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UBER ROCK's 13 Days of Halloween to culminate in spooktakular horror movie all-nighter Print E-mail
Friday, 24 October 2014 15:47



It's October so that means that the countdown has begun to UBER ROCK's 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!!!


Yes, it's that time of year again when we celebrate the horrific and torture thirteen reprobates from the world of music by making them confront their biggest fears and tell us all of their darkest secrets. From the goriest movies to the spookiest tales of the supernatural, anything goes for the carefully-dissected victims of Uber Rock's 13 Days of Halloween!


We've done things a little differently this time, too - think Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch. Uber Rock has teamed up with Graveyard Calling, the UK label that releases horror-themed music exclusively on cassette, so expect several of their beastly bands to appear over the thirteen days! What a deadly double bill!




Starting on October 19th, Uber Rock will splat one scare-drenched interview on the site a day until, thirteen terrifying tales later, we reach October 31st itself!!


But how could we possibly celebrate the culmination of thirteen gore-splattered days? Well, in some spooktakular style as it happens!


Uber Rock will once again team up with Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema to bring our Dead End Drive-In to the oldest, and most haunted, cinema in Wales!


From 10pm on Friday, October 31st the cinema will open its mausoleum-like doors to wolf men and living dead girls as its presents a Halloween All-Nighter featuring five of the finest horror flicks this side of Hades!




Slashing its way into the cinema will be Wes Craven's classic from 1984, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Forget the remake for tweens, this is the real deal with Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, Heather Langenkamp as the dream-haunted Nancy, John Saxon as her police lieutenant father, and Johnny Depp, in his feature film debut, as her boyfriend. Depp's first movie can only mean one thing with Freddy around - Depp's first movie death! It's a bloody one and the perfect opener for an all-night horror feast!!


Next up, and still in the FX-splattered '80s, we have THE HOWLING, Joe Dante's legendary werewolf movie regarded by horror fans as one of the best lycanthrope flicks of all time! Dee Wallace stars as a Los Angeles television news anchor who is being stalked by a serial murderer...then things get a little...erm...hairier! Also starring horror movie legends John Carradine and Kevin McCarthy, and with stunning make-up FX from Rob "The Thing" Bottin, this is one film you can sink your teeth into!


"Here's Johnny!" Take a celebrated novel by Stephen King, arguably the greatest horror writer of all time, get crazed movie director Stanley Kubrick to turn it into one of the most intense of psychological scare flicks, then add Jack Nicholson, a snowstorm, a typewriter, and an axe, and what do you get? THE SHINING, one of THE scariest movies of all time! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. REDRUM.


From the '80s we journey back to 1957 for Jacques Tourneur's stunning British horror movie NIGHT OF THE DEMON. An adaptation of a story by one of, if not the greatest writer of ghost stories, M.R. James, this timeless horror revolves around an American psychologist investigating a satanic cult suspected of more than one murder. The DEMON in the title isn't there just for show, though - oh no, there's one of the most iconic of movie monsters waiting in the wings! Find out why Martin Scorsese rates this as one of the scariest films of all time, and why Kate Bush quoted dialogue from the film in one of her greatest songs!


Finally, we dig Wes Craven back up and, with him, the film that reignited the slasher genre with its self-referential tone and all killer, no filler attitude - SCREAM! Let Ghostface stab you back to 1996 and ask "What's your favourite scary movie?!" Starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore and Rose McGowan, and written by Kevin Williamson, this is a bona fide modern horror classic! "Now Sid, don't you blame the movies. Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!"


There are certain RULES that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie....and you can find them all out on Friday, October 31st at the Market Hall Cinema in Brynmawr!


Bring your daughters to the slaughter from 10pm, with entry for all five films a mere £10!


Get more details HERE!


Bif Bang Pow! tease first details of forthcoming KISS action figures Print E-mail
Friday, 24 October 2014 15:41

BIF BANG POW! revealed earlier this year that they had signed a licensing deal with KISS that would include, among other things, retro style 3-3/4″ action figures.


