Former HEAVY PETTIN’ drummer GARY MOAT out to prove he’s no BURNT OUT WRECK with “comeback” album Print E-mail
Sunday, 20 November 2016 17:04

Hands up who remembers HEAVY PETTIN’? And we don’t mean the sort of nonsense you used to get up to in the back row of the cinema when dating your first boyfriend/girlfriend (delete as appropriate)!


Gary Moat


Uber Rockers of a certain generation no doubt will have fond memories of the Glaswegian combo who promised much but didn’t quite deliver over the course of the mid- to late-80s, despite three fantastic albums – 1983’s ‘Lettin Loose’, ‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ two years later and ‘Big Bang’ another four years after that – and a brace of glorious singles, in the shape of ‘In And Out Of Love’ and ‘Love Times Love’.


Well, now, 27 years after the band sadly passed off the UK rock scene’s radar, drummer Gary Moat is back in business, this time fronting his own band. Yes, the sticksman has stepped out from behind the kit to behind the mic instead!


BURNT OUT WRECK – we are sure this will prove to be a highly inappropriate name – will release their debut album via The Right Honourable Recording Company in February. The album was co-produced by Moat and Steve Rispin, known for his work with Asia and, more recently, Inglorious.


Burnt Out Wreck