Swedish music journalist to publish KISS biography, 'The Naked Truth' Print E-mail
Monday, 21 January 2013 16:28

Swedish music journalist Carl Linnaeus is working on a biography about rock giants KISS, called 'KISS - Den osminkade sanningen' (KISS - The Naked Truth).


Due to be released in Sweden in May, the book is a tribute as well as a critical account of 40 years of rock history, through the ups and down. New, never before heard stories and information will be revealed!


Carl has followed the group for many years doing cover features for Sweden Rock Magazine. In addition to all meetings with the band members, the story is based on many long interviews with people close to the group. Managers, producers, ex-wives, roadies, past members and session musicians, alongside Carl’s vast knowledge about the group and its history, makes this an exciting and interesting read for any fan of rock ’n’ roll and the American dream.


Interviews conducted exclusively for this book:kissswedenbook


* Stephen Coronel - WICKED LESTER guitarist
* Lew Linet - Early manager
* Lydia Criss - Peter Criss' ex-wife
* Eddie Kramer - Legendary producer
* Bruce Kulick - Guitarist
* Kenny Kerner - Record producer
* JR Smalling - Early tour manager
* Mick Campise - Early production manager
* Chris Lendt - Vice President for the business manager
* Anton Fig - Session drummer
* Neil Jason - Session bass player
* Dennis Woloch - Art director
* Danny Goldberg - Creative Consultant
* Andreas Carlsson - Songwriter/Entrepreneur
* Anders Tengner - Music journalist and Kiss connoiseur
* Jean Beauvoir - Songwriter


The author has also conducted interviews with:


* Bill Aucoin - Manager 1973-1982
* Paul Stanley - Guitarist and singer
* Gene Simmons - Bassist and singer
* Ace Frehley - Original solo guitarist
* Eric Singer - Drummer
* Tommy !ayer - Guitarist
* Ken Kelly - Cover artist and painter
* Bob Kulick - Session guitarist
* Victor Stabin - Cover artist and painter
* Loretta Caravello - Drummer Eric Carr's sister
* Gary Corbett - Keyboardist
* Carrie Stevens - Girlfriend of Eric Carr