ACTION FIGURE INSIDER recently interviewed Jason Lenzi and Jason Labowitz of Bif Bang Pow! who revealed details of what can be expected of the new KISS lines.


Read excerpts of the interview below and the interview in full at:


bbp flash kiss


AFi: I want to focus on KISS for a moment – specifically the action figures that have been announced. You are doing 3-3/4″ figures in the retro style, correct?


BBP!: Yes, but we like to call ours “enhanced” retro style. Our version of retro style is reminiscent of the 70s, but with a tad more attention to detail. People forget that companies like MEGO and Mattel were churning out figures in the late 70s that had amazing likenesses, and in the case of MEGO, sometimes more than just the five points of articulation. When we can, we’re going to add more movement to our figures.


KISS has never gotten the 3-3/4″ treatment before now, have they?


Correct! This scale has never been made before.


Now, the band has had a variety of different looks over their 40 year career. Sales permitting, are there plans to visit these different looks as action figures?


The plan is to make what fans (and us) will love, what will be approved, and what will sell. Keeping all those factors in mind, we will most likely focus on the 1970s and early 1980s looks. Multiple waves are planned, and our goal is to keep this figure line alive as long as possible.


Which look are you planning to kick things off with? Going to go with the current ‘Monster’ album, back to the beginning or something in between?


It’s a tad too early to reveal our launch items, but see the prior answer for a clue.


Will they come with instruments? I’d imagine a full set of drums would be difficult to find on a card, but at least drumsticks, along with guitars?


Cost permitting, we want to add as many complimentary instruments as possible.


Will these be unveiled at Toy Fair or will fans get a look at them before then?


Our latest strategy is to show the press and fans our sculpts when they are final and nearly ready to ship. It’s still too early to know if that wil happen at New York Toy Fair. Our business-to-business customers will see the line at New York Toy Fair, however.


It must be exciting to be part of the KISS entertainment property. They seem to be the most merchandised band around, and masters at getting their brand out there.


It’s very exciting. We have personal connections to the products we like to make and we are super KISS fans. In a way, this license is a hard one to tackle, because – as you stated – so much merchandise has already been made. Given that, our products need to seem different enough to seem fresh, yet familiar enough to sell well. And from our initial internal reviews, and from concepts that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have already approved, we are on track to satisy the KISS Army!


When do you expect the first figures to be available?


Our entire line featuring travel mugs, acrylic cups, glassware, tins, coasters, auto shades, license plate frames, action figures and other surprises are scheduled for mid-2015 availability.


With thanks to AFi:


RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR reveal 'Dressed All In Black' teaser Print E-mail
Friday, 24 October 2014 15:37



Manga-inspired metal moshers RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR have released a teaser for the band's forthcoming digital single, 'Dressed All In Black'. The track is taken from the band's highly anticipated debut album, 'Welcame', and fans can watch the teaser below.


'Welcame' was mixed and mastered by renowned producer Zeuss (MADBALL, HATEBREED, EMMURE) and will be released November 24th via Nuclear Blast Records.


Check out what the band's peers and label mates have to say about them:


"ROTNS really know how to bring that old thrash sound current! Their NYHC influenced style mixed in with their original mojo is something that appeals to many extreme music enthusiast world wide! Killer band!" - Roger Miret: AGNOSTIC FRONT


"What a sick mixture of some of the greatest influences from the 90's, I love what they are doing!" - Billy Graziadei: BIOHAZARD


"Hardcore will never die as long as bands like ROTNS are carrying the torch. A crushing album!" - Mille Petrozza: KREATOR


"This is some HEAVY stuff with a youthful, hip hop kind a flare/flavor, what can I say...they definitely demonstrate their saiya style!" - Freddy Cricien: MADBALL



Amazon -
iTunes -


SATYRICON confirmed as first BLASTFEST 2015 headliner Print E-mail
Friday, 24 October 2014 15:33



Norway's SATYRICON have been announced as the Saturday headliner at Blastfest. And that's not all! The festival has also announced another 8 bands including 3 of the best from Britain; black metallers Winterfylleth, stoner doom hard rockers Orange Goblin and Falloch from Glasgow, Scotland.


