BRING ME THE HORIZON frontman launches Kickstarter campaign for graphic novel Print E-mail
Monday, 04 February 2013 10:51

olinovel300Oli Sykes, frontman of Bring Me The Horizon, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a graphic novel entitled 'Raised By Raptors'.


This will be the first in a series, written by Sykes and illustrated by Ben Ashton-Bell, an artist who designs for Drop Dead, the clothing company owned by the BMTH vocalist.


Check out the Kickstarter page here and read the official description below:


"'Raised by Raptors' is an epic, fantasy-adventure, graphic novel written by Oliver Sykes and Illustrated by Ben Ashton-Bell. The story is set in fictional Mexico, where humans and dinosaurs co-exist during the Golden Age of the Mayan Civilization. The series focuses on the journey of a young Mesoamerican who is forced to flee her city after accusations of treason. Narrowly escaping a religious sacrifice and therefore becoming a fugitive, she finds herself inadvertently saving a pack of Velociraptors, who in return take her under their wing and raise her as their own.


'Raised by Raptors' is the first issue in an ongoing series. It will be printed in Full Colour, 260mm x 170mm and between 36-44 pages. (depending on opening and closing pages). We are aiming for high level of print quality throughout this project and we plan on using sustainable printing methods wherever possible.


The kickstarter version will be a First Edition print run of the comic. If the demand is high we will do a Second Edition print run, but it will be separate to this kickstarter version. Once we are about 4-6 issues in, we plan on releasing 'Raised by Raptors' as a hardcover graphic novel!


Currently, the first issue is 85% complete. It will be completed by the time this 45 day campaign is up. From here we will be placing orders for the comic and posters. Hopefully, the printing process won't take too long and you'll have your pledge in your hands by around April. We will be updating the status of the comic every step of the way, so you will be along for the ride!


We really need everyone's help to make it all happen... So let as many people as possible know about it, so we can make it a reality for you all!


Take a look [on the campaign page] and you will see heaps of pledge options for you to choose from! Anything that you can pledge will help us get this off the ground. We really can't do this without you guys! And thanks so much in advance!"