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Written by Johnny H   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 07:18

Hate_Gallery_bandI was first introduced to Hate Gallery in the toilets at Pontins in Prestatyn at Hard Rock Hell 2 last December (true story).  A too suave for this place looking dude dressed up in a faux full length leather and fur coat was waxing lyrical to anyone who would listen about an album the band had just released called 'Compassion Fatigue'. 

That person turned out to be one Janne Jarvis bassist and singer of Hate Gallery, and I have to admit that his self-promotion got me to go out and buy 'Compassion Fatigue', an album I would recommend to anyone into angst driven opinionated Rock N Roll. 



Self-Praise is indeed a good recommendation.


When I caught up with Janne again at a recent Warrior Soul gig (he also just happens to play bass in this Uber Cool band) I asked him if we could get some time with him ahead of the next Hate Gallery release.  He (as always) was more than obliging and true to his word, so here follows the diary of a very angry young man.


Hi Janne, thanks for taking the time out to talk with Uber Rock. What's happening within Camp Hate Gallery right now?


We're finishing up an E.P. called 'Dead Celebrities'. Six tracks so you could call it a mini-album. We said that we would deliver another album within a year and we've done just that. We just didn't say how long it would be. The follow up to 'Compassion Fatigue' is written but due to record company problems we had to delay it slightly. But you're going to get six great tracks anyway...so fuck off.
I think it will be out in Oct/Nov. The track 'Dead Celebrities' is an 'affectionate' homage to our dearly beloved Saint of Bermondsey. One down, and a whole hell of a lot more to go.


When we met recently you mentioned as album was on the way as well.


The album was due to be a double album but we bored ourselves stupid trying to figure out the logistics. You want the title? It's going to be called 'Viva La Resistance' and it will blow your mind. It could be a concept album but it's too cool for that.
It continues the Orwellian paranoia of the previous record, but in a more intense and consistent manner. It's a running commentary of our fears and the degradation of our freedoms in today's society. It doesn't sound like a 'sleaze rock' band. For some reason people thought we fell halfway into that category. Not true you ignorant fuckos. We are nowhere close. You're more likely to be reminded of Pink Floyd than Pretty Boy Floyd...


So does this mean I'll finally get a chance to see you guys live in the near future?


You may get to see us live in November after/during the release of our E.P.
We really enjoyed the Stone Gods tour and we get a good reaction in England.
Of course you'll get to see us.


Saying that I just remembered that I did see you support Hardcore Superstar in Camden a few years back, would you mind giving those unfamiliar with Hate Gallery a quick potted history?


I used to be in Radiator and Queen Adreena and other British bands. When I realised that the U.K was a hospice for bands and musicians I left and immediately found the right people to work with. End/beginning of story.

I remember the gig in Camden. It was myself and Petja and some total cunt on drums.


'Compassion Fatigue' (Hate Gallery's awesome debut album) is, as you know one of my personal faves from 2008, what was the story behind that album


Hate_Gallery_CD'Compassion Fatigue' was recorded very quickly and produced by myself and the brilliant Terry Thomas. It was self-financed and we couldn't get arrested in the U.K.
When it finally came out it got some stunning reviews and has set us up nicely.
It certainly is not a 'throw away' rock album. It had a few things to say and that's rare these days. If you buy, steal or find one in the bin, you won't be disappointed.

'Compassion Fatigue' has nothing to do with charity. It's about the general apathy of modern society, the willingness of people to kneel at the altar of the cult of celebrity, and the lack of fight when faced with the coming of totaliterianism.


It's an early warning.  'Viva La Resistance' is the conclusion. Does that sound pretentious enough?


And why did you record 'New God' again for 2009?


'New God' was remixed for 2009 due to ongoing contractual disputes. We wanted people to hear the track as we think it deserves a wider audience. It's a little 'bigger' on the E.P. If you don't like it you can listen to the original instead.


You alluded to the fact that the new album was you felt a progression from 'Compassion Fatigue', in what way?Janne_Bass


The new album has a vast array of influences. It challenges and is a departure from any 'traditional' influences that may have been present on 'Compassion Fatigue'
The E.P alludes to that somewhat. It's essentially a bridge between the two records.
It's an ambitious project but we want to be bold and challenge ourselves. You'll get to hear the results early next year.


So where do you take your influences from these days?  Musically and Lyrically.


I'm influenced by my disgust at society and the fact that pieces of human shit like Peter Andre and Jordan can amass a fortune by being 'themselves'.
I'm even more disturbed by the people who buy their products. For fucks sake kill yourself. You are no use to society. While I'm at it let's give a big shout out to the disaffected, trainee-mass murderers and established serial-killers: You have some new targets. And while you're at it, take out our manager and record company and their children.


I seem to remember hearing you do all of this from a base in Sweden these days. Why Sweden?


Why Sweden? (In no particular order) The women, the transport system, cheap rents, high standard of living, clean toilets and Britt Ekland.


And any plans for future Warrior Soul activity (seeing as 3 quarters of Hate Gallery are now in Warrior Soul).


Any plans for Warrior Soul? We've been talking to a few record companies about releasing the new album ('Destroy The War Machine') in Europe but so far have only been fucked around by lazy, lying cocksuckers. When we get this resolved we'll do a tour. Maybe.




And where do you see Hate Gallery twelve months from now, or where would you like Hate Gallery to be twelve months from now?


Making progress. Happy. A third album finished. A step closer to longevity.


Finally we would appreciate it if you could undertake the Uber Rock psychometric analysis.... just for fun.


Battle of the Planets or Marine Boy? Don't know either. (Fuck, I'm showing my age here)

Backyard Babies or Hardcore Superstar? Backyard Babies

Right Wing or Left Wing? Both

Sonic Playboys or Mob Research? Mob Research

Gran Turismo or Need For Speed? Need For Speed

Dead Boys or Lady Boys? Both

Elevation or Grand Theft Audio? Elevation

London or Stockholm? Stockholm

Gene, Paul, Ace or Peter? Vinnie Vincent

The Wire or The Sopranos? The Sopranos of course.


Janne Jarvis scores a full on 666% (pure evil) on the test and is forever a friend of ÜBER RÖCK, we certainly like our rockers as angry and opinionated as we are, so Top Marks Janne !!!!

And with that we'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us at Uber Rock, good luck with 'Dead Celebrities' and the new album plans.


Make sure you Uber Rockers check out Hate Gallery, they are a rare thing these days, a band who actually give a fuck.