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Monday, 11 June 2012 04:00



It's about attitude; this band has a complete understanding of that fundamental truth and, in so doing, has created a minor masterpiece." - Harry Paterson, Powerplay


JD & the FDCs have unveiled the cover art and track listing for their eagerly anticipated debut album 'Recognise'. The album features a cavalcade of stars from the international underground rock 'n' roll scene and also....wrestling?!


JD has clearly called in a few favours from his friends for this record. And with friends like Dez Cadena (Black Flag), Amy "Lita" Dumas (Former WWE Womens Champion), JDTheFDCs_Recognise_Johnny Bonnel (Swingin' Utters), Acey Slade (Murderdolls), Richard Bacchus (D Generation), Jesse Luscious (Blatz/The Criminals), Andee Blacksugar (The Dark Party), Carol Hodge (Steve Ignorant/Crass), Lee Love (The Hip Priests) and Rob Lane (Let Loose/TCC) who even cares about enemies? Oh, and Howie Weinberg too. Yeah; THE Howie Weinberg. (Nirvana/Public Enemy/Beastie Boys/U2/Rancid....)


Track listing:
1. Recognise
2. Ujpest Dozsa
3. Mirrors & Wires (featuring Rob Lane)
4. Burn This City Down
5. From The Shadows (featuring Dez Cadena and Amy Dumas)
6. The Secret (featuring Acey Slade and Andee Blacksugar)
7. No Way Out (featuring Richard Bacchus)
8. This Town Of Infamy (featuring Johnny Bonnel)
9. Never Gonna Stop
10. Anti-Destination League (featuring Jesse Luscious)
11. Come Dig Me Out (featuring Carol Hodge) *CD exclusive


The album is now available to pre-order on CD from the band's website for £10 with free worldwide shipping:




Also available for pre-order is a very special limited edition "Badger-Box" featuring the CD album, a "Recognise" armband, an eleven track "Live in Porth" album and other exclusive items that will not be available again anywhere else:




The album will be officially released on 2/7/12 on CD and Digital Download and the band are set to play two "local" record release shows:


Wednesday 27th June @ MFN in Shipley Gate, Nottinghamshire
Friday 29th June @ The New Inn in Ilkeston, Derbyshire