Bow to THE GREAT KAT's seminal album, 'Beethoven On Speed' - 25 years old today! Print E-mail
Friday, 18 September 2015 01:00

On September 18, 1990, Roadrunner Records released an album that was to change the world of heavy metal guitar forever!




'Beethoven On Speed' by THE GREAT KAT shook up the speed metal genre with its never-before-heard mixture of authentic classical music and shredding guitar!


This revolutionary album, produced by The Great Kat, Monte Conner and Jon Mathias, is now featured in America's Beethoven Exhibit at the American Beethoven Society.




In 1990 the New York Times featured a story on The Great Kat's 'Beethoven On Speed', with John Rockwell declaring "the wave of the future might well be heavy-metal Beethoven by way of Juilliard."


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of this now-iconic album by Uber Rock's favourite guitarist by doing everything today at 25 times the speed you would normally do it!


Bow to The Great Kat!



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