The latest announcement also includes Kall, Naer Mataron, Aspherium, Purple Hill Witch, all very much forces of reckoning in their respective fields. Blastfest has also booked its very first covers band, Bergen's very own Motörhead tribute act Bömbers, who have been approved by Lemmy Kilmister himself.


It will be cold and it will be extreme! Held in the beautiful city of Bergen, Blastfest is offering one of the, if not thee, finest extreme metal line-ups of 2015. Acts already announced include Paradise Lost, Decapitated, Primordial, Rotting Christ, Destruction and Asphyx with many more yet to be announced.


Alfahanne | Aspherium | Asphyx | At The Gates | Baptism | Blood Red Throne | Bolzer | Bombers | Borknagar | Byfrost | Craft | Crib45 | Cryptopsy | Dark Funeral | Dark Tranquility | Dead To This World | Decapitated | Demilich | Den Saakaldte | Djevelkult | Destroyer 666 | Destruction | Endstille | Esoteric | Falloch | Finntroll | Gehenna | Hecate Enthroned | Impaled Nazarene | Kall | Melechesh | Moonsorrow | Morgoth | Naer Mataron | Orange Goblin | Paradise Lost | Primordial | Purple Hill Witch | Rotting Christ | Samael | Sarke | Sarkom | Satan | Saturnus | Satyricon | The Sickening | Tortorum | Tsjuder | Vallenfyre | Winterfylleth | Wyruz + more yet to be announced.


Blastfest will be held 18-21st February 2015 in Bergen, Norway.


4 Days | 4 Venues | 60 Bands | Exhibitions | Clinics | Stand Up Comedy | Tattoo Convention | Theme DJ's


Tickets on sale now:


BEERMAGEDDON FESTIVAL releases first details of 2015 line-up Print E-mail
Friday, 24 October 2014 15:29

BEERMAGEDDON is back for yet another weekend of metal madness in 2015. After a sold out sweaty, loud and fun filled BEERMAGEDDON this year, the festival is putting together a massive line up of bands for next year's festival that is already looking like it's going to be a face ripper. The 3 day event takes place on the 28th, 29th and 30th August 2015 at Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove.




Acts will be added over the coming months but so far the following have been announced:






We always strive to bring old school legends to each festival playing alongside the legends of tomorrow and no-one could ever question the pedigree, or history that is part of the package M:PIRE OF EVIL bring to stages around the world, a full on face ripping set that places them high on any must see list for metal heads and now they bring their neck breaking show to the hallowed grounds of BEERMAGEDDON. Bromsgrove will be left battered and bruised, reeling from the metal invasion that will be closed by pioneers of metal.... M:PIRE OF EVIL.




Each year at BEERMAGEDDON we bring back a band who stood out at the previous festival to take our coveted Friday night headline slot, there was a band who were on everyone's lips following our 2014 event, and after an exceptional set they rightly deserve to return.


So it is with pleasure we welcome back.... RANNOCH


If you missed the majesty that is Rannoch, they supply perfectly produced progressive death metal, and those who did see them at BEERMAGEDDON 2014 will know they are an exceptional live band with swathes of ethereal clean vocals & acoustic guitars that accompany sledgehammer brutality & savagely intense screams.Rannoch give us a technical ability that is hard to surpass, a quality that puts them in the higher echelon of the metal scene, and it is an honour to have them claim their rightful place as our returning band at BEERMAGEDDON






The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal has been a staple for most metal fans since the '80s and in the heyday we produced some of the greatest bands in the genre, and their legacy lives on!!! BEERMAGEDDON welcomes that legacy and welcomes NWOBHM stalwarts....


TYSONDOG are a band steeped in history, and started snapping necks over 30 years ago as they thrived in the evolution of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Like many bands of the era, they changed and shaped the way we embrace music today and now they are back, a brand new album due for release in early 2015, a whole new legion of fans across the UK, Europe, and THE WORLD!!! They now bring their high octane live show to Bromsgrove They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks: TYSONDOG are coming to teach BEERMAGEDDON a few tricks of their own!!!!!




