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Written by Marc Eden   
Sunday, 09 March 2014 03:00


The Peckham Cowboys start a nine-date UK tour later this week so what better time to catch up with the band's frontman, Marc Eden, hand him a C90, and ask him to compile his ultimate thirteen song mixtape? The band's new album, '10 Tales from the Gin Palace', is an early contender for Uber Rock's Album of the Year, and this mixtape from the former DNA Doll man, and almost Velvet Revolver singer (Eden sang with 'The Project', the working name of the band as they searched for a frontman), is up there with the year's best too.....


1.) 'The Infant Kiss' - Kate Bush (from the album 'Never For Ever')


This is the first record I ever bought with my own money, from the album 'Never For Ever'. Kate was my first crush, actually. Totally daring, genius, this song’s about a Nanny’s love for her young male charge: this song would be instantly banned nowadays, and yet it’s basis is in literature, from Henry James, I think? ‘The Innocents’. Haunting and beautiful, all that as well as being sung by sweet, sweet Kate.


2.) 'Telegram Sam' - T. Rex (from the album 'The Slider')


That iconic top hatted black and white shot, right? On the album cover for ‘The Slider’. With the red logo? T. Rex is in my DNA. It was everywhere when I was growing up because of my brother. He was a massive fan, still is. This reminds me of Christmas TOTP back in the days when people bought records. It was a real big deal, the top selling records of the year, and all that. Everyone in the family sitting ‘round passing comment, taking the piss, or whatever. I love this it stills sounds so fresh? It’s like the blues put through a camp British filter! It’s just a brilliant pop song.


3.) 'Sara' - Bob Dylan (from the album 'Desire')


You know, with lyrics like: “So easy to look at, so hard to define?” Unreal. There are lyricists and then there is Bob Dylan. No one comes near. Bailey and I used to throw Dylan lyrical quotes at each other during the making of 'Flog It!' You know: “Judge says ‘what time is it’ ‘five to ten’, ‘that’s exactly what you’ll get!’” all that. I think when we started The Cowboys, I wanted to try and get some of that storytelling in the music. That’s why the new record is called ‘10 Tales from the Gin Palace’ as well. Stories from my life in London. This song, ‘Sara’, is so romantic it makes my heart bleed.


4.) 'Rock 'n' Roll Singer' - AC/DC (from the album 'T.N.T.')


This was the first rock band that I ever got into, and it was Bon Scott who I was obsessed with. When you’re thirteen and you hear some geezer singing “and all the other shit that they teach the kids in school!” it’s game over really, right there. I love rock n roll and I love the wit in rock n roll, the sex. Bon Scott was my hero! You know, a sort of a real 70s hairy tough guy. Big hair, big heart, big cock!




5.) 'Gett Off' - Prince (from the album 'Diamonds and Pearls')


The coolest motherfucker on the planet. Some little dolly got me into Prince when I was 13. The girls know about these things! Ha ha! The greatest show on Earth! The best Rock N’ Roll show I have ever seen was delivered by this man. Plays like Hendrix, sings like Sam Cooke, dances like Nureyev. Oh yeah, everyone’s on it now though! There was a time though, where he was seen as a joke, but you know, if he writes, sings, plays and performs like he does man, well, I can forgive him changing his name to Victor, or whatever. He’s like Little Richard with a permanent hard-on. He’s my man.


6.) 'Monkey Man' - The Rolling Stones (from the album 'Let It Bleed')


“I’m a fleabit, peanut monkey! All my friends are junkies!” what can I say? Hahaha! The Guvnor. Lovely spaced out vibe to this song, beautiful guitars from Keef. And you got Jagger’s in your face vocal delivery, sneering, white-boy-blues rap. That obviously had a big impact on the Cowboys. This is from the Rolling Stones' Golden Period. It’s hard to pick one from The Stones around this time though? It could’ve been ‘Memo For Turner’ - any of those songs.


7.) 'God Save The Queen' - Sex Pistols (from the album 'Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols')


The greatest 45 single ever. And that’s for the lyrics, for what it stood for, for the ‘situationist’ art style, and for the fuck off sound of it. They made people very, very scared back then, can you imagine? I watched that thing at Christmas, you know, the ‘Socialist Pistols’ play for the striking fireman’s kids in Huddersfield. It was so right and so, so beautiful, it actually made me cry, fercrissakes! The last great English rock n roll band.


8.) 'Shadow Of Your Love' - Guns N' Roses (from the 'It's So Easy' 12 inch pic disc)


They were amazing when they first come out, they blew away all of that Motley Crue, Cinderella bullshit away immediately, by writing about what America was really like. When I was in LA with Slash, he asked me if there was any old numbers I’d like to do, and I said this one, and he said, “How the fuck d’ya know that song?” I told him it was pretty common knowledge for most Rock N’ Rollers in England, we pretty much got hold of everything that band did at that time. This is like a beautiful blast of reality from across the herring pond.


9.) 'Grace' - Jeff Buckley (from the album of the same name)


We live in a world where Simon Cowell, etc, etc get to make 200 crap albums a year with this suffocating production line, and Jeff makes one then dies. This is Chris Martin’s world, plainly. But this record makes me feel that there is magic and spirit and, probably, God. I can only listen to it at certain times, it’s so personal, but when I do, it’s like the most important record I’ve ever heard. Music to die to.


10.) 'Bring It On Home' - Led Zeppelin (from the album 'Led Zeppelin II')


I love Led Zeppelin, all of it, really. Zeppelin have got this aura nowadays of having maps of the universe on their waistcoats, and a couple of joss sticks up their nose, checking each other's chakras, but everyone forgets just how way out they were? How they became the biggest band in the world on their terms. They were the blues writ large, with Jimmy Page as the ultimate mysterious English rock star, and ‘Bring It On Home’ is him at his dark, dark, sexiest best! It just has that groove, you know? The undeniable, witchy, bump and grin of The Zep – as I’m sure millions of 1970s yankee gals will testify too!


11.) 'The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll' - Mott The Hoople (from the album 'The Hoople')


I did a stint with Ariel Bender, Mott’s guitarist, who is this wonderful, genius nutcase. You know, rolling around in his pants, with his beret on, shouting at me to get to rehearsals on time! Ha ha! He used to look at me when he played this insane solo on this track ‘cause he knew I loved it so. Mott are a great, great English Rock N’ Roll band, and Ian Hunter’s lyrics, are seriously underrated. Hunter’s cockney delivery has of course been an inspiration for the Peckham Cowboys. Well, that and Lionel Bart, ha ha!


12.) 'Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)' - Robert Johnson (from 'The Complete Recordings')


I was obsessed with this song during the making of 'Flog It!' I couldn’t believe the vocal was done so long ago! It’s like one of the first things ever recorded, right? Around about 1:20 in this song is the blueprint for all rock n roll singers, right there. I leaned on it for ‘Poor Boy Blues’, from ‘10 Tales From The Gin Palace’, big time. I first heard this at 4 am at a party in Shepherd’s Bush and then everything else made sense. Come ‘round mine, and make it standing ‘til dawn, and most likely, you’ll be off yer rocker, and listening to this! This WILL (most probably) involve you having a deeply spiritual experience!


13.) 'Guns Of Brixton' - The Clash (from the album 'London Calling')


The last gang in town. When you think about a band, you think about The Clash. On ‘10 Tales From The Gin Palace’, particularly when working with Congo Natty on ‘Don’t Damn the Hypnotist’, this was the song that I kept coming back to. All bass playing should sound like the bass playing on this record. And all bands should mean as much and look as good as The Clash did. Ultimate London rock.