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Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Sunday, 05 November 2017 04:40

I have been a vocal fan of ‘Dirty Pictures Part 1’, the latest album from Philadelphia’s Low Cut Connie. It was my gateway into the band, and I believe I bought the entire back catalogue within the first week of listening to LCC for the first time.


Low Cut Connie


As it approaches the time when the Über Rock management ask us to think about such things, I currently have three albums in mind for my “album of the year” - with ‘Dirty Pictures Part 1’ being one of them. So, it seemed as good a time as any to also catch up with one of the guys responsible for turning me on to their sound, piano pounder Adam Weiner.


I started by asking him how he would describe the band to someone who, unlike me, has never heard them before?


Rock ‘n’ roll.  Not rock, not hard rock, not metal, not prog, not surf, not grunge... this is soulful dark boogie "rock ‘n’ roll". 


I love the use of pianos in rock bands. For me, it goes back to the classic elements of early rock n roll. Recent bands like the Jim Jones Revue, Quireboys, and J Roddy Walston & The Business all use pianists. Henri Herbert, formerly of the Jim Jones Revue, has put out some solo singles and has a live album out soon. Are people starting to discover how to put the piano back into the rawk?


I don't know if it's a trend.  I just keep my head down and do my thing.  In 1998 I started playing piano for tips and I've just followed the trail ever since. Early rock n roll moves me deeply... all the early piano guys... Fats Domino, Jerry Lee, Little Richard, Professor Longhair, Huey Piano Smith, Ray Charles, Eddie Bo... they've all been big influences on me.  


I love the latest album and have noticed that several of my favorite albums of the year have returned to a smaller number of songs. The new J. Roddy Walston & The Business album also only had ten songs which is what I said the most disappointing part of that album was. I grew up when ten songs was the norm, and it was always a surprise to get more than that on an album. I still tend to listen to albums with the Side A and Side B in mind. Your past albums all featured more than ten songs. What was it about this one where you decided ten was the right number?



My attention span is short.  Get in the ring, get the work done, and get out.  Hit it and quit it.  I decided to make two ten song albums ('Dirty Pictures Part 2' is coming next Spring) which I thought suited these songs well.


You have been out touring for quite some time now. How are the fans reacting to the new songs?


They've really been digging the new stuff, which is a blessing.  You never know how it's going to go down. We put our songs together with the intention of making it easy to enjoy.  Hopefully that comes across. Ya never know. 


What are your favorites to play from the new album?


‘Dirty Water’ and ‘Revolution Rock n Roll’.   It's easy for me to get inside those songs every night.  I love watching the crowd scream along to those tunes. 


I love the cover of ‘Controversy.’ I have never been a huge Prince fan but recognize how talented a musician he was. Your cover actually sent me off to buy a greatest hits by him that included that song so I could hear the original. What drew you to cover that song by him?



I think there's something very special that happens with great artists just before they explode.  Like Bowie, Prince did some of his greatest work just before he went sky-high into the stratosphere with ‘Purple Rain’.  I think there is a freedom of expression and openness of spirit in the ‘Controversy’ record that is just so inspiring to me.  "Am I black or white?  Am I straight or gay?"  ...I think Prince was asking important questions and opening up new channels.  There will never be another like him. 


Your lyrics have all kinds of clever little twists and sarcasm, similar to what Jonathan Daniel did back in the day. One example from the new album is ‘Angela’ where the man says he is not good enough for her but… How do you know when a lyric is right? Do you ever come up with a lyric and then have to work up the music around it?


I'm a "music first" guy.  Ya need a good tune, bottom line.   Then it goes in the oven, and you hope it will be a beautiful gleaming bundt cake and it comes out a long time later in the form of a strange lopsided blob of pastry.  I don't know how to make perfect things, only messy things.  I envy writers like Chuck Berry, Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Hank Williams, Tom Petty, McCartney etc. who wrote perfect songs.  Maybe one day I'll get one, but I doubt it. 


There are obviously some clear connections musically from ‘Get Out The Lotion’ to ‘Dirty Pictures Part 1’ but also some obvious growth. How would you describe the evolution of the band over the years?


We've grown and changed in so many ways.  It's a much different line-up now then that first record, and I will always have a special place in my heart for 'Get Out The Lotion'... it was the most organic beautiful recording experience I ever had, pure joy.  But we were raw and had no idea what we were doing, really.  Now we are a much more confident band and I feel more open-hearted...I can go places now that I wouldn't have allowed myself before.  If I want to be ridiculous or vulnerable or whatever the hell, I can do it.  These guys (James Everhart, Will Donnelly, Larry Scotton, Lucas Rinz)...they are total badass players and human beings.  I feel like we can try things and go after things...there are no limits. 


Between the live clips on the internet and your music videos, it appears that playing live and interacting with the audience comes very easy to you. What has helped you grow as an entertainer? When did you know this was what you wanted to do?


I love our fans from the bottom of my heart.  I need the crowd as much or more than they need me.  It's a simple as that. The stakes are high when I go out on stage, I want to make people feel so many things and I want a conversation to develop. Whether I am successful or not, it's this deep feeling between me and our audience that makes the shows great.  It's a simple thing, really. 


I know Elton John recently acknowledged your work, which led to the two of you speaking with each other. What can you tell our readers about that?


What can I say? it was truly amazing.  Elton is a hero of mine... a phenomenally talented man, charitable and hysterical.  Such a light. We were just two funny-looking piano-pounders shooting the shit.  It was great. 


When I see your videos and live clips, I really wish you were able to receive the accolades that musical artists did in the past. Music has sadly seemed to fade out of the mainstream and become a commodity. I think music touches our souls and provides color to our world. How do you feel about music today?



No matter what's goin’ on with showbiz, there's always good music out there.  Humanity needs it.  It's our greatest, most healing human endeavor. We don't make the money or get the accolades of past musical generations of rock n roll, that's true, but we ain't necessarily in it for that.  


What artists are you currently listening to? New? Old?


I listen to more old music than new... but of the new artists? I am currently digging this Latin group out of Brooklyn called Combo Chimbita.  My friends Tune-Yards have a cool new record coming out.  A Giant Dog is a very compelling, ferocious band.  My late friend Jessi of the band Those Darlins has been on my mind so much, so I've been listening to some of their wonderful songs. As for older music... lately it's been a lot of Sly & the Family Stone, Madonna, the Stooges and Sam Cooke live at the Harlem Square Club. 


What can we expect from ‘Dirty Pictures Part 2’, and when will we hear it?


Next May, but look out for some tracks in the meantime.  I'm proud of it. 


What comes next for Low Cut Connie?


The train never stops....we’re about to go on a tour of the mid-West and Texas, then we head to England for the first time. Lots of shows getting booked for 2018.  Stick with us.


‘Dirty Pictures, Part 1’ is out now.  You can get your copy HERE.


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