Cassette single sales tripled in 2012 - FEEDER partly responsible! Print E-mail
Monday, 07 January 2013 17:23



Figures released by The Official Charts Company have revealed that the sales of cassette singles almost tripled in 2012.


The figure jumped from 218 to a massive 604 in 2012, mainly thanks to Welsh band FEEDER who released their single, 'Borders', in January of last year, shifting a whopping 480 copies of the collectable cassingle.


Peaking at Number 52 on the Official Singles Chart - we had heard rumours that a singles chart was actually still active - 'Borders', taken from the band's eight album 'Generation Freakshow', was Feeder's first cassette single since 2001's 'Just A Day'.


In related news, cassette album sales reached 3,823 units sold in the UK in 2012, with 'She – The Best Of Charles Aznavour' the best seller. 270 albums were sold on MiniDisc in the UK in 2012, its ass kicked by the mighty cassingle.