RIVAL SCHOOLS to release 'lost album' in April Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 February 2013 17:17

rivalschoolsfoundIn 2001 Rival Schools released there debut album, 'United By Fate', which was met by praises from critics and fans.


The group spent the next two years touring the world a few times over. Feeling some fatigue from the road, guitarist Ian Love decided to part ways and pursue solo endeavors. The group then recruited long time friend and musician Chris Traynor, (Orange 9mm/Helmet) and they spent a year writing and recording material in a few different studios around NYC.


This body of work has since been leaked on the Internet in bits and pieces, with various made up song titles. These recordings have taken on a certain mystique among diehard fans and will finally see an official release.


Titled 'Found', the eleven songs (including a Buzzcocks cover) have been re-mastered and will be available digitally as well as in limited color runs of 180 gram vinyl on April 9, 2013. The cover is a photo from one of the studios in Brooklyn that the band was working out of.


In 2011, Rival Schools released 'Pedals', they spent the next few years touring the world, and have been working on new material for an upcoming release.


A vinyl pre-order went live earlier today at SRC - find it here:



'Found' tracklisting:


Dreamlife Avenger
Reaching Out
Indisposable Heroes
Paranoid Detectives
On The Fray
The Soft Skin
Tell It All To Me
Missing Glider
Big Waves
Sofia Loren
Why Can't I Touch It


Rolling Stone are streaming the lead single titled 'Indisposable Heroes' here: