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Written by Trevor William Church   
Sunday, 10 April 2016 04:00



With their debut album, 'Lasus Naturae', freshly released on Rise Above Records (and making a retro-doom splash around the heavy-globe) we caught up with Beastmaker frontman Trevor William Church to find out what makes him tick - turns out he’s a straight-to-the-point-kinda-guy, but that doesn’t mean his choices are anything less than impeccable.


You can catch Beastmaker on their debut UK shows in April, 10/11 at Manchester and Birmingham respectively, as support to With The Dead. They then visit Cardiff on Wednesday 13th, where they play their first ever headline show outside of the USA, before heading off to Europe for appearances at Roadburn, DesertFest and also more support slots, this time with label mates Blood Ceremony.


For now though, just read on to see what puts the spook into Beastmaker…


Beastmaker promo pic


1.) 'My War' - Black Flag (from the album of the same name)


There is just something about this song that gets me pumped up.


2.) 'Spiritual Cramp' - Christian Death (from the album 'Only Theatre of Pain')


Children dig the graves of me and you. That’s all I have to say.


3.) 'Am I Demon' - Danzig (from the self-titled album)


This is one of my favorite Danzig tunes. It’s perfect.


4.) 'Streets of Gold' - Diamond Head (from the album 'Lightning to the Nations')


Gotta make my stand.


5.) 'A Grave For Each One Of Us' - Lucifer (from the self-titled album)


This is one of my favorite guitar riffs out right now. It’s intoxicating and gets stuck in my head.


6.) 'Corpse Without Soul' - Mercyful Fate (from the self-titled album)


This song just shreds. Killer riffs throughout.




7.) 'Silent Scream' - TSOL (from the album 'Dance With Me')


One of my favorite songs lyrically. It’s dark and has all the right stuff.


8.) 'Love On Smack' - Witchfinder General (from the album 'Friends of Hell')


Dark love songs. Who can’t deny its awesomeness?


9.) 'Career of Evil' - Blue Öyster Cult (from the album 'Secret Treaties')


One of the best BÖC songs in my opinion.


10.) 'White Magic / Black Magic' - Saint Vitus (from the self-titled album)


Which am I to choose?


11.) 'Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)' - Cathedral (from the album 'The Carnival Bizarre')


Any song with a Vincent Price theme has my vote!


12.) 'The Snake' - Witchcraft (from the self-titled album)


One of the greatest doom songs I’ve ever heard.


13.) 'Serpent Venom' - Bedemon (from the album 'Child of Darkness: From the Original Master Tapes')


Garage demos rule always...



Get tickets for the Cardiff show here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/349841