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Written by Scott Shellhamer   
Sunday, 06 January 2013 03:00



The tail end of 2012 saw 'Sedentary', the third album from Chicago bruisers American Heritage, get a limited vinyl release. The band promise to follow up the acclaimed album - which features appearances from Mastodon's Bill Kelliher, Black Cobra's Rafa Martinez, and Sanford Parker of Buried At Sea/Minsk - with a new EP in 2013. In the meantime Uber Rock caught up with the band's guitarist Scott Shellhamer and managed to wrestle his ultimate thirteen song mixtape from his grasp.....


1.) 'Crush Them All' - Harvey Milk (from the album 'Special Wishes')
If you don't like Harvey Milk... you're doing it wrong.
2.) 'Praise the Lord' - Rotten Sound (from the album 'Cycles')
I know there's a lot of dudes that think that their earlier catalog is superior. I love the early stuff too, but really... 'Cycles' is the pinnacle for me (so far). It's so direct, heavy and oddly catchy at the same time. Album has hooks.
3.) 'Heading for Decapitation' - Death Breath (from the album 'Stink Up the Night'
I fucking LOVE Death Breath. They are everything I love about death metal. I was going to pick something off of 'Left Hand Path' to throw on here, but really... I'd rather have the new Death Breath than the new Entombed at this point. Where the fuck is it? I remember them posting studio updates about it a few years ago.
4.) 'Ain't Fit To Live Here' - Graveyard (from the album 'Hisingen Blues')
Both of the Graveyard records are awesome. 'Lights Out' has been in nonstop rotation lately. It's got that old school sound without sounding forced at all. I appreciate that greatly.
5.) 'Thirsty And Miserable' - Black Flag (from the album 'Damaged')americanheritage
Heritage is fueled by our punk rock youth. Black Flag was a big part of that for all of us. This just happens to be my favorite Black Flag song.
6.) 'The Hills Have Eyes' - Dismember (from the self-titled album)
I FUCKING LOVE Dismember. Like really... a lot. 'Like An Everflowing Stream' is my favorite death metal album of all time. I think people forget that Dismember was awesome throughout all of their career unlike many other of their peers. I chose this song because it proves how relevant their were until the very end of their existence. RIP Dismember.
7.) 'A Violation Of Something Sacred' - Sacrilege (from the album 'Behind The Realms Of Madness')
This record is fucking badass. If you have never heard it, do yourself a favor and do so immediately. Killer D-Beat with awesome female vocals. Do yourself another favor... ignore the rest of their catalog.
8.) 'Convulsion' - Skinny Puppy (from the album 'Too Dark Park')
You either get it or you don't.
9.) 'Mercenary' - Enabler (from the album 'Eden Sank to Grief')
I suppose I'm a bit biased as I played guitar for them on tour once... But I still think this record was heavy and badass.
10.) 'He's a Woman - She's a Man' - Scorpions (from the album 'Taken By Force')
Early Scorps is pretty much the best shit ever. That's a fucking riff and a half. How's this for some progressive sexual lyrics for 1977?
I saw it walking lonely down the street
Cool like a cat and like a crazy dream
I'm looking twice again and can't believe
It turned around and then it looked at me
I thought "oh, no" it really couldn't be
It was a man and was a woman too
He's a woman
She's a man
I think it really came from far away
I'm feeling hypnotised, I have to stay
It takes my hand and says come on let's go
We're going home there's nothing more to say
He starts to move she starts to play
I need a body, why not you?
He's a woman
She's a man
11.) 'Movement 1' - Buried At Sea (from the album 'Migration')
I've championed Buried At Sea since the day I first saw them. This is probably the heaviest album that will ever be made. I did the artwork for their album 'Ghost', and Sanford has recorded our past two albums... So again, I may be biased. But I've always loved this band.
12.) 'Apokalypsens Svarta Änglar' - Skitsystem (from the album 'Stigmata')
Nuff said.
13.) 'Close to the Edge: The Solid Time of Change / Total Mass Retain / I Get Up I Get Down / Seasons of Man' - Yes (from the album 'Close to the Edge')
Yes made two of my favorite records ever. This song is the title track of one of them.  



[Photo kudos to Chris Eichenseer]