HOT DAMN mini album, 'Sleep Alone', set for March release Print E-mail
Friday, 22 February 2013 13:41

hotdamnuseSouth Wales pop punk crew Hot Damn are pleased to announce they will be releasing their new mini album, 'Sleep Alone', digitally through Victory Records US on We Are Triumphant records on 26th March 2013. The eight tracks see the band firmly cementing their sound and taking their first real steps into the limelight, proving they can stand toe to toe with the best that the UK currently has to offer.


Since late 2009 the band have spent little time establishing themselves on the national scene. Their first few months were spent locked away moulding their sound into something that best reflected the message and ethos that they felt their music portrayed.  After experimenting with everything from easy-core to post-rock, they’ve finally found themselves nestled into a niche that made punk-rock-household names of Transit, Basement and Man Overboard whilst still retaining a gutsy street-folk streak dear to artists like Dave Hause and Vinnie Caruana.


“I see this new record as being a huge step in the right direction for the band” says frontman Chris Evans “When we recorded ‘This Weather...’ we sort of rushed into recording it and putting it out. I'm very happy with how it turned out but I feel it didn't really get the exposure we would have hoped for, whereas with Sleep Alone we gave ourselves heaps of time whilst writing and waiting to release it to make sure we had everything in place. I think that has reflected on the music for this record a lot.”


Just a few years and 3 EPs into their career Hot Damn have already found themselves thrust onto tours with Swedish punks Tag Your Target, Alabama heavyweights Carridale and shared stages with industry giants like With The Punches, Basement and The Wonder Years. With the buzz of anticipation for ‘Sleep Alone’ slowly growing on the underground scene, it might not be too long before Hot Damn find themselves flying the flag for their native Wales on a national and international level.


Upcoming UK Tour Dates (more May Dates TBC):


16th March – Le Pub – Newport (EP release show)
22nd May – Soundcircus – Bournemouth w/ Man Overboard + Transit
23rd May – The Shipping Forecast – Liverpool w/ Man Overboard + Transit