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Written by Sandy Hazard   
Sunday, 11 February 2018 04:20

I was asked by Ben Hughes to compile 13 tracks that mean something to me.... that's quite a tall order. I've played and been influenced by all sorts of music over the years, so I thought I'd really have to think about this. This is pretty damn hard, I'll leave out a ton of songs, but here's an off the top of my head list of tunes I really dig.


I'll start from when I was a very young kid... around eight years old. At that time, I loved Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Beatles and the Stones and I hadn't been really exposed to hard rock at all. Even as a small kid I'd always liked the heaviest songs by those artists; thankfully that feeling and attitude has never left me. When The Cult went from the gothy ‘Love’ album to ‘Electric’, I was ecstatic... so not much changed over the years.


And we're off…


Nazareth – ‘Razamanazz’ 



My brother had a party and his friends left a bunch of albums at our house. Remember the days when people would come to your house with albums to create playlist? ...Of course, you don't. Anyway, the next day I was perusing through all these records that were left behind and Nazareth's Razamanazz stood out with that big lightning bold across the cover. When I dropped the needle, the aural assault was a glorious sound to my ears and I abandoned the ‘50s and ‘60s bands like a fart in a crowded bus. I played this album to death, but ‘Razamanazz’ the song was my favorite with all its bombastic glory


 Kiss - Black Diamond



In that stack of albums below Nazareth was ‘Kiss Alive’. Now, I had never even seen Kiss prior to this, so I felt I had discovered the holy grail just by the cover alone. When I plunked that record on, I was so overjoyed that this was a greater discovery than the Nazareth album. I must have worn this album out back then, but one song that really stood out for me was ‘Black Diamond’. I loved Peter Criss' rough voice and that guitar break in the middle was absolute heaven.


Subhumans – ‘Fuck You’



Vancouver had a great and highly unappreciated punk scene in the late ‘70s/early 80s. I first saw the Subhumans on a local cable access music video show called Soundproof. This was pre-MTV/Much Music. My friend Dave's brother had a handful of local punk albums and one was the Subhumans EP containing the classic "Fuck You" which was later covered by thrash metallers Overkill. My friends and I loved this EP and it got a lot of play back then. It's also got great production values thanks to a young Bob Rock...yes that Bob Rock. Somebody at my junior high had the amazing idea to have The Subhumans play at our junior high school on "Punk Rock Day" – yes, we actually had that! They played our lunch hour and it was absolutely fantastic. The teachers... not so happy.


TKO – ‘Give Into The Night’



I can't recall how or when I first heard this album, but It was in 1984 when it came out. It was either from my buddy Eric in Seattle or from another buddy Joey. Regardless, they played me the album "In Your Face" and I thought “holy shit, who is this and why aren't they massive?” This was bad ass, filthy, dirty rock n'roll. My friends and I absolutely loved TKO and we could not understand why they weren't on big label and all over MTV. ‘Give Into The Night’ is just pure Bad Brad Assery. Sinsel is ferocious on this track and this is one of those albums I can never tire of. Thank god Rock Candy did a proper reissue of all their albums. Their new ‘TKO - Round 2, Lost Demos’ album is highly recommended.


Accept – ‘Fast As A Shark’



I had two rock n' roll mentors In my early teens. There were these two guys named Ron Singer and Gerald Yoshida who were massive metal/rock fans and had their own radio show. They traded tapes with guys all over the world, so me and my buddies got to hear a lot of bands before they were signed by major labels. Malice, Metallica, Rising Force, Metal Church are a few that I can recall. Anyways... one of my buddies had a mixtape of a bunch of stuff he got from Ron and Fast as a shark was on that. I thought “holy shit, this is amazing” and fell in love with it right then and there.


SLOW – ‘Have Not Been The Same’



In the mid ‘80s a band burst on the Vancouver scene that came and went like a category five hurricane. That band was SLOW, who only put out a 45 and an EP and it rocked like fuck. Take one part Stones, throw in some punk ferocity and a deranged Jim Morrison styled vocal and you've got SLOW. They have reformed: I got to see them a few months back and they did not disappoint.


Love/Hate – ‘Black Out In The Red Room’



The song and the album are a flawless masterpiece. Only the UK populace seems to have understood their greatness. I saw them on this tour and to this day one of the best shows I've ever seen. Should have sold millions!


Sex Pistols – ‘Bodies’



I first heard this when I was 12 or 13 and I thought it was the best thing I've ever heard. I loved the fierce blazing guitars with Rotten wailing away with the foulest language I'd ever heard in a song. I was amazed a record company actually put this out... This was definitely headphones wearing material back in the childhood household... or wait until you parents left to blast it full volume.


Cheap Trick – ‘I Want You’



‘One On One’ ranks up there for me as one of the best all time Cheap Trick albums. When I bought this album, I loved how it opened up with this Robin Zander vocal scorcher. It's a perfect blend of balls out rocking, with a shit ton of melody and one of my favorite tunes on the record.


The Ramones – ‘Bonzo Goes To Bitzburg’



Possibly one of the greatest Ramones songs of all time. Me and my buddies would cruise up and down the local main drag blasting ‘Animal Boy’ at face peeling volume. This song reminds me of those carefree times and how much fun we used to have back then.


Kill Cheerleader – ‘So Young’



I think I came across these guys on MySpace in the early 2000s before there was any hype on them. They were destined for greatness and then it all came crashing down. It seems anytime I find a great band they break up shortly afterwards... ha, ha!


Hanoi Rocks – ‘Until I Get You’



You see, I'm a bit of an old fart, so when I was young there was a thing called "risk" albums. These were albums that had cool covers but you hadn't heard anything by them and were only buying it because the cover art or band looked really cool. Hanoi Rocks was one of my "risk" bands that paid off very nicely... let’s not talk about Diamond Rexx or Sigue Sigue Sputnik...that's money I'll never get back. I've always loved this tune, especially the live version from ‘All Those Wasted Years.


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