KARHU to release 'Survival Of The Richest 2.0' in May - new band forum launched Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 January 2013 19:56

Euro band KARHU continue to forge their way onto the world metal stage with a massive workload for 2013. Scheduled for launch on 3rd May 2013, to coincide with their second UK tour, is the album update ‘Survival of the Richest 2.0’.


The band documented their entire first tour on both HD video and digital SLR cameras, with the able assistance of ‘Ace’ photographer Chris Fowler and the directive genius of Jackson Brice. The rockumentary and other snippets will be added to the accompanying bonus DVD.


This is a major revamp and dare I say improvement to the previously released and well received SOTR in July 2012. The album has been ported over to a better mix format. Drum and vocal tracks have been tidied and an additional two tracks have been included.


The reason for this ‘remake’? Joseph Parry said, “We learnt so much while performing the tracks on tour. The character of the tracks developed in ways that you don’t always expect.


We were already working on a completely new album and realized that we had additional tracks that better fitted into the style of SOTR and we wanted to use them.


The tour documentary had been planned from the word go and as all the songs were from SOTR it made sense to release them together.”


In addition to the two albums and documentary, the band has developed a new forum for better communication with its fans and other interested parties. Osku Kinnunen, the band's growling Finnish vocalist and lead guitar player, said, “We have been maintaining multiple sites for communicating the band's activity. Google groups for band interaction, Facebook for fan interaction, website for a formal web presence.


Thanks to our sponsor Mudmilk.com, who provide webhosting services, we have been able to pull all these into one environment, www.thekarhugroove.com/forum, this allows us to have different environments for the band, fans, agents and promoters who can then all interact with each other in one space.” Drummer Oliver Davis-Gower said, “we had a blast building and testing the forum. Reporting each other to the moderator and removing your buddies account was great!”


“The forum is a key element in the future communication strategy for Karhu,” said band manager ‘The Glove’. “With the recent changes to Facebook’s ‘reach policies’ on average only 200 of our 650 followers see our posts, which is unreasonable. Together with the time overhead caused by managing the various web environments we sustain, it made sense to have a single focus for ‘global Karhu’. All news items, media releases, tour set ups, band administration, newsletters, fan feedback etc can be published here and more importantly we can maintain interaction under our own policies.”


So to keep tabs on these fledgling Metallers or to just join in with the banter.... Sign up here: www.thekarhugroove.com/forum. You'll get album updates, sneak peaks, ALL of their interviews, reviews, updates, pictures and videos etc.. you guys will get EVERYTHING...
Even the Tour Schedule before it's posted, so you can see where they are playing before everyone else does!