Former DEVO drummer Alan Myers loses cancer battle Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:49

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Former DEVO drummer Alan Myers has lost his battle with cancer.


Myers was the third and most prominent drummer of the band Devo. Myers joined in 1976 to replace Jim Mothersbaugh and left between 1986 and 1987 after the album 'Shout'. According to the book "We Are Devo," Myers cited a lack of creative fulfillment as his reason for leaving the group, something he had felt since Devo's move to Los Angeles in the late '70s. He was replaced by David Kendrick of Sparks. Among all of Devo's drummers, he is the one most associated with the band and probably the most popular among Devo fans.


After he left Devo he recorded a demo with Babooshka, a band that was his girlfriend Greta Ionita's brainchild, using live drums as well as electronic percussion similar to his last two albums with Devo. As of 2005, Myers remained active in the Los Angeles music scene. He had also played drums with the Asian-themed pop band, Jean Paul Yamamoto. Since its founding in 2005, Myers's band, Skyline Electric, played monthly shows in art galleries and clubs in Los Angeles. The line up at the time of Myers death included his wife, Christine (Sugiyama) Myers, and an assortment of other experimental musicians.


In 2010, Myers began playing in the live ensemble of Swahili Blonde with his daughter, Laena Geronimo (Myers-Ionita).


Uber Rock offers its condolences to all family, friends and fans of Alan - R.I.P.