekend Welsh noisy bass-tards Exit_International will be unceremoniously smashing the Purple Turtle’s head in as they unleash musical hell during their mid-afternoon slot at this year’s Camden Rocks festival. We asked singer and bass player number one Scott Lee Andrews to put together his ultimate mixtape to help get him, Fudge and Adam in the mood for total annihilation, This is what he came up with….

From The Interview Archive : Piggy D Print E-mail
Written by Gaz E   
Sunday, 11 May 2014 04:00

piggyD86There is a wealth of quality rock 'n' roll chatter in the secret pasts of the Über Röck Massive. After rebirthing chats with Jo "Dog" Almeida and Share Ross previously, we thought it was high time to break another vintage interview out of the archive for you good people to read, maybe for the first time. With the release of Rob Zombie's first concert DVD/Blu-ray on the horizon, we thought we'd dig up a May 2009 interview with his bassist Piggy D......

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - James Green & Tom Hamilton - The 45s Print E-mail
Written by James Green & Tom Hamilton   
Sunday, 04 May 2014 03:30

45s thmbAfter being mightily impressed with The 45s at Fibbers in York recently Uber Rock caught up with vocalist James Green and guitarist Tom Hamilton and asked them to compile their ultimate 13 song mixtape. Want to find out exactly where The Blues and The Soul comes from in their songs and what makes these guys rock 'n' roll a lot a harder and better onstage in this early point of their career than many seasoned bands could manage? Then read on for the lowdown.....

Vintage Concert Bill: Queen - St. Paul Civic Center Theater - 3rd March 1976 Print E-mail
Written by Bill Lindsey   
Sunday, 26 May 2013 03:30

queenvintage86Bill Lindsey, frontman with legendary US shock rockers Impaler, has made us all jealous with his retro reviews of classic gigs from some of the finest rock 'n' roll bands known to humanity......and today he does it again! KISS, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Alice Cooper have all featured on this must-see Vintage Concert Bill, now the Queen of 1976 make a welcome appearance......

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Scott Sharp - BlackWolf Print E-mail
Written by Scott Sharp   
Sunday, 19 May 2013 03:00

Scott thmbBristol rockers BlackWolf are a five piece with unashamedly old heads on their very young shoulders. They play a brand of hard hitting yet soulful rock 'n' roll that impressed some of the Uber elders so much during a recent live encounter that we immediately demanded that the band's singer Scott Sharp put together his thirteen songs to give us a Midnite Mixtape Massacre with a lycanthropic difference.


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