WORLD WAR IX to release new EP and collectible comic book Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 January 2013 17:45

offthewagonfrontwebWORLD WAR IX are set to release a new five song EP, 'Off The Wagon', and a collectible comic book.


"WWIX doesn't radically invent punk, but they do fill the needed gap for nasty, sloppy, reckless abandonment that seems to have declined with the rise of the Internet" - John Gentile, PUNK NEWS


Yes, it's a double shot from your mentally ill cousin's favorite punk rock and roll band, World War IX. These NYC slingers of sleaze have got your eyes and ears covered with a sick-tastic, brand new, bomb-blastic dual release comic book and 5 song EP. You can read about the band's brush with destruction and subsequent triumphant resurrection in guitarist Justin Melkmann's latest comic, Earaches & Eyesores #4. Then, prepare yourself for band's latest sonic slab of arrogant audio audacity, 'Off The Wagon'.


"Brooklyn-based trash punks World War IX play sing/shout-a-long riddled, snarky-themed songs that are rarely longer than a minute and thirty seconds" - STEREOKILLER


"...Sardonic, hardcore punk in the spirit of Damaged-era Black Flag" - BROOKLYN ROCKS