MONGREL's 'Reclamation' album to get UK release later this month Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 February 2013 16:56

mongrelreclam'Reclamation', the recent full length album from aggressive, female fronted punk / metal crossover band MONGREL will see its UK release on February 25 through THC-Music/Vanity Music Group with distribution through Code7 / Plastichead.


While already available through digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon, 'Reclamation' will now be available in brick and mortar outlets throughout Great Britain. 'Reclamation' was recorded and mixed by Jim Foster (POD, Nullset, Sully Erna) who also did the band's video for lead off track 'Bored to Death' ( 'Reclamation' was first released in the US on 25 September 2012 by THC-Music (home of American Head Charge, Oedipus, Attika7, etc).


"For years we've had bands we've toured with, like Trashlight Vision or Blitzkid, telling us we need to get our music out in the UK, so now to finally have the opportunity to do just that is awesome to us," stated guitarist Adam Savage. "This album and the prior two EPs have gotten some great reviews and feedback from a bunch of different websites and zines in the UK over the last few years and we've got some really cool partnerships in the works around the album there so we're all really excited about getting 'Reclamation' out over there."


Mongrel also just announced a new sponsorship deal with Artist Series Guitars to add to the list of sponsors/endorsements Mongrel has earned over the years including Marshall Amps, Peavey, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley, Agile Guitars, Monster Cable, In-Tune Guitar Pics, Cocaine Energy Drinks and Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey. ASG recently made Savage's custom TV Fight guitar based on artwork done by Joey James Hernandez (Otep, Type O Negative, etc). You can check out and order your own Mongrel "TV Fight" guitar at