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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 17:05

hip priests split


Our favourite purveyors of filthy rock 'n' roll The Hip Priests are back in town with a brand spanking new split single with our favourite stateside filthmongers The Dwarves.  


It's a fitting way to see in the new year as the full force lovin' machines belt out a killer tune for their part of the bargain, 'Motherfucker Superior' is the sound of a band on top of their game and if this an indication of what's to come then hold onto to your panties boys and girls because this is the must have split of the year!


The Dwarves tune, 'I Masturbate Me', was taken from their last studio album, 'The Dwarves Are Born Again'. As good a song as it is believe me boys and girls when I say that 'Motherfucker Superior' blows it away every time - it's that good a song.

Available on very limited coloured vinyl you'll have to be quick to bag yourself a copy before they are all gone. These will be rarer than rocking horse shit believe me! And if the blistering tune isn't enough it comes wrapped in a lush denim sleeve (see pic for the extra yard these Rock 'n' Rollers go to for the must-have singles) that hides a right mischievous piece of artwork.  


The Hip Priests 'Motherfucker Superior / The Dwarves 'I Masturbate Me' is available right now on No-Balls-Records - - or via the band's webstore and remember if you snooze you looze people - be warned! They will all go very, very quickly.

Hot on the heels of this split will be another new Hip Priests song, 'Jesus Died So We Could Ride', featured along with Deadcuts, due for release later this month, so keep an eye out for that or hit the band up for info at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For a sneaky listen to the new track click on the link below:


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