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Written by The Qemists   
Sunday, 03 April 2016 03:20



The Qemists have just released their new 'Warrior Sound' album so what better time to catch up with Dan, Leon, Liam, Bruno, and Olly from the Brighton-based band whose music featured in the worldwide trailer for Terminator Genisys and on ITV's coverage of the Rugby World Cup to ask them to compile a mixtape to die for?






1.) 'Eyeless' - Slipknot (from the self-titled album)


The intro to this song set my world alight. It opened a myriad of possibilities, in the fusion between the worlds of dance and rock music, for me.


2.) 'Hidden Agenda' - Pitchshifter (from the album 'Deviant')


Pitchshifter were always trying to push a crossover vibe, similar to what's very central to what we do in the Qemists. This track highlights their blend of rock/dance fusion incredibly, and something I found particularly influential.


3.) 'The Hollow' - A Perfect Circle (from the album 'Mer de Noms')


More of a personal influence than perhaps on the sound of the Qemists. However for me, Maynard James Keenan has one of the most powerful voices, and sharpest minds, out there. A big influence on me to try and write thought-provoking lyrics.




4.) 'Trouble' - Cypress Hill (from the album 'Stoned Raiders')


This wasn't on their most popular album, but hearing how they did rock and drum 'n' bass together was definitely influential!


5.) 'Sorry You're Not A Winner' - Enter Shikari (from the album 'Take To The Skies')


I damn near lost my mind the first time I heard this track! We often play it during change-over before we go onstage.




6.) 'Centre Of The Storm' - Roni Size feat. Zack De La Rocha (from the album 'In the Møde')


Such a cool collab between two of my favourite and most influential artists!


7.) 'Brand New Funk' - Adam F (from the album 'Planet V')


I'm bringing more DnB to the table - this was the first piece of vinyl I actively sort out to find. So way ahead of its time!






8.) 'Killing In The Name' - Rage Against The Machine (from the self-titled album)


This tune changed how I looked at music altogether! It was proof to me as a teenager, that genres were to be combined, the rules were to be broken, the guitar was to be played like a DJ and as a result could produce a unique sound with a strong message that made a generation stand up and say “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!”


9.) 'Turbulence' - Moving Fusion (from the 12" single of the same name)


This tune along with a few others cemented my love for Drum n Bass. It was one of the big tunes of the time and was an inspiration in us starting to look at production, and wanting to make records in the studio.


10.) 'Welcome To The Jungle' - Guns N' Roses (from the album 'Appetite For Destruction')


This album, but this track particularly was key to me wanting to play guitar in a band. It’s all I could think of when my brother played me this album for the first time. It just blew my mind!




11.) 'Forget About Dre' - Dr Dre (from the album '2001')


This track summarised for me what I liked about hip hop. High production value, awesome hooks and clever lyrics delivered with conviction, confidence and a flow that rivalled Niagara Falls!


12.) 'Angel' - Massive Attack (from the album 'Mezzanine')


I have always been a Massive Attack fan and loved the voice of Horace Andy. To hear it set against such a deep, dark, and super intelligently produced track was just epic and the success of this track speaks for itself.