BEERMAGEDDON prides itself on not only supporting the grass roots of British talent but also bringing the cream of the metal crop from Europe, and around the world to British soil. It is hugely important to us we continue the tradition of recent years and so we welcome our first overseas booking and welcome a modern feel of death and thrash metal from Finland in the guise of RE-ARMED. No strangers to UK soil they have won fans over with their shows and the success of the new album Rottendam demands they make a return to British soil for a full tour encapsulating the phenomenon that is metal's best kept secret BEERMAGEDDON. One of Europe's shining examples of top quality metal RE-ARMED are ready to show BEERMAGEDDON how they do metal in Finland!!!!!




A band who united in metal at a young age, they gained a wealth of experience together and with well over a decade of playing as a unit, living, breathing and bleeding metal together BEERMAGEDDON is proud to welcome SANCTORUM. With four albums now under their belt including the brand new neck snapping release Old Ghosts / New Wars which is the bands most explosive, unrelenting, no-holds-barred release to date. SANCTORUM will not be denied in bringing their determination and DIY ethic to the world. No strangers to festival stages either here in the UK or in Europe one thing is for sure Sanctorum give 110% at every show and their fans stand as testament to their dedication in bringing the best of metal to the masses at any venue. BEERMAGEDDON is committed to bringing you the best of British and Bromsgrove will witness the best with SANCTORUM.




From the frostbitten northern wasteland of England a band praised for their energetic, powerful and theatrical nature, BEERMAGEDDON is proud to present the flute heavy progressive folk metal of NORTHERN OAK. With a rich, organic sound that evokes the lush, tranquil landscape of the White Peak then cascades onwards into harsh, jagged chaos reminiscent of the terrain of the Dark Peak, the music builds from rock-solid, groove-laden foundations and thunderous double-kick work into detailed harmonic overtures as guitar, flute, keyboards and violin complement and harmonise with each other. In keeping with the band's roots, the lyrical themes often display a strong connection to and appreciation of the endless majesty of nature. What better place for NORTHERN OAK to showcase their huge talents than the surroundings and atmosphere of the English countryside we have at BEERMAGEDDON in Bromsgrove!!!






Pure unadulterated heavy fucking metal, that is what we can expect from this Midlands quartet who supply the old school metal with no bells or whistles, just music to bang your head to, BEERMAGEDDON is all about metal and so are LINE OF FIRE. Settled happily in the southern stoner metal classification they give us heavy down tuned metal with a bluesy southern edge with a focus on songs with big riffs and massive sing-a-long choruses. Yet another band who are no strangers to the huge stages here in the UK, LINE OF FIRE are ready willing and able to tear Bromsgrove a new one when they appear at metal's best kept secret... BEERMAGEDDON!!!!


BLACK HEART BREAKERS to support RADIO BIRDMAN on last date of tour Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:45



Hard work is paying off for the new power pop/ punk outfit BLACK HEART BREAKERS, having only released their debut album in April 2014 (recorded in their high school years), they are now opening up for one of their most respected and adored Australian bands of all time, RADIO BIRDMAN at Manning Bar, Friday the 14th of November.


Tickets are available at:


This will also be the debut show of newly recruited bass player, Edward Barnes.




Black Heart Breakers is the bastard child of Power Pop and Punk Rock n’ Roll. Going against the grain; the odds; and with a total disregard to the trends, Black Heart Breakers recorded a 10-track album before playing a single show. The album is 100% original, self-produced and co-engineered. Black Heart Breakers know what they want and how to get it. An unstoppable lust for Rock n’ Roll is exactly what you'll find in this outfit.


Read the Uber Rock review of the Black Heart Breakers album HERE and an interview with frontman Hayden McGoogan HERE!


THE BOOMTOWN RATS announce instore signings of 'So Modern' Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:42

Dublin New Wave legends THE BOOMTOWN RATS will sign copies of their new compilation album, 'So Modern – The Boomtown Rats Collection', at three UK instore appearances.




