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Written by Damien LaVey and Kill   
Sunday, 26 April 2015 03:00



When Uber Rock’s Gaz E reviewed 'Know God, No Peace' the then-new album from American metallers Three Sixes he was as equally impressed by the band’s biblically epic promo package as he was by the darkest heavy metal music contained therein. Here singer Damien LaVey and guitarist Kill shed some light on what influenced that record and in the process also reveal a potential guilty secret too. So read on for a proper heavy metal Midnite Mixtape Massacre courtesy of the numbers 6, 6 and 6.


Damien LaVey - Vocals


1.) ‘Heaven And Hell’ - Black Sabbath (from the album of the same name)


When Dio took over on vocals, the sound of Black Sabbath changed dramatically. While he gave respect to the previous material, he walked in and OWNED what would be the new sound of Sabbath with incredible conviction. That was bad ass. I think the beauty of this song wasn’t just in the vocals, but the simplicity and power of the song overall as a whole. Awesome.


2.) ‘N.W.O.’ - Ministry (from the album ‘Psalm 69’)


The first thing I thought when I heard it was “what is this?” I didn’t know if I loved or hated it. Time would prove that I loved it. All of the sampling, slower, groovy tempo and darkness to it all was hypnotic. It was fresh when it came out. Still is now.


3.) ‘Chief Rebel Angel’ - Entombed (from the album ‘Morning Star’)


After pioneering the Swedish Death Metal sound and switching to their “Death and Roll” style, this band was one of the hardest for me to choose from because there are so many of their tunes that I dig. The lyrical content in this song (as with many other Entombed songs) is incredible, so is that sick guitar tone as well as LG’s vocals.


4.) ‘Irresponsible Hate Anthem’ - Marilyn Manson (from the album ‘Antichrist Superstar’)


This song was more punk rock than 90% of the “punk” bands at that time, or even today for that matter. Filled with aggression, darkness and truth, the power of this song is incredible. The ferocity of his voice and lines like “I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers” and a two word chorus of “Fuck it” define what attitude is all about.


5.) ‘Eye For An Eye' - Soulfly (from the self titled album)


When Max left Sepultura and formed Soulfly, I was hooked on the first listen. The fierce and primal brutality of this song still to this day, never fails to light up a floor. This song crushes.


6.) ‘Raining Blood’ - Slayer (from the album ‘Reign In Blood’)


I have never seen a single song incite the amount of violence this one has at a live show. Short, dark, memorable riffs. No rhyming words. No chorus. Brutal aggression in its absolute purest form. Brilliant.


Three Sizes


Kill - Guitar


7.) ‘Halo’ - Machine Head (from the album ‘The Blackening’)


This song encompasses everything metal. Great riffs, tempo changes, superb solos. It's scary that this band is actually getting better with age (and once Robb and Phil were reunited). My favourite Machine Head track ever.


8.) ‘5 Minutes Alone’ - Pantera (from the album ‘Far Beyond Driven’)


The best song to hear while lifting heavy things. No, not your girlfriend, loser.


9.) ‘Crossfire' - Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble (from the album ‘In Step’)


If you play guitar you shouldn't need to know why I put him on this list.


10.) ‘Immigrant Song’ - Led Zeppelin (from the album ‘III’)


This song just gets me going in a good way. It’s got a great groove, and just outlandish lyrics that I cannot relate to, but goddammit “it rocks!”


11.) ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ - Pink featuring Nate Ruess (from the album ‘The Truth About Love’)


Pink is very underrated as a songwriter, and although I'm not a big fan of modern pop or most of the slop that's on the radio today, this song is very well written, well produced, and she pulls it off live every time without any issues. She's a great performer. Plus Nate Ruess helped write and record it and his band FUN. A great fucking band.


12.) ‘The Carpathian’ - Acacia Strain (from the album ‘Wormwood’)


One of the heaviest fucking songs I wish I would have written. Fucking assholes. I love them.


13.) ‘Diesel Uterus’ - Mnemic (from the album ‘Sons Of The System’)


Great song, good tempo changes, vocals and brutal ass riffs.