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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 14:24

1wed2The Über Röck spidey-sense started tingling several months ago when Wednesday 13 announced that he was working with the legendary Todd Youth on a Kiss, Dead Boys, New York Dolls, Stooges influenced new project with an "in-your-face rock n roll sound."

With Youth - after claiming that "it just didn't work out" for him - no longer being involved, W13 carried on regardless and some short months later the Gunfire 76 debut album 'Casualties & Tragedies' was in the sweaty mitts of gutter rock fans everywhere.

The touring line-up of Gunfire 76 will see Wednesday simply front the band with Roman Surman (13's Bourbon Crow bandmate) and Dave Muselman (Jet Black Stare) on guitar, Scott Whalen (Econoline Crush) on bass and Rob Hammersmith (Rockets To Ruin) on drums. With the twelve date 'First Blood' UK tour with Bullets And Octane starting on December 1st, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for Über Röck to put some questions to Wednesday.....



What can you tell us about the band for the up and coming tour?1gunfireuk

Well, I have Rob on drums, Scott on bass and Roman and Dave on Guitars...and me on vocals. No crazy stage names, I just wanted to get good players that I liked.


What will the band rehearse for the tour? Will it be all Gunfire 76 songs? Any covers getting played?

It will be a majority of the Gunfire album with a few of the oldies thrown in.


You're constantly changing - you certainly don't seem to be a fan of standing still. Is there any chance in the future of reuniting the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 or Murderdolls or are you always looking forward?


A Drag Queen reunion is so far off I can't even imagine that happening, however the Murderdolls reunion is in the not so distant keep your eyes and ears open.


What happened with Todd Youth? When The Chelsea Smiles toured with you earlier this year he seemed excited about Gunfire 76?


Todd had other priorities and couldn't fully commit to the project.



1wed4Is Gunfire 76 something you've had planned for a while? How different will it be to previous Wednesday 13 projects? Is this a long term project?


Although it was put together pretty quick, it was thought out really well and planned. It's way more raw and rock 'n' roll than the theatrics from the W13 solo stuff.



You are a prolific writer, will Gunfire 76 be more of a collaboration with other musicians doing some writing or do you prefer to write alone? Steve Conte from New York Dolls told me in a recent interview that songwriters should try to write a song a day - do you keep records of everything you write, and how often do they see the light of day? Do you demo a lot of your ideas or don't they make it that far?


I like both ways, writing solo and with people - I'm interested in both. I demo everything and have it archived....99% never ever gets recorded and released.


Going out with Bullets And Octane will be a hell of a double bill and a great pairing - 1wed3you're obviously not afraid to go out with great bands after taking The Chelsea Smiles on your last UK tour, another superb rock 'n' roll band. Are these bands you asked to tour with?


Yes, a lot of times I request bands but, unfortunately, it doesn't always work out. I'd love to tour with Danko Jones, Backyard Babies or The Wildhearts to name a few.


You have always toured a lot and have also been kind to the fans in the UK with plenty of dates -  are you happiest on the road or with the other process of writing and recording?


I love it all and hate it all at the same time, but I wouldn't change anything I do for the world. I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I do and I owe it all to my loyal fans.


1wedDo you ever write songs that wouldn't fit "Wednesday 13"?  If yes, have you ever imagined writing for someone else? Who would you like to write for?


The Gunfire album songs, I didn't feel fitted the W13 style. I write so much stuff and I'd love to write for other artists. I'd love to write with my any of my rock idols like Michael Monroe, Alice Cooper or Nikki Sixx.


If you were to put an iPod or mp3 player on shuffle what would be the next five songs to come up? - No cheating please!


'Kill City Kills' - Hanoi Rocks
'Don't Be Afraid' - Love/Hate
'Calling Dr Love' - Kiss
'Backstabber' - Backyard Babies
'Read Between The Lies' - Slayer


Do you find a difference when playing different continents? Are fans in the USA different to UK audiences or ones in Japan, when the music is still the same?


Every place has its own style and a different embrace for their music...I don't have a fave place to play, but I really just enjoying being able to go out and play.


We know you're a fan of Tigertailz -  has there ever been a chance to tour with them?


Never had the chance to meet up with those guys yet, but 'I Can Fight Dirty Too' would be my cover choice. RIP Pepsi Tate.



Is there a particular moment or achievement thus far that you are most proud of?gunfire76_cover


Just accomplishing a dream I set out to do, every thing I've done out in the music world has been amazing in some way.


Finally, what's the funniest thing that has happened to you onstage?


In Germany in 2008...the power went out...the guitars and amps stopped, but our drummer kept playing. It was pretty embarrassing but also funny - guess he must have been in the zone.


'Casualties & Tragedies' by Gunfire 76 is out now - read the Über Röck review here!!!!!