OFF WITH THEIR HEADS release new video for 'Nightlife' Print E-mail
Friday, 08 February 2013 18:45

OWTH Press Photo 1Rising punk rock band Off With Their Heads have released a video for 'Nightlife', the first single from their new album 'Home' – out on March 11th.


You can watch the video about worry-filled, sleepless nights that keep you awake below.
Produced by Bill Stevenson of Decendents fame at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, 'Home' retains all the boisterous spirit of the band's earlier efforts while sonically taking a monumental step forward. The new album embraces authentic punk rock at its core and combines melodic fast paced aggression with mid-tempo pop, while singer Ryan Young’s rough and edgy vocals and genuine lyrics create a sincerity that can only come from a hard working band that lives and breathes it every day.
“Home is about the struggles of constantly being on the move, trying to maintain relationships while being away, and not feeling like there is really anywhere to go home to anymore,” says Young. “It’s about the reasons why people leave their hometowns and never go back.”
Off With Their Heads have begun to carve out their own foundation in punk rock history with their very own take on rowdy, self-deprecating, beer-drinking, working class punk rock. Fans can pre-order 'Home', which promises to be one of the year’s most engaging punk rock records, by heading over to:
'Home' tracklisting:


1. Start Walking
2. Shirts
3. Nightlife
4. Focus On Your Own Family
5. Altar Boy
6. Don't Make Me Go
7. Come Find Me
8. Janie
9. Seek Advice Elsewhere
10. Always Alone
11. Stolen Away
12. Take Me Out