The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Glasgow, G2 – 14 December 17 Print
Written by Hannah Reid   
Thursday, 28 December 2017 04:20

Celebrating the bands ten-year anniversary of their album ‘Don’t You Fake It’, it was promised for the whole thing to be played live to release everyone’s inner teenager for them to sing and dance along. It was set to be a good night from the get go.


AlteredSky 8


Opening up for the show tonight was a local Glasgow band, AlteredSky. Playing a couple of new songs to get their fans in the crowd excited for what they were still to bring in the upcoming year. They play all their songs with such passion and love for what they do, always playing with smiles. This is a band that never disappoints and always makes the stage they perform on their own, using every bit of it to their advantage. The five-piece band always work together brilliantly to interact with their fans and make sure everyone is having fun.


Veridian 1


Next to the stage were Veridian, a six-piece rock band from Reading, who have only been together for just under two years – but from the way they performed and held the audience, you would have thought it had been longer. They used the stage to their advantage as they went round it, captivating the crowd not only with their music but the way the lights they brought on stage worked with what was being played to create a personalised lighting experience, adding to what was going on with them on stage. Definitely a unique band and one that you will be able to see coming up a whole lot more in the next coming months and really taking the scene by storm.


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus took to the stage soon after and cheers came up from the room, as everyone moved closer in order to be as close and make the show seem even more intimate as everyone came together to listen to an album – which many grew up with. You could feel the whole room getting closer to the music just because of what was being played, everyone was here for one thing and had waited this long for it, so to finally hear what they had been wanting was definitely an exciting time for everyone.




It was definitely a brilliant show and something that when you see it you’re more than happy that you went to it because of the nostalgia that comes from it. The band all played well together, and you could feel the connection that they all had to one another, all being able to be in sync with the other as they worked through the songs. ‘Face Down’, the fourth song on the album that was played, got one of the biggest reactions from the crowd, everyone joining in and singing as loud as they could along to it. It was brilliant to be a part of it.


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