THE CRAWLING to release debut album in April Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 January 2017 20:01

Northern Ireland doom/death trio THE CRAWLING are to release their debut full-length album, ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ via Grindscene Records on 7 April.


The Crawling artwork 

The band, who hail from Lisburn in County Antrim, have previously released a single, ‘Choking On Concrete’, and an EP, ‘In Light Of Dark Days’, in January and October 2015 respectively.


Vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke explained that ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ is an album inspired by true events:


“It examines experiences of the band first hand, and what we see in our everyday lives. In short, it is a collection of stories about loss, regret and despondency. It looks at how people develop mechanisms to cope with grief, failure and heartbreak; and more often than not - the inability to do so. The recording process consisted of fun, despair, rage and subsequently immense satisfaction. Translating a song from the rehearsal studio to record is a daunting task, but this album was particularly challenging."

"I have my own studio, so we figured we would simply invest in ourselves, and spend far too many hours ensuring everything was captured just as we wanted. The results were inspiring; we have a heavy, clear and vigorous production showcasing the songs perfectly."


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