Midnite Mixtape Massacre – Mia Page (Mohawk Radio) Print
Written by Mia Page   
Sunday, 12 February 2017 04:30

When ‘Shoot From The Hip’, the just-released debut EP from Mohawk Radio, first landed on the stereo system at Uber Rock it did just that – and blew us away in the process. One of the most impressive aspects of the four-track release was the vocals of Bermuda-born Mia Page. So, it seemed logical to find out a bit more about what makes this particular young lady tick by asking her to pick her selection of essential mixtape songs…




1. 'Ironic' - Alanis Morissette

I love this song, I remember hearing it for the first time in the car with my mom driving home after falling off my horse, onto a metal bar... I was only a kid, but I remember thinking... what an amazing song. When I listen to it as an adult, I find the whole album ' Jagged Little Pill' an absolute masterpiece. I will forever worship Alanis Morissette! 



2. 'Hotel California' – Eagles

Raised on the Eagles, this was the first song I started to really 'listen' to. Getting a grasp of the lyrical content, the musician ship, thinking, “One day I want to write a song like this, and one day I will get my mom to marry Don Henley”. I always fantasized about going to the 'Hotel California', minus the part where you can never leave! This song became ever more 'real' when we toured LA last year, and I got an even deeper understanding as to what this song is about. 


3. 'Walk On The Wild Side' - Lou Reed

This song only really hit me properly a few months ago. Of course it’s an iconic song, however I have never listened to what Lou was actually saying. Playing on the radio one morning, I found myself hanging on every lyric ... goosebumps... I find myself listening to it on repeat, it's immaculate and mind bending and way before its time. 


4. 'Hey Joe' - Hendrix

Another song hearing with 'adult' ears that just blows me away. Hendrix, what a legend


5. 'Working 9-5' - Dolly Parton

This song just makes me smile. I love every single thing about Dolly Parton, from her spirit to her business savvy and of course her song writing and exceptional career. I idolise her. 


6. 'Prison Song'- System Of A Down

I love this band so much for so many reasons. The lyrical content, Serge's voice, what they stand for. I have been listening to this song a lot lately, and specifically as I was on the train heading to the Women's March in Manchester. What is going on in the world, always and now is an absolute disgrace, and it is up to us as creatives to talk about and stand against this immorality. 



7. 'Purple Rain' – Prince

I adore every purple part of Prince. I was lucky enough to see him twice in his short life. The first time I went see him, was the first time I went to a show alone... it was pouring with rain in New York that night and everyone had their umbrellas. When this song came on, every single person popped open their umbrellas and swayed them from side to side, singing. 80,000 umbrellas... that moment has stuck with me for my whole life, it was a moment of pure magic that only music can transcend you to. RIP Prince xxx 


8. 'Fat Bottomed Girls' – Queen

I am a Fat Bottomed Girl... so this is my theme! My favourite band of all time is Queen. I relate to Freddie in so many ways... being a loner... being a new kid from a foreign place... being unusual... Freddie and Queen make me and millions of other people feel like they belong... the tribe of Queen. I will always love them forever and ever. When I went to see them (sans Freddie) a few years ago, Queen did a tribute to him, and it was so touching, I bawled my eyes out. How can someone who you never knew make you cry with their loss? Queen and Freddie are incredible special in my life. 



9. 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' - The Smiths

Loving someone so much that to die with them would be the most beautifully tragic moment of perfection... this to me describes how love should and can be. This is one of my ultimate 'love' songs. Northern Men with romantic souls ... Love them 


10. Gold Dust Woman- Fleetwood Mac

I have always loved Stevie, her song writing, the witch, the seducer, the heart breaker, the feminist. I adore her and Fleetwood Mac, the raised me as my mom is a massive fan of them. I wish I could choose them all, but Gold Dust Woman perfectly describes a part of woman that I feel I am ... gold dust... the visual and the weight behind that description is beyond powerful and priceless. 


11. 'Don't Speak' - No Doubt

The first time I saw Gwen, I fell in love. I wanted to be her, I loved everything about her, the blonde kick ass bombshell throwing herself around the stage, a sweaty, sporty, reggage vintage Barbie. I love all their songs, their sentiment and sense of humour, I think she is a brilliant writer, performer, and now mom #lifegoals 



12. Wild Horses - Rolling Stones

Stones or Beatles? I am more of a Stones Girl ... Mick Jagger is my Wild Horse... this is another tainted love song that I adore. Wild Horses... couldn’t drag me away ... what a thing to say and feel... boundless and free... that's how this song makes me feel when I hear it. The dark serenity in it makes me lose myself. 


‘Shoot From The Hip’ by Mohawk Radio is out now.