To coincide with the release of 'So Modern' and their ecstatically received UK tour, Pete Briquette, Simon Crowe, Bob Geldof and Garry Roberts have announced they will be visiting Fopp and hmv for a series of instore signing sessions. So pop down to the following stores at the following times and meet the mighty Rats!


When & Where?
Wed 29th Oct – 1:30pm – Fopp Bristol
Mon 3rd Nov – 1:30pm – Fopp Cambridge
Tue 4th Nov – 1:30pm – hmv Leicester


Reforming last year for the Isle of Wight festival, The Boomtown Rats received rave reviews throughout their subsequent UK and Ireland tour. The Telegraph wrote that “the performance never felt like an exercise in nostalgia. After all he has been through and achieved Geldof’s ability to tap the inchoate rage of his youth was remarkable.” This October sees the release of ‘So Modern – The Boomtown Rats Collection’, which combines their best known tracks like the number 1 singles ‘Rat Trap’ and ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ with deeper album tracks, providing a fantastic introduction to a group with an incredible legacy.


Billed as The Nightlife Thugs for a Halloween gig in 1975, the band changed their name just before hitting the stage. The Boomtown Rats were a gang mentioned in Woody Guthrie’s autobiography ‘Bound For Glory’. The Rats were one of the most successful bands of the 1970s in the UK, as central to the decade’s dying embers as Chic, Abba, The Clash, The Specials and The Jam. Their grown-up new wave and real time stories captured the imagination of a mass audience in a way that many of their peers did not. They performed before billions of people at Live Aid, an event which Geldof co-organised inspired by a news report about the famine in Ethiopia. The legacy of the Rats is based primarily on their remarkable street songs. As they got bigger they seldom lost sight of their roots and now they’re back, as brilliantly spiky, funny and irreverent as ever, and ‘So Modern – The Boomtown Rats Collection’ celebrates that fact.


CARCASS unleash gruesome lyric video for 'Livestock Marketplace' - watch here! Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:38



A lyric video for 'Livestock Marketplace', a track off CARCASS' upcoming 'Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel' 5-song EP release due out on November 17th, is now available for streaming on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel and can be seen below.


The 'Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel' EP includes songs from the 2013 'Surgical Steel' recording sessions plus one previously unreleased track. The tracklist reads as follows:


1. A Wraith In The Apparatus
2. Intensive Battery Brooding
3. Zochrot
4. Livestock Marketplace
5. 1985 (Reprise)



Pre-order the 'Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel' EP:


KILL BRAND launches 2014 Halloween Lookbook Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:36

Southern California lifestyle apparel company KILL BRAND has launched its 2014 Halloween Lookbook, featuring the brand's new fall collection.


kill brand halloween 1


Kill Brand was launched in 2001 by musician Jonny Smith, who while on tour with his band, ran into a problem -- no clean t-shirts. With a hot pink T-shirt and black spray paint, Jonny randomly graffitied K-I-L-L across the front of the T-shirt, and took the stage. This fresh trend took fans by storm. Before long Jonny was designing, spray-painting, and selling his T's out of the back of the tour van.


As demand grew he invested in a screen printing machine, that was used in his studio apartment to keep up with demand. Jonny personally screen-printed every item by hand with his signature, KILL. Kill Brand's notoriety grew as Jonny left the band to pursue his other passion full time.


Kill Brand designs are now sold in thousands of retail stores worldwide and have been featured in such publications as GQ, Maxim and Alternative Press.


Look here:


Crystal Lake horror punks THE JASONS release new video - watch here...if you dare! Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:33



THE JASONS, red-blooded American punk rockers from Crystal Lake, NJ, have released a new video for the song, 'Camp Arawak' - watch it below!


A combination love ballad/dick joke, and paying homage to Sleepaway Camp, one of the band members' favorite summer camp films, 'Camp Arawak' is taken from the new 'Stalk and Slash Summer' EP


Get details on how to order the EP and more at:


Deluxe reissues of THE JAM's 'Setting Sons' detailed - vinyl to include rare live show Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:25

THE JAM’s 1979 masterpiece 'Setting Sons' is being expanded and reissued on November 17th 2014 as super deluxe and deluxe editions which feature unreleased demos and live tracks.


'Setting Sons' was originally conceived as a concept album that was never fully developed, about old friends reunited after many years to find they had nothing in common anymore. Brimming with brittle white knuckle rock music and muscular tracks boiling over with class hatred and spot on insights into British life, 'Setting Sons' was arguably, the Jam's most thematically ambitious LP featuring a harder and grittier sound than its predecessor, 'All Mod Cons'.


'Setting Sons' was recorded when Paul Weller was only 21, his songwriting showing an amazing level of maturity. 'Thick As Thieves', 'Wasteland', 'Burning Sky': this idea may have seemed strange to the band’s hardcore fans, but had a precedent with some of Weller’s 60s heroes, notably The Kinks, Small Faces and The Who. 'Setting Sons' took The Jam’s musical template and added a narrative depth and compositional daring which would take their art to a totally new level. The anti-war song 'Little Boy Soldiers', constructed in three parts, illustrates how the band were moving into a more experimental and ambitious style, whilst retaining the edge for which they were so famous.The album includes the hit single - 'The Eton Rifles' and Bruce Foxton’s tour-de-force, 'Smithers-Jones'.


The Super-Deluxe box set traces the path of the classic album from initial demos, the two hit singles, 'Strange Town' and 'When You're Young', that preceded the album; alternate versions of songs, dynamic live performances, singles and b-sides, through to the point in early 1980 where The Jam’s sound and success coalesced into 'Going Underground' - the  band’s first number 1 single, plus live material and DVD.


Also available will be a highly collectable limited edition vinyl edition featuring The Jam live at the Brighton Centre from December 1979 which has previously never been released.








Four discs, in individual wallets


Disc 1 - The original album and singles /b-sides


The 1979 album remastered from the original analogue tapes
Also includes 8 non-album period singles and b-sides - Strange Town (UK top 20), The Eton Rifles (alt. single version, UK no. 3), When You’re Young (UK top 20) and Going Underground (UK No. 1), from early 1980


Disc 2 - The demos and extras


18 demos & alternate tracks, 14 previously unreleased, re-mastered
Also features the classic 4-track BBC John Peel session from 1979


Disc 3 - Live in Brighton 1979


20 tracks, previously unreleased concert, re-mastered from Brighton Centre, December 1979.
A stunning set, with typical passion, their trademark ‘Fire & Skill’ from the band.
Includes 9 Setting Sons tracks


Disc 4 -The DVD EP


Features five promo video clips, six Top of the Pops performances and two clips from the BBC’s Something Else show.


Also features:


Hardback,70-page, full-colour book: including period memorabilia, magazine cuttings (NME etc.), reviews and rare photos from the album sleeve shoot; New interviews and essay; Set of 4 prints; Replica 1979 tour brochure; Replica 1979 fan club magazine; Housed in rigid slipcase




Disc 1 - The Original Album


1.  Girl On The Phone
2.  Thick As Thieves
3.  Private Hell
4.  Little Boy Soldiers
5.  Wasteland
6.  Burning Sky
7.  Smithers-Jones
8.  Saturday’s Kids
9.  The Eton Rifles
10. Heat Wave


The Singles & B-Sides


11. Strange Town (single)
12. Butterfly Collector (b-side)
13. When You’re Young (single)
14. Smithers-Jones (single version)
15. The Eton Rifles (7” single version)  
16. See-Saw (b-side)
17. Going Underground (single)
18. Dreams Of Children (b-side)


Disc 2 - The Demos and Extras


(All previously unreleased except where stated)  


1.  Strange Town (alt.version)    
2.  When You're Young (alt.version)  
3.  The Eton Rifles (demo) / (from ‘Extras’album)  
4.  See-Saw (demo)      
5.  Girl On The Phone (demo)    
6.  Thick As Thieves (demo) / (from ‘Extras’album)
7.  Private Hell (demo)        
8.  Little Boy Soldiers (demo)    
9.  Wasteland (demo)      
10. Burning Sky (demo)      
11. Simon (demo)        
12. Strange Town (demo)      
13. The Butterfly Collector (demo)  
14. Burning Sky (demo) / (from ‘Extras’album)  
15. When You're Young (demo)    
16. Best Of Both Worlds(demo) / (from ‘Direction, Reaction, Creation’)  
17. Along The Grove (demo)      
18. The Eton Rifles (demo)  


