THE HIP PRIESTS confirm that 'Jesus Died So We Could Ride' Print E-mail
Friday, 08 February 2013 18:58

hip1Those reprobates of filth are back for more with another split 7" but this time this shit is serious.  


With possibly their best single to date THE HIP PRIESTS just seem to get better and better. 'Jesus Died So We Could Ride' is the soundtrack to the end of the world and sure as hell made me want to oil up the Grifter and head off into the sunset. From the glorious thundering bass-driven intro to the total annihilation of an outro via yet another top chorus for you to sing along to, The Hip Priests are absolutely killing it.


If you thought that 'Mother Fucker Superior' was as good as it gets then hold onto your strides, this track takes The Hip Priests up a notch or two and justifies exactly why 7" singles should exist. On the flip side comes Dead Cuts featuring members of The Wonder Stuff and Senseless Things with their contribution 'Kill Desire'.


Available to order from 9th of February this comes in a super rare limited edition 7" bag that includes Hip Priests rosary beads and pin 'n' shit! (What more could you ask for?). Use the beads to pray for salvation would be my advice.


To grab your copy click on the link to the Hip Priest Store or the speedowax link to bag yourself this slab of hot wax.


Don't hang about with your thumb up your backside pondering shall I, shan't I because these will fly out. You have been warned!


Whilst your waiting for the postman to deliver this fine slab of wax check out the video The Hip Priests made for 'Jesus Died So We Could Ride' below: