Could the next must-see rock doc be about RICK SPRINGFIELD?! Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 March 2012 12:14

With a new studio album due later this year, fans of Rick Springfield should be counting down the days until its release. But wait, is that a cool-looking documentary about Rick also awaiting release, and already being accepted into film festivals worldwide?


Is that also a hint of irony we've spotted when viewing the trailer? Could 'An Affair Of The Heart' really be the next must-see rock doc?


Read on for the official word and watch the, seriously, entertaining trailer below!


An Affair Of The Heart hits the film festival circuit in April 2012! Screening at the Florida Film Festival (4/14 and 4/19), Nashville Film Festival (4/21 and 4/23), and making its international premiere at Hot Docs in April 2012 (4/29, 4/30 and 5/3).


If all you know about Rick Springfield was that he longed for Jessie's Girl, you are in for a BIG surprise! An Affair Of The Heart is a new feature-length documentary starring rock icon Rick Springfield and his ardently loyal fans. Directed/produced by Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Sylvia Caminer and executive produced/marketed by Melanie Lentz-Janney, this film puts a spotlight on a cultural phenomenon every bit as fanatical as the Deadheads or "Bieber Fever".


Bursting onto the global music scene in 1981 with "Jessie's Girl," Rick Springfield's matinee idol good looks and starring role on General Hospital have often overshadowed his status as a serious musician ... but not to the millions of international fans who make pilgrimages to his concerts just to spend time with other 'Rick-a-holics' and be transported back to the glory days of the 1980's. We take an intimate and often comical look into this fascinating sub-culture and the lives of a few of these diehard fans, exploring how the relationship with their idol and his music has personally inspired and affected their lives and ALL those around them.


This film is unlike other music documentaries and much more than an intense look at Rick Springfield. It's a human-interest story that takes its audience on an emotional roller coaster as it touches on a variety of topics including following our dreams, connecting with like-minded people, and the incredible healing power of music.


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