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Written by Ikil Oriion   
Sunday, 20 January 2013 03:00



When Raw Noir Nouveau Punk Ikil Oriion submitted his thirteen tracks to URHQ a few weeks back we cautiously enquired why he hadn’t written an introduction for his eclectic selection of tunes?


“There’s no fucking need” came the reply. “This music speaks for itself”. “Just call it my Buddhist Punk Radio Mixtape and I’ll be happy.”


So here you have it ladies and gentlemen Ikil Oriion’s very own Buddhist Punk Radio Mixtape.



1.) ‘Autonomy’ - Buzzcocks (from the album ‘Another Music In A Different Kitchen’)


Pound for Pound one of the most clever and melodic punk bands ever…catchy as fuck! But still rude as a cuntt!


2.) ‘Personal Jesus’ – Depeche Mode (from the album ‘Violator’)


One of my favourite go to songs. Depeche Mode was always pushing towards the future, but while staying relevant in the present.


If Jesus Christ can’t dance and groove to this then no one can.


3.) ‘Roxanne’ - The Police (from the album ‘Outlandos D’amour’)


Classic! Dub rock at it’s finest. This song made everybody in the African American neighbourhoods think that Sting was a black guy. Ha Ha! A fantastic blend of rock, soul and something that has yet to be described.


4.) ‘I Will Follow’ - U2 (from the album ‘Boy’)


This is as new wave as it gets. I can only imagine what this felt like the first time they rocked this shit. Big stadium rock energy, sleek and tight. One of the cornerstone groups to push early punk into the stratosphere outer limits of conventional rock.


Buddhist Punk Radio Cover5.) ‘Communication Breakdown’ - Led Zeppelin (from the album ‘Led Zeppelin’)


Raw, robust, bold and experimental… a head trip for the ages. What more can I say? It’s Led Zeppelin!


6.) ‘Police & Thieves’ - The Clash (from the album ‘The Clash’)


A classic band that covers a classic roots reggae hit. You can’t go wrong with this winning combo. I love how The Clash embodies this song without losing themselves. An interesting and brave move for these young punks who at that time where saying in not so many words “go fuck yourself.”


7.) ‘Heroes’ - David Bowie (from the album ‘Heroes’)


By far one of the most provocative artists of all time. This song reeks of being ultra cool without trying to be. It’s original,,daring and funky. My favourite solo artist of all time.


PS. David if you are reading this my door is open for a collaboration at any time. Ha Ha!


8.) ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’- The Stooges (from the album ‘The Stooges’)


The godfather of punk takes no prisoners with his eat shit & die attitude, he rocks even harder today! My band and I love to cover this song. It's a riot starter and troublemaker’s anthem.


9.) ‘Money’ - Pink Floyd (from the album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’)


The way electric blues was intended to sound. I love the not in a hurry mood this song captures unlike the subject matter where everyone wants money fast and need it yesterday!

Makes me feel proud that I am from the Mississippi Delta region where it all comes from jazz, blues, gospel and funk.


The perfect song to spark conversation or spark controversy. Either one pick your weapon of choice.


10.) ‘How Soon Is Now?’ - The Smiths (originally the b side to ‘William It Was Really Nothing’)


I have to admit that I arrived at the party late when discovering The Smiths quite after the fact. Maybe one reason why is because one of my ex girlfriends played them to death. She was so into Morrissey (but she was also bi-sexual) so go figure?  Now I understand though, rich melodies, intense story telling. You can’t duplicate or fabricate this even if you try.


11.) ‘(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea’ - Elvis Costello (from the album ‘This Year’s Model’)


The drums and bass on this song are a match made in heaven. It reminds me of Sly & Robbie at their height. I was listening to Elvis Costello a lot when recording ‘Paranoise Void’ he’s been a songwriting inspiration from day one. The B3 organ sound like something lifted from The Doors.  True magic for your ears.


12.) ‘Before Three’ - The Cure (from the album ‘The Cure’)


If you look up the word eccentric in the Webster dictionary you will see a vivid picture of Robert Smith. Emotional, misunderstood and under appreciated. Caution—pure genius at work!


13.) ‘The Him’ - New Order (from the album ‘Movement’)


Dark and extremely moody. It actually sounds very ceremonial at times. I absolutely love the texture, depth and musical arrangements from anything by Joy Devision/New Order, but this one is so sporadic and innovative it makes you want to learn digital drum programming and computer software mixing. Imagine if Brian Eno & Kraftwerk recorded together…..and oh the extended fade out at the end is like Star Wars & Battlestar Galactica going at it. Hands down this defines post punk industrial gothic rock. 


Trent Reznor eat your heart out!




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