BBC - John Peel session, recorded 29/10/1979


19. Thick As Thieves
20. The Eton Rifles
21. Saturday's Kids
22. When You're Young


Disc 3 - Live at the Brighton Centre - December 1979#


1.  Introduction/ Girl On The Phone     
2.  To Be Someone      
3.  It's Too Bad    
4.  Burning Sky    
5.  Away From The Numbers    
6.  Smithers-Jones
7.  Little Boy Soldiers   
8.  Strange Town  
9.  Mr. Clean    
10. The Butterfly Collector/ Private Hell  
11. Thick As Thieves    
12. When You're Young     
13. The Eton Rifles
14. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
15. Saturday's Kids    
16. All Mod Cons
17. David Watts
18. The Modern World
19. Heatwave
20. 'A' Bomb In Wardour Street  


# -previously unreleased


Disc 4 - The DVD EP


Promo videos:


1.  Strange Town
2.  Butterfly Collector
3.  When You’re Young
4.  Going Underground
5.  Dreams Of Children


BBC Top Of The Pops:


1.  Strange Town - 15/03/1979
2.  Strange Town - 05/04/1979
3.  When You’re Young - 23/08/1979
4.  The Eton Rifles - 01/11/1979
5.  The Eton Rifles - 15/11/1979
6.  Going Underground - 27/03/1980


Something Else (15/09/1979):


1.  The Eton Rifles
2.  When You’re Young




The Jam - Live at the Brighton Centre - December 1979


* 20 tracks, previously unreleased concert, re-mastered from Brighton Centre, December 1979.
* A stunning set, with typical passion, their trademark ‘Fire & Skill’ from the band
* Includes 9 Setting Sons tracks


Disc One


Side 1


1. Introduction / Girl On The Phone 3:21
2. To Be Someone 2:15
3. It's Too Bad 3:16
4. Burning Sky 3:27
5. Away From The Numbers 4:03
6. Smithers-Jones 3:22


Side 2


1. Little Boy Soldiers 3:24
2. Strange Town 4:14
3. Mr. Clean 3:46

4. The Butterfly Collector / Private Hell 7:11


Disc Two


Side 1


1. Thick As Thieves 4:17
2. When You're Young 3:37
3. The Eton Rifles 4:13
4. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight 4:39


Side 2


1. Saturday's Kids 3:11
2. All Mod Cons 1:22
3. David Watts 4:30
4. The Modern World 2:17
5. Heatwave 1:33
6. 'A' Bomb In Wardour Street 3:37


EL GRAN REGRESO DE BRUJERIA! BRUJERIA return with new record deal Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:22



This ain't no game - this is pure fucking madness. BRUJERIA, L.A.'s Mexican kings of bad-assery, have returned to a new home and with plans to record a new album for 2015.


Watch the video below for more details:


BATTLE BEAST reveal first details of new album, 'Unholy Savior' Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:18



Hailing from the southern edge of Finland, BATTLE BEAST were founded in 2008 and soon established themselves with their trademark of pure crunching riffs, high screams, blistering solos and strong choruses. Following the success of their eponymous second album, which charted at an amazing #5 in their native Finland and cracked the German Top 100, BATTLE BEAST are now set to release their third studio album entitled 'Unholy Savior'. It will be out on January 09 (EU), January 12 (UK) and January 13 (US) 2015 via Nuclear Blast.
"I thirst to go further as a human being and the music on this album represents a part of the ongoing spiritual journey - that's what I tend to I call it - which is my road onward. Music-wise the songs have been expanded to a wider area as an effort to call out emotions close to those I myself had during the times of birth of these songs," commented guitarist & vocalist Anton Kabanen about the upcoming new BATTLE BEAST album.
"Like always, I wrote songs about the series 'Berserk', as well, and the reason behind writing songs about that particular series is that I can strongly relate to that, especially to certain characters and to their way of thinking and feeling," Anton adds.
The tracklisting for 'Unholy Savior' will be as follows:


