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Written by Mark Ashby   
Sunday, 28 January 2018 04:20

The VirginmarysÜber Rock receives hundreds of press releases every week, many of which state what other acts the band in question is supposedly influenced by, or whose fans they will appeal to.


But, what were the songs that actually turned the artists in question into rock ‘n’ roll fans and shaped them into the people today – and, more importantly, still remain favoured earworms until this day?


Well, what better way to find out that hack into their mixtapes? And that’s exactly what Ally Dickaty of The Virginmarys allows us to do right now:


Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – ‘Oh Well’


What can you say about this track? It’s so sleek and classy and yet hits so hard. I’m not sure anyone could listen and not think…. that’s an incredible riff. The craftsmanship, structure and musicianship of the song is as good as you’ll hear anywhere, and still got that raw charm with it being before the time of perfecting everything. Peter Green in the ‘60s was untouchable in his guitar playing.



Pink Floyd – ‘Time’


Taken from one of the best and most successful albums ever recorded. I think this was a moment in time, Pink Floyd had been working hard on perfecting their sound since the departure of Syd Barrett and you could hear it getting closer and closer with each previous album. ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ is just perfect. I would spend hours and hours listening to this record when I was 16 and experimenting with a few things. It is a very special album and this track is a typical taste of it. Amazing solo by one of my favourite guitar players ever, Dave Gilmour.



Oasis – ‘Supersonic’


That’s right, I was massively into Oasis when ‘Definitely Maybe’ came out. ‘Supersonic- is without doubt one of the best Oasis songs, and I’m sorry to say in my opinion they never bettered ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘What’s The Story’. This song is what Oasis are on their best day, full of swagger, accessible and great melodies with a cool wordplay. A simple great rock song with a dirtiness and urgency to it.



AC/DC - ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’


Any young gun serious about having a career in a band should listen to the lyrics of this track. Even though the industry continues to change and quite dramatically in some cases, a lot of the content in this song continues to ring true. Apart from that, it’s a great song by an incredible band. Malcolm and Angus Young are among the most underrated guitar players in my opinion. Both are so solid at what they do. I think you have to have been doing this for a long time to fully appreciate the beauty of solid playing but it’s the most important element to any professional musician/band. Nothing overplayed until you have the essentials nailed down.



Supergrass - 'Richard III'


A great song by a very underrated band. I feel like these guys could turn their hand at any style they want, and it would still be of top quality. Gaz Coombes is a really great songwriter. I loved this song when it came out, I only knew them previously for the song ‘Alright’ - which still to this day I can’t stand, ha ha. I was watching TFI Friday and they played this live. Done deal, album (‘In It For The Money’) bought. It was one of the first songs I tried to sing when I was about 13.



The Wildhearts – ‘Miles Away Girl’


Ginger was a big influence on my writing, and also a catalyst on why the songs have so much crossover sound I reckon. I think it comes from loving melodies but then needing the intensity and power. ‘Miles Away Girl’ is from the debut album, ‘Earth Vs The Wildhearts’, and one of my favourite songs they’ve done. It’s typical of their work: taking you on a journey, always full of surprises but still with those hooks and melodies you’re instantly seduced by.



The Beatles – ‘Dr Robert’


I could have chosen from hundreds of Beatles songs, but why not ‘Dr Robert’? Typical Lennon genius and a band working perfectly together, again like AC/DC, never doing anything unnecessary. This song is from ‘Revolver’, one of the best Beatles albums without a doubt; probably my favourite if I had to choose one, it’s just so good. I never understand it when people don’t like the Beatles, I can only think that they’ve only heard the early singles and number ones. The Beatles catalogue is a complete treasure chest.



The Allman Brothers – ‘Gamblers’ Roll


Best solo ever? It certainly ticks my boxes on what a solo should be. I’ve had to curb the guitar solos because I get so bored of them, they can just sound like they’re going through the motions and not adding anything to the song, just nonsense, so I’ll only put them in where I think is necessary and keep them simple. The best solos are when they completely communicate with you, they’re full of dynamics and feel. On top of this, Gregg Allman, had one of my favourite voices ever. This is the best Allman Brothers songs post ‘70s in my opinion.



Lynyrd Skynyrd – ‘Cry For The Bad Man’


Classic rock at its best. I listened to so much Lynyrd Skynyrd when I was a kid. Why? Because my dad loves them so much, they were always on and still are if my dad is about. Love this track, again long before you had everything having to be perfect in ‘rock production’ it was all about the best take and best vibe. That should always be at the forefront, even now with the software… sadly, it seems to get lost in too many recordings.



Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Shadow’s Keeper’


Love the production on this track: probably my favourite BRMC song of them all. Its got a great feel about it, all about the vibe. Love the sounds, the drive on the bass, the effects on the guitar and vox. Full package of a song and cool as it comes.





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