PEEPSHOW change their name to STATES OF PANIC Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 February 2013 22:38



PEEPSHOW have changed their band name. The're now called STATES OF PANIC!


You can now go and show their new page some love - - and don't forget to 'LIKE' it.


Come Follow this new chapter of the band's history! Wondering why they changed name? Here is what Johnny Gunn had to say:


"As things begin to get more serious for the band and with a record deal on the horizon, we have been faced with an extremely difficult decision. Over the years we have encountered many problems with the band name PEEPSHOW, (some legal) which has brought us to the decision to change name!


I know... no one likes change! but hear us out.


As most of you know. The name Peepshow also belongs to the award winning TV show. A great number of peepshow online domains contain adult material. (Which is great! but not when potential new fans are trying to find the band online!) There is a cult comic book named Peepshow and there are a few other bands out there with the same name... This has always been and continues to be a major headache for us!


Because of this and many other difficulties we've encountered, we feel that it's time to re-name to something original and unique. Those of you have stuck with us throughout the years will have seen the band evolve and mature into a much different and more powerful band. We believe that the new band name will reflect this.


Again, We're really excited about the change and we hope you are too! We're honoured to have your support and it's great to have you with us in this new chapter of the band's history!


We'll be announcing some other exciting news soon, so keep yer eyes peeled!