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Monday, 07 September 2009 17:58

1trashFollowing a typically awesome review by yours truly for the Glitzine webzine, Trashtown Thrillers frontman Craggy obviously realised that keeping a literary genius like myself at close quarters would be the sensible thing to do.


His support following the announcement of the launch of Über Röck was most welcome, so how could I refuse his demands for an interview when the site was live? If you have yet to experience Trashtown Thrillers, now is your chance. Sit back and get ready to learn all about trash 'n' roll......



Trashtown Thrillers have just played at the Brighton Bash - how was it?



It was excellent, better than I could've hoped for and even better than last year. The venue was great, as were all the bands. Hopefully we'll do it again next year. 



1craggyThere is a heartfelt reason why the proceeds for the Bash were donated to the Cancer Research UK charity...



It was in honour of some friends who had helped to raise money in memory of rock 'n' roller Trace Warnaby, who sadly died of cancer. A friend of mine, Bruce Cunnington, had done so much work on it I thought I'd throw a big party! Now it's in it's second year.



Tell us a little about the 'Their Hearts Caught Fire' project that you were involved with....



Yeah, well basically Bruce had organised a Dogs D'amour tribute album called 'Their Hearts Caught Fire' to raise money in memory of Trace. She was well known on the rock scene, as can been witnessed by the amount of people that have come to support both the album and the Bash, and the artists who have made dedications to her. Trashtown Thrillers have a song on it and I laid down some guitar for a cover that has a lot of people on there! The Bash was initially really in response to the album, after Bruce had done so much hard work. You can find out full details about the album and what it means at



What musical influences were the blueprint for the Trashtown Thrillers brand of 'Trash 'n' Roll'?



Many! We have the likes of Motorhead, The Dogs D'amour, The Almighty and The Wildhearts etc., playing in the van a lot! I've been listening to a lot of Soul Asylum and The Replacements lately too. Our lead guitarist now is a massive blues fan so that gives it a good edge. But I'm also an INXS obsessive so that inspires the groove!



You guys have been lucky enough to play several shows with some cool acts including Tyla, Hardcore Superstar Of Pan Tang! Any memorable tales from special support slots?



Supporting Tyla was great, not only because he's such a big influence but he bought everyone in the crowd a drink! Ali, (the singer from Killer Carrado) asked us to support Ricky Warwick in a place called Johnstown, god knows where, in Wales! That was probably the best night we've ever had and Ricky was such a great guy too. We were allowed to sleep in the bar - which is where the best stories will stay haha! Cheers Ali!



Being based in Brighton, did you ever see legendary central defender Steve Foster wearing nothing but his trademark headband in the halcyon days of the famous nudist beach?



Haha, thank fuck no! I've only been in Brighton for a few years. I'm gonna head up London way just so I don't have to see that! He moved to Villa at one stage, you know. He wasn't there for too long.



You don't have to tell me about the Mighty Villa, fella! But enough about the finest football team in the world, tell us about the release proper of your EP......



Yeah, "A Red Rose & A Shotgun Kiss" has just been finished so it's ready to get your grubby mits on. We've had a demo version knocking about for a couple of months but this finished article has two new songs, new artwork etc.. It's truly beautiful to listen to so I highly recommend it. On that note, visit our website to buy it.


What are your hopes for the future of the band?



That we can become big enough that INXS will ask me to sing for them. I mean, you can't replace Michael to be honest, but if anyone is going to try I want it to be me! Apart from that my immediate hopes are to release an album next year, if not before. We want to get a proper tour on the go - maybe joint with another band. And also get into Europe for a while.



You have a host of cool gigs lined up before the end of the year.....



Yeah, well we just had the Bash which was perfect. We've got the Rock of Ages festival in London coming up too which I'm really looking forward to. We have some things in the pipeline so we'll have to see how they work out. Expect to see plenty more of us!



What has been the highlight of your time in Trashtown Thrillers up to now?



Releasing this EP to be honest. The leaps we've made since we got a secure line-up have been immense. Now, I can confidently claim we're always the best band on the bill. Before I just used to pretend haha!



Finally, the ÜBER RÖCK 'N' RÖLL TEST!!!! Ten either/or questions designed to show just how cool you are!



Tyla or Spike?

Tyla -  he's a lyrical genius and a funny fucker! Mind you, Spike is a funny fucker too and a great front man. Tyla and the Dogs have got me through many a shit time - and many bottles of wine! Two of the best bands ever were behind them but Tyla is from the Midlands so he gets my vote!



Silver Silver or Vic Zino?

Hey, you know Silver is a rock 'n' roll badass and you can't beat that in Hardcore Superstar. But I met Vic Zino when we played with Crazy Lixx and Superstar. He was a really nice bloke but really fucking mad on stage! It's like he's possessed by some cock rock fiend. However, I'm going with Silver until I see them with Vic - then I'll earn the right to judge.



Steve Foster's headband or Mark Knopfler's headband?

If I can make Knopfler's glow like in the 'Money For Nothing' video then, no contest.



Tantrum or Pete Friesen?

Pete Friesen all the way!



Jo Dog or Darrel Bath?

Ah, now that's a cheeky fucking question! Jo Dog is the "Dog"! But 'More Unchartered...' is the Dogs' best album as far as I'm concerned and I love Bath's solo stuff. His heart is on his sleeve, so I'm going with that guy.



Ginger or Griff?

Ginger! The Wildies are one of the best. I love their most recent too, it was good to hear them come back with a really strong album. Is it true Ginger played on 'Mayfair'? That's an awesome tune.



Jesus or Hitler?

Both have led people to believe a lot a bullshit. If it's a fight, though, Hitler was more used to hiding - he'd get his arse kicked.



Johnny Thunders or Andy McCoy?

Hanoi Rocks are better than The New York Dolls in my opinion. I love Johnny's solo stuff but Andy McCoy is still with us so I'll have to go with him.



Stryper or Deicide?

Does anyone actually fucking listen to Stryper? Or have Deicide killed them yet? Or are they Christians too? I don't remember. Fuck em all! haha



Trash 'n' Roll or Ratt 'n' Roll?

Ratt are just Ratt.



Craggy scores 666% on the test and is forever a friend of Über Röck!!! Check out Craggy's 'Gig From Hell' here!!!!!


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