Unholy Savior
I Want The World...And Everything In It
Sea Of Dreams
Speed And Danger
Touch In The Night
The Black Swordsman
Hero's Quest
Far Far Away
Angel Cry


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Just in time for the release of 'Unholy Savior', BATTLE BEAST will embark on a European tour with Swedish label mates & metal heroes SABATON, who did not only invite the band to play at their very own Sabaton Open Air, but also feature a cover version of BATTLE BEAST's 'Out Of Control' as a bonus track on their current charting success, 'Heroes'.
Don't miss the chance to enjoy BATTLE BEAST & SABATON live at the following dates:
09.01. D - Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
10.01. D - Langen - Stadthalle
11.01. NL - Tilburg - 013
12.01. UK - London - HMV Forum
14.01. F - Paris - Bataclan
15.01. CH - Pratteln - Z7
16.01. D - Ludwigsburg - MHP Arena
17.01. D - Langen - Event Hall
19.01. D - Berlin - Huxley's       
25.01. H - Budapest - Petofi Hall
27.01. RO - Bucharest - Turbohalle
28.01. BG - Sofia - Hall Universiada
30.01. GR - Athens - Fuzz Live Club
31.01. GR - Thessaloniki - Principal Club Theater
02.02. HR - Zagreb - Tvornica
03.02. I - Milano - Alcatraz
04.02. D - Munich - Tonhalle
06.02. AT - Vienna - Gasometer
07.02. CZ - Prague - Forum Karlin
08.02. CZ - Zlin - Hala Euronics Novesta
10.02. SK - Bratislava - Refinery Gallery
11.02. D - Saarbrucken - Garage
13.02. BE - Antwerpen - Lotto Arena
14.02. D - Hamburg - Alsterdorfer Sporthalle
15.02. NL - Amsterdam - Melkweg


ENTER SHIKARI release first single, 'The Last Garrison', from forthcoming album Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:14

ENTER SHIKARI have released the first single, 'The Last Garrison', from their forthcoming album, 'The Mindsweep', set for release on January 19th, 2015.




Recorded at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire last spring, with Dan Weller in the producer's chair and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley, 'The Last Garrison' is an uplifting call for simply pausing and taking a breath to appreciate life. Check it out below.


Vocalist / lyricist Rou Reynolds had this to say on the subject of the track: "Life can often seem like a tumultuous onslaught of ups and downs; good and bad; euphoric and arduous. Our circumstances can change in a flicker of an eyelid. Sometimes it’s beneficial to take a step back from everything and appreciate the honour that we’re still alive."


'The Mindsweep' will be released on January 19th, 2015 and comes almost exactly three years to the day after the release of the band's last full-length album. That album, 'A Flash Flood Of Colour', entered the UK midweek chart at #1 and continued the band's journey both musically and physically, touring around the world at least twice during the album campaign and seeing large sold out shows in territories as far-flung as Russia, Indonesia and Weston-Super-Mare.


Following December 2014 shows in Spain and Japan, Enter Shikari kick off 2015 with touring across Europe and the UK.Tickets for the band’s show at London’s Camden Roundhouse sold out within 12 hours of going on sale, so a second night was quickly added.





Episode 26 of THE TWO BUCKS ROCK SHOW now available for your ears Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:11



Episode 26 of THE TWO BUCKS ROCK SHOW is now streaming and can be heard below.


On this hot new show The Jazzinator gets into the groove with a host of the finest unsigned and independent bands in the UK...and beyond!


Listen out for tracks by the likes of Venus Mountains, Black Acid Souls, Fury, Freeway Mad, We Come From Ashes, Among The Dead, Black Tamanous, Cambion, Metaprism, Left For Red and Tyrannosaurus Nebulous.


Have a listen, throw some horns, and tell 'em that Uber Rock sent ya!




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