BAD RELIGION's Brian Baker finally clears up GUNS N' ROSES rumour Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 January 2013 12:09

brianbakerheader recently interviewed Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker and quizzed him on a long-standing rumour concerning a supposed audition for Axl Rose's current Guns N' Roses abomination.


When asked if he was ever offered a GN'R audition Brian Baker replied:


"No, that's one of the biggest internet myths in the world. My friend Tommy Stinson who I played with for a little while in a band called Bash & Pop had just joined Guns N' Roses and I think they were going through a number of different guitar players and he casually mentioned, or asked rather, in conversation if I would ever consider trying out for Guns N' Roses.


I've been trying to get that shit off the internet forever. I've been emailing the Wikipedia people repeatedly. Do you know how difficult it is to edit yourself on that site? It's awful let me tell you.


So anyways no, I did not miss the chance to welcome myself to a jungle."


Read the entire interview here:


Baker, of course, was one of the founder members of hardcore legends Minor Threat. He did, however, share record labels with Guns N' Roses back in the late '80s when he joined LA rockers Junkyard prior to the recording of their Geffen Records-released, self-titled album which was came out in 1989.