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Written by Allan Maxwell   
Sunday, 29 October 2017 04:20

Alaskan metallers 36 Crazyfists have just dropped their seventh full-album, ‘Lanterns’, at the end of September. I was delighted when vocalist Brock Lindow gave me some time to answer some questions about the album, the writing and what the future holds. I started by asking how the current US tour is going:




Tour has been pretty solid. Out now for three months so the grind is coming to an end and we will get a break for a couple months before we crank things up again in January.


New album ‘Lanterns’ is just out and appears to be full of deeply personal lyrics. Do you find that song writing has an impact on your state of mind?


It is definitely a therapy for me, keeping things bottled up inside has never been healthy for me so getting to express myself through our music has always helped me.


What is your process for writing lyrics?


Find the right space, it could be anywhere, but I like to take my time and get in the right mental and spatial environment.


What is your favourite track on ‘Lanterns’ and why?


I think they all have their own story, it's hard to single them out. 'Old Gold' is a good one live:)


How does the new album compare musically and lyrically to previous albums?


 I don't think it really compares to any of them really. It's a new chapter of the bands long storied career. A time vault of where I was two years ago and the challenges that time provided and the weapons I found to get out of them.


Why did you choose ‘Death Eater’ to be lead single from ‘Lanterns’?



We like to come out kicking the doors in and that song has those elements.


How has the fan reaction been to the new songs when you’re on the road?




You have been a band for 23 years, and it’s been 20 years since the release of your debut album, ‘In The Skin’, what has been your secret to lasting this long?


Brotherhood/family. It's much more than a band at this point.


Is there anything you could/would have done differently?


No regrets just lessons learned.


Over your career have you achieved everything that you have wanted to, or is there still anything left to accomplish?


It's just about the connection with our people now. Visiting places we haven't been to yet, etc. 


We are hearing that a UK tour is in the not too distant future, do you have a favourite city to play and why?


I love the UK. [It’s] hard to single one place out - but Bristol goes off for us every time!


Being from Anchorage, Alaska, how did you find your local music scene? Was there much of a chance for young bands to get a start?


Killer scene up in AK and there still is. Very dear to my heart and I love catching the young bands when I'm home. It was a big part of my childhood.


Was being in a band something you always wanted to do? What made you want to be in a band?


1989, Metallica , Sullivan Arena, Anchorage. Life changer.


You are a big hockey fan: would you have liked to have gone into sports had music not taken off the way it did?


Yeah, hockey was something I’d dedicated a huge part of my life to, ‪starting at six years old. Every kids dream is the NHL and I had that dream as well.


How does the Uk fans compare to other countries when you play?


They absolutely rule.


Lastly, What does the rest of 2017 and 2018 hold for 36CF?


Tour, tour and tour!!!


‘Lanterns’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


Catch 36 Crazyfists return to the UK in January:


Thursday 18 – Glasgow, Cathouse

Friday 19 – Manchester, Academy 3

Saturday 20 – Birmingham, Academy 2

Sunday 21 – London, Islington Academy


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